Illegal Immigrants

I am pissed off that people get confused between immigration and illegal immigration. I am an immigrant! The people who jump the border, overstay their visas, have a baby on U.S. soil, buy fake social security cards - those are illegal immigrants. Why don't people understand or see the difference? They are two totally different issues, but over and over again, people seem to mash/mix/jumble/merge/combine them into one single topic - WHY? It really pisses me off to think that people are either that dumb or ignorant to not know the difference! When I was out petitioning against driver's licenses for illegal immigrants two years ago, this lady declined to sign, but told me it's because she's "pro-immigration." I am talking about illegal immigrants and she's talking about immigration! What the hell?! So for all of you angry but educated people reading this website - the difference between illegal immigrants and immigrants is the word ILLEGAL. Now stop pissing me off by telling me that you are pro-immigration! Instead, tell me you are pro-illegal immigration?

*Note from Anger Central
If you think you're frustrated try Mr. & Mrs. Webmaster. Mrs. Webmaster is a legal immigrant and is still waiting for her green card. If this amnesty passes she and all the other legal immigrants will go right to the bottom of the list while they process all the criminals.
Another thing, they are not "immigrants", they are illegal aliens. We refuse to use the word immigrant when referring to these criminals.
P.S. Welcome to America, Legal Resident, Taxpaying Immigrant.

Illegal Immigrants 2

First off, I'm not racist in any way, shape, or form. I don't base any of my comments or thoughts on someone's nationality, skin color, or any of the other criteria that would define being as such. But-I have to say, I am rather....ok, COMPLETELY disgusted with the insane amount of illegals sneaking in, and around this country! No, I am not reading too many US Today papers. I happen to be acquainted with a various amount of illegal immigrants, and I am simply wondering where the fabric of security is, in this great nation!

Now, like most of the world, I am not Bush's #1 fan, but I don't necessarily DIS-agree with some of his ideals or policies, either. And I'm in firm agreement with the enforcement of laws in regards to people from abroad, attempting to either A. Gain easy access to the States on the coat-tails of an American citizen (i.e. marriage frauds), or B. Live here for years on end, working illegally, screwing the country out of income tax, yet bitching when they're eventually picked up by INS and deported.

I understand people from abroad would naturally find American life more appealing in a lot of ways, but in my opinion, US citizenship is something that must be EARNED, not purchased, and not scammed! It may be a lengthy, drawn-out, and often expensive process, but guess what.....THERE ARE NO FREE RIDES IN LIFE, and that includes the "Land of Opportunity". Show some initiative. WORK for what you want, and stop trying to STEAL IT! And if you can't do this, you need to go back home, come up with a better plan of action, and return when you can find an honest way to gain what you want! Is that so horrible??? No. It's called honesty. It's a shame so many people have abandoned it. (And I'm complaining on this topic because I have been recently hassled beyond belief to enter into what is legally considered a "fraudulent marriage", and refused. I would love to be able to assist anyone wanting to come to this country, but I will NOT do so by lying to the government, putting myself in legal peril, AND ruining the non-citizen's chance of EVER attaining a green card!)

*Note from Anger Central
If you are expecting an argument from us, you have a long wait. As is well documented, Mrs. Webmaster is an immigrant to this great nation. She obeyed the laws and waited her turn. Her sister is legally married to an American Citizen and is still waiting to come to the Greatest Nation in all of History. The entire immigration process has collapsed and needs to be rebuilt. Those that "Give Sanctuary, or want to reward criminals? Hang them! We believe that we don't need a fence on the border, we need a couple of divisions of troops and civilian militia volunteers. There orders would be very simple. Anyone crossing the border from Mexico and heading north illegally? (As in not via one of the legal entry points) Shot them down and leave their corpses to rot in the desert. Ok, that might be a touch extreme, but so what? We need to regain control of our borders and this is the quickest way to do it.

Illegal Aliens 3

I can't stand when illegal aliens are called "illegal immigrants" or "undocumented immigrants". That's like calling drug dealers "unlicensed pharmacists", or rapists "unauthorized gynecologists". When will people realize that illegal's are simply criminals? In fact, they're less than our average criminals; at least drug dealers and rapists are citizens!

*Note from Anger Central
Hmm it's been a while since anyone posted a rant on illegal aliens. An update. Mrs. Webmaster's sister is now in the United States, happily married and has gotten her drivers license.
BTW, We liked that reference to rapists as "unauthorized gynecologists" We put that up on twitter before we even posted it here!

Illegal aliens 4

Stay in your own country where it sucks because you keep coming into my country and you're making it worse for those of us that are actually from here!! Stop milking our financial systems and keep your families in your countries. We don't want you. It's no longer the melting pot when they was room. And we speak English here! I'm not learning Spanish for some jerk that can't be bothered to learn our language. When you go to France they won't speak to you unless you speak French. I hate you all.

*Note from Anger Central
Mrs. Webmaster now has her 10 year green card. She is looking into taking classes and is considering going for citizenship when she is eligible. On the flip side, the scum in Washington are going to grant amnesty to 20 million illegal criminals.

Illegal Immigrants 5

I am absolutely fucking livid right now with regards to illegal immigrants. Living in Arizona for many years, I can't say that this is anything new and I should probably be used to it, but for fuck's sake it is really getting out of control.

I cannot tell you how many people I know that have been robbed by illegal immigrants, employed illegal immigrants (or employed them and then been robbed by them), not to mention all the fucking illegals haunting the Home Depot and Lowe's parking lots at all hours.

Then there's all the fucking crime that these assholes bring over here. No, I don't mean just the drug crime, that's a whole other story. I'm talking about the pedophiles, the rapists, the murderers and the burglars. Every single major serial rapist they've caught since I've moved up here has been a fucking illegal from Mexico. Almost every time they're looking for a pedophile, it's some illegal from Mexico. They had a guy escape from the courthouse up here after he impregnated a 9-year old and was awaiting trial. Walked out. Guess what? Illegal from Mexico. Back on the street, fucking wonderful. Stabbing at a high school? Guess what, bunch of Hispanics and the one doing the stabbing was an illegal. Who'd have guessed?

You know, I used to be a critic, I used to think Sheriff Joe was a piece of shit and a racist for his policy on illegals, his crime sweeps and violating their purported civil rights. I used to sympathize with people who wanted to come here for honest reasons, to earn a living and get away from that fucking cesspool in Mexico at any cost.

You know what changed it for me? Some piece of shit Hispanic in a low rider rear ended me in broad daylight at a red light and drove the fuck off. Broad fucking daylight. I'm out almost a grand of my own money between the deductible, rental car and time away from work to deal with this fucking mess. I did some reading, turns out this is pretty much an epidemic out here, hit and runs involving illegals. Big surprise.

So no, I no longer sympathize with you assholes. Fuck you all, as far as I'm concerned. I'm glad your country is turning into a God forsaken shithole and don't give a fuck about you and your problems. After this latest incident, you can count me among the people that are all in favor of Sheriff Joe and his crime sweeps. I don't give a shit that your so-called civil rights are being violated, because it suddenly occurs to me that, being illegals, you don't fucking have any.

I don't care if you're an innocent day laborer or a janitor somewhere. You're probably married to the asshole who hit my car, or he's one of the fucking kids you're using to abuse welfare and social services. Fuck all of you pieces of shit.

Illegal aliens 6

I am so very sick and tired of seeing everything tailored toward mexicans . This is America. Not fricking Mexico. If mexico is so damn great, go home then. If you come to live in America...Learn to speak ENGLISH! And don't come here just to take welfare and foodstamps!

Illegal Immigrants 7

Why am I angry? I am angry because day in and day out, illegal Mexicans come into our country, and our government does absolutely NOTHING to fucking fix it. These people fucking suck too. I live in a apartment complex, and 99% of the other people living here are fucking illegal. They are rude, and they act like no rules made in the United States applies to them. They have fucking washing machines in their backyards (Which is strictly prohibited), they hang tarps uop and make our complex look ghetto as fuck, and they even have motherfucking dogs (Which are strictly prohibited as well), WHEN MY MOM HAD TO PAY FUCKING $500 DOLLARS TO KEEP MY 2 CATS. Oh, and what happens when the manager tells them that they can't do something. They pretend like the manager never said FUCKING ANYTHING, and leave their fucking tarps up, and keep their fucking dogs that THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO FUCKING PAY FOR. They stare too. This little coconut headed Mexican boy that lives next to me ALWAYS fucking stares at me. Like I have a fucking monkey fucking me in my ear. I'm SOOOO tempted to yell "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ALWAYS STARING AT ME FOR!!?!", but I'm sure that little fucker wouldn't even understand me. They also act like their race is better then everybody elses' (Like the French, no offense to French people because you have enough decency to where I respect you). EXTREMELY RACIST as well. I've been living in the same complex for years. I've been living in this shithole apartment complex for almost 11 years now, and everything was gret under the White manager we had, until he up and left. In came the new manager's fucking cunt ass. The first day on the job, she fucking accused my mom of stealing her clothes. But my mom is 5 foot 6 inches, and weights maybe 105 lbs, and this bitch is like 5 foot 8 inches and weight at least 200 lbs. WHY THE FUCK WOULD MY MOM BE STEALING THE CLOTHES OF A WOMAN WHO WEIGHTS TWICE HER WEIGHT?!? She even went so far as to accuse me of taking a shit in the laundry mat, of which she produced ZERO fucking evidence that I did it (No, of course I didn't do it. I'm not that fucking disgusting.) The kids would even make up shit and get me in trouble. One time, for example, I was up at a friends house (One of the only 2 friends I had there), and I just happened to go outside infront of her door (She lived upstairs) and I look down to see all the little assholes kids tearing up the plant life (Which tore my little heart. I have Native American in me, that's why) And I mean tearing them up. Then one of them says "Alright, now let's go get the manager and tell her the white kids did this!" All the other kids "YEAH!" Like seriously, what the fuck? I never did anything to them to deserve this. The manager was even nice enough to leave A FUCKING EVICTION NOTICE 2 DAYS BEFORE FUCKING CHRISTMAS. We did eventually get her cunt ass fired for complaining for every fucked up thing she did, and my mom got to "HAHA!" the manager in the end, but it wasn't until after she was gone that we learned that she herself was actually an illegal immigrant.

God did that feel good the get off my chest.

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