I am so damn angry at people who think they are goth. I'm not one to call my self gothic, but I am a satanist. The people of whom I am referring to happen to listen to Nü Metal and are big on the show Uranium, on Fuse. Unless death to them is a big blur of misunderstandings, bad lyrics, and long goatees, then this music is just stupid. I have researched the subject enough to know what I'm talking about, and not enough not to bore myself. Having purple lipstick doesn't make you goth. Goth is about being unique; different. These days you can stereotype teenagers who call themselves goth: black pants that are completely too big for them, wallet chains that are too long from keeping you from getting mugged, and piercings. Maybe throw in a Disturbed shirt or a bandana influenced by Good Charlotte. If you aren't a loner, then don't try so hard to be one. Or if you're trying to impress someone, it isn't worth it. They will either like you for what you are, or they won't care to know you. Get the hell over it.


This rant isn't going to be about the same tired juvenile shit we've heard a million times regarding how goths are lousy dressers, have bad taste in music, etc but rather how goths are such stuck up ASSHOLES. You think these people are about open mindedness and tolerance, think again. Everyone in the (local) scene has their own specific circle of friends and WILL NOT speak to ANYONE else. This includes other goths, especially newcomers to the scene because apparently trying to ruin the scene (yup there's a big conspiracy amongst people who weren't goth since preschool to bring down a stupid subculture), they're not "goth enough" (There's varying degrees of goth now!?) or the classic excuses that they're shy or anti social (I'm sure you are). Don't even get me started on how they treat NON-goths.

The elitism is un fucking real with these pompous assholes. All they do is dictate what is and isn't "real" goth because they said so and pride themselves on how seriously they take the goth lifestyle. FUCK SAKES it's just a fucking subculture! GET A FREAKING LIFE!! You won't get anything special for being the "the biggest goth ever".

And what the fuck are they "tolerant and open minded to" anyways? Sexuality? Nope. Heaven forbid if you're a heterosexual male who's not into BDSM. Clothing? Nope. Anyone in a pair of khakis and an A&F shirt is automatically a preppy asshole. Social outcasts?! Not unless you knew someone in the scene since kindergarten.

No wonder people can't stand goths. Maybe if they would pull the stick out of their asses for once in their lives....

Goths 3

Goths and or "emo" kids think that their life is soooooo tragic. They HAVE to express their individuality and their "pain", which I am sure they accrue living in those horrible upscale suburb hellholes. Look at fucking kids in third world countries, they have it much worse than you, but they seem to cope better than those black make-up wearing pansies that are more narcissistic and pretentious than the kids they make fun of for giving a shit. They have this stupid pseudo-intelligence where they put themselves on a pedestal for being "enlightened", when they are probably a fucking "art" major at community college. They just try to make a scene and break all the rules, but no one takes them seriously. Their attempts of getting noticed are more pathetic than they are. Now I'm not pushing religion, but what fucking goth has the nerve to interrupt a "prayer at the pole" session at school by yelling "hail Satan". Goths are just using this guise to protect themselves for the embarrassing truth that they just hate themselves.

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