I am angry at fucking queers they are always horny and filled with lust. At first I thought, that it was just a stereotype of gays being horny all the time, but it is real. Two weeks ago a group of fags bumped into me and started hitting on me and wanted to exchange money for sex. Then the other day it happens again, but with some other homo. Not just me, but also other straight men that I know, they are constantly being hit on by fags. I really dont care if they are attracted to someone, but not when they are hitting on you, thats what pisses me off.

Homosexuals 2

So I'm working for this cheap ass company and they bring in 5 people. One turns out to be queer as a 3 dollar bill. But hey, live and let live right? Hell no! He's hit on me three times, I finally said (After the third time "I have said no damnit, back off!"

So, I report this to HR, they go to him and he says he never spoke to me! Good thing there was several witnesses in every instance. Otherwise I'd be fired instead of that lying piece of filth.

Then, 3 months later he tries to sue the company. They were about to settle out of court when I told the owner what the truth was. What with 15 affidavits, the lawyer ran for cover and dropped the case.


gay men 3

As a woman, I am sick and tired of gay men telling us what we should look like, what is wrong with us, how we don't know how to take care of ourselves or dress ourselves, or apply make-up.

Maybe the reason we women don't connect with real mean and vice versa is because of the crap that is being shoved down our throats by gay men.

I am not homophobic, but just because you are gay does not mean that you are an expert at being a woman - they seem to have usurped our roles, especially on television, and it really really pisses me off.

At first, I didn't mind, and I was glad that gays were finally able to be themselves and not lie. Being gay does not make you an expert on being a woman. Just because you like being fucked by a man does not make you a woman.

You are not my gender - do not speak for me!!!

I can't be the only one who feels this way.

Homosexuals 4

It is not natural! You are trying so hard to be different and special and you are just gross. You walk around trying to be the gender you were not born to be (men trying to be girls and girls trying to be men). GET OVER IT and accept what you are! It also makes me angry that you list heterosexuals in your categories, but not homosexuals (yes, moderator, why is that? why do you have everything but not a homosexual page?)

*Note from Anger Central
You didn't look hard enough. It's right there, see? :)

Gay Men 5

I agree with the previous female poster who stated that gay men do not speak for her...nor do they speak for ME!! Every gay man I have met has annoyed me. They are FAKE, putting on a performance that they stupidly believe is funny and endearing! Well, you know what? It isn't. It's boring and sickening and maybe you should spend more time sorting out your morals than trying to perfect your false little act!

Plus - gay men ARE NOT better looking than REAL men! Give me a straight guy anyday of the week. Any man who moisturises freaks me out! You should be under the bonnet of a car fixing the bloody engine, or digging ditches..not prancing about in front of the mirror plucking your fucking eyebrows you nancy freak!

Women who are fag hags...I'm ashamed of you!! But if you want a fake little friend bossing you about so much then that's between you and your sad lack of self esteem.

And lesbians...if you want to be a man so badly have a sex change! You're the opposite of the poofters - you offend me with your lack of grooming. But you're just as revolting!

Gays 6

Im so angry with gay people right now. This anger stems from my girlfriend. Im angry with gays beacuse they try to steal your girlfriends. Even thought these cock suckers dont even like the vag they still feel the need to break up people's relationships. Fuck you gay guys! Your soo unhappy all the time and come crying to us streight guys girlfriends. Then after you complain about your one boyfriend getting mad at you for fucking your other sort of boyfriend while sucking off his almost boyfriend you start putting things in our girlfriends heads to make us look bad. You like the cock so get off my pussy you cum sponge! And stop complaining about everyone giving gays a bad name and saying there all sluts, SHUT YOUR FUCKING COCK HOLSTER! Stop fucking every 3rd or 4th gay guy you meet and mabey us streight people will stop beating the shit out of you. AND LAY THE FUCK OFF OUR GIRLFRIENDS AND SPOUSE'S OR WE WILL BURN YOU AT THE STAKE YOU PRETENSIOUS COCK SUCKERS!

Aggressive Homosexuals 7

I'm angry at Aggressive Homosexuals because they insist on being predators to young-adult Straight men!

I've had it happen MULTIPLE times! I went to do welding work with someone one time, and the dude came out of his closet, and continued to hit on me. I told him to fuck off and never talk to me again.

Another time, I'm out looking for a job, and one guy said he was a supervisor to a golf-course, and needed some work. I said he was Christian and previously married. I was married before too, and I let him know I'm straight. I had NO idea he was gay. I went with him to see what the job was, and then he said the position was filled, but instead he has some landscaping work for some homes. When I went there with him to check it out, the faggot pulled his pants down in front of me, and asked me to "help him". I was SHOCKED and Disgusted!

Another time, I went to work for Applebee's and this dude was sexually harassing me, and the fucking managers told me to "grow up" and ignore it! The fag even grabbed at my dick when I was washing dishes! I went to confront him, AND the managers to do something about this, and I was physically forced to leave by the managers and was fired, and they threatened to call the law on ME! When I contacted a lawyer, he wanted a TON of proof from other people, but I was new, and nobody had my back. I'm I was a woman, and complained of sexual harassment, that lawyer would have been ready though! I HATE Homosexuals that bother Straight, Hetero Men, and our unfair society that's turning gay.

Homosexuals 8

Where do I start? Homos think that you're closed minded if you don't accept their "life style" when they (who are calling you closed minded) don't accept my life style: Heterosexual. Man+Woman= Life. Man+Man= Pointless. Marriage is between a man and a woman, that is the intended purpose, man and man, woman and woman is not marriage. And to thoes who say "Get over it" I say, "Get bent"

Homosexuals are perverts 9

As a child I was attacked by a homosexual. He is still in prison for what he did to me. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to be able to easily tell that homosexual sex is not normal; they're all perverts and I hate what they do. It is to normal procreation what anarchy is to civilization. Homosexuality is a pathological, psychological addiction that is obtained through their repeated "destructive" behavior, and is characterized by out of control sexual perversion. Oh but they say "look, some animals engage in homosexual sex, so it must be normal." That's like saying rabies must be normal because animals get it. Homosexuality is a moral disease/addiction in the same sense as drug addiction, compulsive gambling, hoarding, etc. are diseases...they're dirty habits/addictions that can be controlled/repressed! No they're not born that way...don't let them lie to you! I am now an elementary school teacher and I know that some very young children are clearly gay; but don't confuse gay and homosexual. Gay refers to an effiminate personality and it maybe also refers to a lifestyle (minus the homo sex). It should be viewed completely different from "homosexual sex." Obviously those very young apparently gay children are not having any kind of sex! Homosexual refers to sex with another of the same sex. It is my position and firm belief that children are born pure and none of them are born prone to "sick" sex! Homosexuals eventually became that way because of peer pressure clear and simple. All their lives because of their effiminism normal people (heteros) shun them, so they join the only community that readily accepts them...the gay community. Unfortunately that means we heteros do play a part in enabling gays to ultimately become homos. This is because one of the first things that community of perverts does is start convincing their new members that homosexual sex is "perfectly normal" for them. The result is these new "converts" eventually develop a taste for something as gross and disgusting as homosexual sex. You can't comprehend it? I don't blame you, but try to remember your first taste of alcohol or your first puff of a cigarette. Do you remember how repulsive it was...but because of pressure (either from without...peers, or within) that nasty disgusting thing became an indispensable part of your life...sort of your own personal demon. Well that's what homosexuality is...their personal demon addiction...that can be controlled/subdued just like alcoholism and a heroin addiction. I know in a few places I used the term gay and homosexuals interchangeably but that is because most gays eventually go on to become homos. PS: Hate the disease, but pray for those people caught up in that trap of perversion!

Homo sexual harassment 10

Today, for the 4th time I was sexually harassed by this some homo. I walk around my neighborhood and he pulls up then puts his fist at his mouth and sticks his tongue sideways, asking or offering a blowjob. I have told him each time to fuck off. I would love to pull out my knife and give him a good reason to back off, but I will surely get arrested. If I were a woman, the law would take my side. But when a decent heterosexual male just wants to uphold his own honor he has no recourse. I am a veteran. Our society has become so backwards it makes me sick.

Gay Rights 11

First and foremost let me say this... I do not HATE gay people. I know a few gay people myself and they are ok I guess. It urks me just a little to see someone who is openly gay, I mean like flaming so much he or she has to wear a flame retardant suit... Ok so you are openly gay, just don't try to hit on me (or be over friendly to my kids, for I want them to be terrified of gays they should be) I can deal with it. That is about the extent of my tolerance for gay people.

What really fucking just PISSES ME OFF are these GAY EXTREMISTS who want GAYness to be SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE EVERYWHERE! You fucking assholes! Why the fuck should we have to explain to our kids about gay couples? They should not exist in the first place. They should not be able to get married. Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. It was Adam and EVE, not Adam and STEVE in the garden of Eden. They can get betrothed, unified, made-as-one WTF ever just don't call it marriage you selfish FUCKS. It is immoral and unnatural. What you do behind closed doors is your business more power to you, but do not jeopardize THE WHOLE WORLD WITH YOUR GAY RIGHTS BULLSHIT. We need to make gay reservations to put all these queers in. Let them make their own rules and have their own gov HOWEVER if they leave the reservation and come into Heterotopia, they must act like a straight fucking man or woman, especially in the presence of me and my kids, or be stoned to death. FAGS! FUCK YOU!

Gay Poster 12

Okay so Firstly I don't care if you're gay, I really couldn't give a shit, this is the twenty first century, you can be who you want, do what you want, believe what you want, just so long as you don't act like a complete bastard about other peoples opinions. Which brings me to the Gay poster placed somewhere I see it regularly, put up by who the fuck knows, the poster says "Some people are gay. Deal with it." At first glace I was like okay whatever, but upon further thought I realise how fucking rude that is, If people want to not like gay's that's their right, who the fuck are you telling people what to think?! I mean deal with it? How bloody in your face is that, They ain't putting up signs saying "Some People don't like gays. Deal with it." I mean what kind of self-righteous prick thinks they have the right to put up this poster, So what are they saying that when everyone was against gay's then they should have just gone up to them and told the gay's to deal with it. Trying to inforce your own opinion like that it's just plain rude, If someone came up and was saying it to each person, which is essentially what posters do anyway, then I would just tell them to FUCK OFF! Telling others to deal when they themselves are clearly not dealing with the whole, not everyone likes gay's thing, is arrogant, rude and Fucking pisses me off!!

gays 12

Okay, listen, I don't give a damn if you are gay or not. If you are, yippie for you. Now when we are at work, I don't want to hear about your conquests. I don't want to hear that you suck this guy off or you came on this guy etc. If I don't talk about my sex life, if my coworkers don't talk about their sex life, what makes you think you can talk about your sex life? Being gay does not give you the right to be an annoying prick ass mother fucker in the job! When people tell you they don't want to hear you talking about how you dry hump some dude, it's not because your gay, it's because we are at work and don't want to hear things regarding sex, in a society were sexual harassment and all this sexual laws can get a person suspended of fired! Seriously, control your mouth!

Gays 13

I love how the people involved with the Gay Rights movement go around screaming "TOLERANCE! TOLERANCE" but the second anyone voices any criticism of their lifestyle whatsoever, they go off on a mouth-frothing rampage and will verbally and legally tear that person apart. It really doesn't take a lot to set gay people off, either. At a cafe, a man was talking with someone over the phone and said "Okay" just as a lesbian passed him. She turned around, grabbed him forcefully by the shoulder and said "Prop 8 just got repealed. Whether you like us or not, we're going to marry, and when we do, we'll make sure people like you will have their lives torn apart, piece by piece". He said back to her, "I'm sorry I upset you, I didn't say what you thought I said. I don't agree with gay marriage, but I wasn't insulting you". Someone nearby shouted "Bigot!" and eventually he was forced to leave. Some people just don't approve of homosexuality for religious or personal reasons, and gays are just gonna have to deal with it. I don't care if they were "born that way," their lifestyle spreads sexually transmitted diseases (let's not forget a gay man brought AIDS into the world!). If the only reason gays have sex is for pleasure, then why do they even need to marry? Marriage should only be for couples who can produce young, they need the tax breaks that marriage provides to help raise their kids. Oh, wait, some lesbian on a forum said to me that they can just artificially inseminate. What the fuck is wrong with these people? They take the sacredness of reproductive sex and shit all over it. Oh, and by the way, I'm not some backwoods bible-thumping freak. I'm actually an Atheist who's tired of the gay rights movement trampling anyone who disagrees with them. Fuck the gay rights movement, right in the ass.

Gays and lesbians 14

Gays are backstabbers. They're immature and they hate women. They think they're better at being women than women are. I've given these people multiple chances at friendship and even jobs, but every time, they've betrayed me. They try to steal your straight husbands and boyfriends, they lie about EVERYTHING, they're constantly threatening suicide, they're fake and pretentious and they're borderline retarded. Have you ever noticed the gay accent and the autism accent?


We don't need them telling us women how to dress: fags have only been making women's clothing for the last 60 years - before then, it was fellow women designing and making them, and they FIT BETTER. That was the 1950's: the era of Marilyn Monroe. Edith Head, a woman, was the top designer in America. Gays were that swishy guy Raoul who arranged flowers downtown and wound up dead killed behind a bar by sailors he tried to pick up.

Good times. They need to return.

Most gays are better off dead and our society will return to normal again once they're either shoved back in their closets and put back in their place, or wiped out to extinction. They killed free sex, they've killed heterosexuality, they've killed what normal women's bodies look like in the media, they're killing how young boys feel about their own bodies, they've made it impossible for men to be friends or affection towards each other anymore for fear of being labeled one of 'them', they stole the rainbow (children can't even draw rainbows in school anymore because they immediately make the viewer think about the fucking stupid 'gay flag' - seriously: a flag for a behavior? What's next, the alcoholism flag?), they ruined the word 'gay', and they've taken over America.

For real: I used to be these people's supporter, but every single time, they backstabbed me. I fucking HATE GAYS NOW.

And as a woman, may I please advise the next lesbian who comes onto me, I'm going to grab your face, beat the shit out of you, club you to death with a tire iron and then feed your butch boxer wearing ass into a shredder.


Goddammit when will an American Hitler come and rid us in a single gas chamber stroke of all these deviants?

And I am a Jewish woman saying the above. Imagine how angry I have to be to do it.


*Note from Anger Central
We debated allowing this to be posted. It really is more a "Hate" rant then an "Anger" rant. We decided to let it go and let the readers make their own decisions.

Gay Black Guys 15

This is not a racist rant; this is just how I feel about certain gay black men and to tell you the truth, they are the most rude and annoying people to ever walk God's Green Earth. Seriously any straight, bling wearing, ghetto thugs have better mannerisms than any of these fruity fucking faggots that they share the same skin color with. One they talk in their annoying try to be feminine voices alot, and they are so damn loud, that I just want to punch them in their throats. They have a bad attitude all the time talking about "How they want everything done right for them before they smack someone or hit someone." If you're going to have that kind of attitude in society than you're not going to make it in life other than being the miserable failures that you deserve to be; and I wish you would try to smack someone who's straight and could very well kick your ass; and don't think you have the advantage because your black, no your not even a man and you would get your ass kicked by a straight man, and if you get your ass kicked you fucking deserve it.

I especially cannot stand this one gay black guy in my class; who is always loud, rude to everyone, and annoying as fuck. He has a stupid looking face that I just want to so badly disfigure, he looks like the love child of Bill Cosby and Steve Urkel, always wearing sweaters to try to look smart when really he's dumb as hell. Trying to act hard wanting to smack someone in class who don't know the work in class. I wish you would try to smack me, I would give you the beating of your life you fruity, twinkie tits, retard. Also you need to go to the gym and lose some weight because obviously your tits look like they're carrying every hostes snack ever made, not even any gay white men would find that attractive at all. This fag is so annoying and disruptive it's hard to learn anything in this class with this idiot here and if I wouldn't get myself expelled I would beat the life out of this stupid faggot and kick him in his throat and put his stupid, retarded, gay ass in a coma. I wish death on this faggot so I won't half to see his stupid looking face, and hear his obnoxious voice ever again. Also to any gay black guys who act as annoying and rude like this twinkie tits mother fucker I hope you and him all get shot by any straight ghetto thugs if you ever step foot in the Ghetto, I pray that it happens just to clean society of anybody who is a disgrace and an embarassment to it.

Homosexuals 16

Okay, so I was just reading a little bit from a friend's blog, and he was ranting because he was angry when people assumed he was straight. He said it was oppressive and showed how set-back the world is.
I've had absolutely enough with it.


Maybe if you devoted more time to understanding why the fuck you want another man's penis in your arse and less time spouting your 'tolerance' to the unwilling masses, maybe you wouldn't feel so goddamn oppressed.
Everyone assumes you're straight because men are supposed to want to have sex with women. Just like we assume you take shits because it's only fucking natural you cunt.
He once joked that we should murder all the straight people and everyone cheered until I asked him if he was willing to bang a dyke to preserve the human race. He got all pissed off and told me I was, "an old-fashioned homophobe who needs to check [my] calendar, because it is NOT 1950!"

Listen here you little shit, I'm only friends with you because I sucked your boyfriend off once. Oh, and he told me you cry after sex.

Have fun with my seconds, you pussy wanker.

gay people 17

those damn gays walking around like they own the world.i can't stand them because I can't seem to get through to them that being gay is a sin and you will not go Heaven if they pass away while in the act of being gay and NO you are not born that way you choose to be you bunch of dumb shits.you gays need to take a reality check and stop twisting the words from the HOLY BIBLE and those of you that really think it is okay to be gay well you have already choked on one.may GOD have mercy on you bunch of asswhipes........

Transgender People 18

Trannies piss me off. Life isn't fair, and you stupid cunts who feel like you were "born wrong" are jokes. Your sexual identity is absolutely out of whack if you think that it's okay to switch your gender. The way your personality or 'identity' is results solely from how you were raised. Read some of Freud's psychoanalysis work and contemplate why you're all such assholes.

Ten bucks your douchebag parents fucked you up.

LGBT Movement 19

Alright, let me start this off by saying that I don't care if someone is gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/kling-on. If that's what you're into, or how you feel, go get it, Tiger. It's your life and your business. I don't give a single shit about what you do with your own time or what genitals you want to mash together. That's the beautiful thing about this country, we have the right to be what we want to be, at least until the government finishes taking the rest of our rights away. So, go do what you want.

However, I do care that you're making life in this country unbearable. Anyone, especially those in the public-eye, or those who own businesses, that happens to say one negative thing about any aspect of the LGBT movement, they are essentially burned at the stake. They are deemed ignorant bigots for merely disagreeing. One negative comment and you have every gay/lesbian or even straight advocates of this cause frothing at the mouth, lambasting these people, and calling for them to be beheaded, basically.

This has been especially prevalent in the media.

Now, let me explain something to you thick-headed pig bastards. Yes, you live in America. You have the right to fuck who you want and be with who you want, without the government interfering. You may not have the right to marry, but considering that marriage is basically a Christian concept to begin with, well, I don't know why you would want to be married in the traditions of a religion you obviously don't follow. This is what I know and I'm not even a Christian. Anyway, you have the right to fuck whoever you want so long as they consent, and you have the right to be with them.

But, that does not give you the right to run rough-shod over every single person and institution which disagrees or is repulsed by your way of life. Just as you have the right to pursue your relationships, other people have the right to speak out against that, or disagree with that. It's this wonderful thing called Freedom of Speech, which may be gone soon, however, it is what allows you to march in the streets half-naked with your rainbow flags.

You have no right to silence those who disagree with you. And I personally believe that if a business-owner feels that serving gay customers would go against his/her faith, then they should be allowed to run their own business and refuse to serve homosexual customers. Is it discriminatory? Perhaps, but it is THEIR business, and THEY are missing out on YOUR money, and why would you want to give them your patronage anyway if you are so adamantly against their faith?

Having a penis and enjoying penis, or having a vagina and enjoying vagina, does not guarantee you immunity. Despite the state of the modern world, there are always people out there who will vehemently disagree with your lifestyle, who will oppose your lifestyle. This is true of any sub-group of people.

Anyway, it seems to me that if the LGBT cause has it's way, freedom of speech will still be here. Unless you have something negative to say about gays, or people of color, etc., of course. Of course, they're able to say whatever the fuck they want about anybody.

Political correctness, ladies and gentlemen. One of the absolute failings of the liberal mind-set. "You're allowed to say what you want, as long as you don't say anything bad." You may believe you're immune, but just wait, they'll come for you too. Perhaps soon they'll erect labor-camps, for when the PC Gestapo come around and kick in your door.

Homosexuals 20

I am angry, no pissed off at the homosexual communities that don't embrace heterosexual opinion.. While I understand and accept that not every homosexual is a hypocritical piece of shit, there are a lot and seemingly a growing number of self absorbed pig-headed fucks that believe all must bow to THEIR opinions and choices, yet the moment a straight guy says he thinks it's gross or what ever, they fly off the handle spouting about how they are homophobic ass-holes. No, to all the homosexuals out there who are being hypocritical, you can fuck right off.. RIGHT OFF! If you want YOUR opinions and beliefs respected, do the same and respect another persons right to disagree. I'm also fucking sick of how every comment whether derogatory or not, somehow becomes an "insult" or strike at them for being homosexual. Wake up, most of us don't give a fuck what you choose to do. The fact is, you're not the centre of the universe, you're not so important that we sit and conspire ways and clever insults to direct at you. Frankly, if you can't respect another's right to have adverse opinions, then you don't deserve to be respected yourself.

*Note from Anger Central
The Department of Thought Control has been notified. Please report to the nearest reeducation camp to have these vile thoughts purged from your mind.

Gay sexual harassers 21

I have no problem with gay people, but there are a few gay people that sexually harassed me the past two weeks when I visited a gay friendly establishment.

The first time last week I had some elderly guy run up to me from across the room. I tried to get away, but he put his hands up my shirt, rubbing my chest, and talked about my chest hair. I got the guy off of me and he ran off.

The second time, which was yesterday, there were two new guys. They were asking for the time, and I gave it to them. One of the guys, which I never seen in my life, asked if he knew me from somewhere. I said no. He asked me if I had a big dick. I told him to fuck off and leave me alone. I walked away, and he started following me, yelling for me to come back. He started to run after me and I went away. Later I ran into him again, he said he was sorry, but he wanted to know my penis size. I told him to fuck off, and I left. I'll never go there again because of all the gay sexual harassers.

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