Police go way too easy on these bloodthirsty low-life savages. They should be treated like terrorists because they don't give a damn who they hurt and kill. They make innocent people live in fear everyday. You can't leave your house without seeing these bastards hanging around waiting to rob and beat on you if you even walk by them. Just because their lives are shitty doesn't give them the right to commit crimes against others.

Gangsters 2

I am angry at gangsters because they are all a bunch of pussies who cant fight. Thats why they join gangs, to have back up incase one of them gets in a fight, he can have someone join in on his fight. Fuck them, they have ruined communities everywhere and they think they are so cool and so tough, when everyone knows they are fucking pussies. What the hell do they get out of writing on walls too, its not like thats their property, then you have gangster women who are a bunch of sluts and sleep around too much. Gangster women also get pregnant by every guy that they have fucked. Fuck all of you pussies, get a job, get a life and stop free loading off of the working people. By the way, to any gangster who reads, FUCK YOU!!!! PUSSY, you angry? Well I will fight your pussy ass anytime, but of course not with your gay ass "Homies" around, FUCK THEM TOO!!!!

gangs 3

Im furious at all gangs. They think they are so cool, i think they just have a low self-esteem. They are sensitive and feel bad about themselves. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK THEM I AM SO ANGRY THEY ARE SUCH PIECES OF SHIT THAT CANNOT DO ANYTHING WITH THEIR LIVES, AND THEY ARE JUST GONNA DIE BY 20 YEARS OF AGE!!!

Gang Morons 4

I am angry at so many injustices in this world that it's a miracle I haven't went nuts yet. the worst ever done to me was when I went to this party 7 years ago out in the woods with my freinds, and a few guys I didn't know. Pretty much everyone was drinking except me (I hate alcohol) my other freinds decided to ditch the party and leave. that left my best freind Dan, myself, and 3 other guys, who looked kinda suspicious, but I just figured they were drunk. my freind decided to take a walk down the nearest road to get some air. I noticed one of the guys kept smiling at me for no reason... this really creepy smile. it was right then one of the other guys punched me dead in the face, and continued to do so I was only 99lbs and 5'6 at the time, so I wasn't in a position to fight back. then the smiling guy decided to join in. they took their turns for a few minutes punching me, then the third guy, the biggest one said "kid, you have 3 seconds to run through those woods, then we're gonna f---king kill ya." what do you think I did? I ran like all hell was behind me, and it was I heard them chasing after me, hunting me like a goddamned animal. (no, I don't hunt. I know how the deer feels.) I looked at my watch after I found a decent hiding spot. I'd been crawling through those woods for 4 hrs! getting pretty tired, I noticed my best freind was nowhere around, so I kept moving till I found a cabin. I knocked on the door and hurridely explaining my situation, they took me to my grandparent's house where I stayed for the rest of the night. Everyone at school knew what happened to me. word spread fast it. I learned everyone left because I was supposed to be killed for someone's gang initiation. my whole personality changed after that. I used to be freindly and talkative, now I had become angry, pessimistic, and brooding. I found out my freind had made it home, and slept the whole time I was tearing through the woods. some freind. I also learned the names of the guys who assulted me. Brad, Chris. and Lee. I wanted vengence, and I wanted to insure what happened to me didn't happen to anyone else on my watch. I spent 7 long years every day, after school, no freinds, no social life (only when it was consistent with my mission) I worked on strengthening my body, and mind, (yes, I know a lot like Batman) I was obsessed. I learned not one, not two, but 5 diffrent martial arts till I was certain I could execute them with ease. I was also highly intelligent, so I used my brains to learn tactics that while legal, could also be used to hurt the enemy if need be. I also learned gymnastics and stealth, if I was to sneak up on you now, you would never see or hear me. can you imagine? 7 years of this. I've long since dealt with my attackers. hopefully they'll think twice now before hurting innocents again. the look on their face when they saw what I had become was priceless. I try to maintain a normal life now but I realize I will never truly have that. the trauma stays with me, and I dream about it every night. but still, looking at me, you'd never suspect I could beat your ass in a dozen diffrent ways. I look like any other avarage young guy. I still am kind of a is a nightmare for me some days. I haven't had a decent night's sleep in 7 years. and I don't have many freinds, if any. and that works for me. Now, I defend the hurt, the innocent, the abused. while working at improvement in my neighborhood. just be warned: you think you're hard-core? like picking on little guys, hunting them down like it's a turkey shoot? ruining lives for your own personal amusement? you might want to be very careful about that skinny kid whose scared eyes you're looking into. in a few years time, you might just be dealing with someone like me. We are out there.

Gangs 5

These ignorant low-self esteem Motherfuckers without jobs are fucking destroying our neighborhoods. But don't worry, I'm going to become an avid fighter against gangs on Capitol Hill. I'm going to make sure that the minimum penalty for a gang crime is 20 years. Those Motherfuckers will think twice before committing a crime or joining a gang.

gangsters 6

Selling drugs and killing people for money, power, respect, etc. They target their own people and hard working people not rich people. Gangsters envy other people's work ethics. Did Bill Gates became a billionaire overnight? No, he set goals for himself. Not only business people who set goals, pro athletes such as Michael Jordon for example. Life is not easy. I am pretty sick of them coming to my workplace demanding free services and products. Gangsters are too cheap to pay anything for themselves. They can get away what they did to me by disrespecting me. Some point of their lives, they will be victims of others. What comes around, goes around. I have seen it before. Don't bother reasoning me incase any gangsters are reading this because you can't. You know your activities are anti social and need to grow up like a man. This is for all the gangsters in Toronto.

Gansta vs. Wangsta 7

What the freakin' heck is up with people who get technical?! I just learned the diff between "gansta" and "wangsta"! The guy I think of like a brother got rude and called my gansta photo "wangsta"! Well, I really don't care, it's just a funny pic and that's ALL! *explodes*

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