Health Fascists

I know that a healthy body is rewarding in its own right. And cutting down on sugars, salts, and fats is in fact helpful. And trying something new isn't going to kill your ass anyway. But....being yelled at over and over again about exaggerated facts of the fucking evils of eating an extra value combo at McDonald's by a wacko and several 33-year-old manic-depressive, shallow, and anorexic bimbo cockhounds on TV isn't helping me or anyone else on this planet, alright! Man, I am sick and tired of seeing, reading, and listening to chatty, bitchy, opinionated scaremonger journalists and so-called fucking experts virtually forcing everone to submit themeselves to a tofu, broccoli, and mango diet. Because in their little vain, selfish, money-grubbing, ratings hungry(no pun intended) minds: "If you eat a bag of $3 cookies or a Big Mac, you will gain 4,000 lbs. and die!" All because some dipshit went on a 30 day diet of Mickey D's 3 Super Sized combo meals per day. 3 Super Sized Meals a day? You ain't supposed eat McDonald's 30 days straight, you dumbass! Jesus. Knock it off. Why are they "Health Fascists"? Well, they tell people what they should and shouldn't eat even though they are of normal weight or 5 lbs. over! They damage the self-esteem of those who are obese, which is Never healthy! Health nuts are the kind of people breath down your neck for not following their lifestyle exactly. Listen up! "Obesity is caused by mostly inactivity! Inactivity! A bad fucking diet just makes it worse. Those fat people(though I'm not too crazy about fat people either) need a diet plan, not a nazi of a coach or a skanky pencil-thin psuedo-jounalist doctor giggling and insulting them who would treat an Al Qaeda prisoner better. No one is going to follow the recommended daily caloric intake alright! So stop hollering at everyone! People(as stupid and clueless as they are) can make their own decisions, so keep fucking ass self-glorifying bullshit comments to yourself. All right! We got enough bullies, assholes, and prudes forcing the common citizen around!

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