it is that time of year to see the inevitable redneck truck parked alongside the road, its idiotic owner no doubt jerking off in the woods nearby. i just want to know what's the point??? we no longer need the deer's meat for food nor its hide for warmth. for sport? unless the deer can throw you a fifty yard pass then i truly dont see the "sport" in killing a defenseless animal. and dont give me the bullshit "its population control" story because there is plenty of overpopulation in this world that dont require gun-toting primates to thin it out. china for instance. there's an overpopulation of homeless cats too but...well maybe i shouldnt give the morons any ideas. i can see it now "bubba got a five-spot calico today. yeehaw!" basically these simian, knuckle-dragging cousin-fuckers bearing an overabundance of testosterone hunt for trophies. an unarmed, relatively peaceful animal is no more a trophy than an old ladies purse in a mugging contest. "look bubba this 'un had a bad hip but boy could she limp fast!" so, to hunters i say this: you are not cool or manly. you are the missing link and would do well to control the overpopulation of emotionally-retarded cave men (namely yourself) by setting your sights on game a little more dangerous (also yourselves).

Hunters 2

Not all hunters are dumb ass douche bag but I will garuntee that the majority of dick bag hunters are usually from the city (Yes non-redneck). I personally am a military brat and ive lived from California to NC, FL, Europe and bla bla bla... When I lived in NC we have had shots hit our house, the culprit, dumbass drunk city guys who come down to our nice small quiet town and take there shitty wanna be off road vehicles, drive drunk and shoot at anything that moves. We had one of our locals beat the shit out of one, and my father pulled his gun on one of those drunk idiots. I personally have "hunted" I say that loosely as I dont do it often as I dont have space for that much meat in the freezer. How-fucking-ever there is a difference between hunters who sit in trees, stalk game, and run dogs. The dog guys are looking for a thrill and tend to be the laziest. There dogs end up all over hells creation and my dogs ended up killing about 2 of them. We had to give our dogs away because the owner of the beagles (Sp?) filed a complaint. THE DOGS WERE ON OUR FUCKING LAND. I was in military school at the time and it was a good thing I wasn't there because I would have made a sport out of beagle murder (completely legal). Now, for all you whiny pussy ass bitches who dont hunt, never have hunted, dont know people who hunt, shut the fuck up, if I want to live off the land you can kiss my ass. I can buy my fucking steak just like you, or I could kill my fucking stake clean it (somthing your lily ass would be too squemish to do) for the price of a bullet. Yep, you go buy your 9 dollar tenderloin that will feed 1 person while I go kill my Deer for .50 cents and feed 10. Yea, you bitch up there, fuck you. You better pray a situation doesnt arise that requires you to find your own food, because your gonna be on the bottom of the playing field when it comes to those dumb slack jawed red-necks. Which brings me to another rant.

I prefer the company of a moral, character driven, southern redneck to a NY/California hippy nasaly whiny vaginal man-bitch who is all smiles, endless rhetoric, and no logic.

Too all you good folks just ignore this, you know who im talking to, I know great Yanks and Rednecks, however I find the former to be much more insulting. The asshole redneck is usually ignorant, the asshole city guy/girl is usually stupid.

PS.I killed Bambi's mother.

*Note from Anger Central
The Angry Webmaster isn't a hunter but his brother is. In fact he blew away Bambi's aunt last season. :)

Animal Killers 3

I am so sick of the human race. I wish a big comet would come and wipe our planet out.

Cecil the lion Rest In Peace and all the other animals that have been killed in vain.

Hunters go find another sport, hunt humans instead, criminals, rapists, etc.

*Note from Anger Central
We understand the Zebras are happy that Cecil is dead. #zebralivesmatter ;)
With all the problems in the world, people are getting upset over a lion? If you are so supportive of animals, we suggest taking a swim in the ocean off the Carolina's. Don't forget to wear your lucky ham.

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