i'm fucking PISSED because every time i go to walmart, i feel like i'm fucking mexico! it's not right! even the damn COMMERCIALS are in spic! ugh! make me fucking vomit! DOESN'T ANYONE SPEAK ENGLISH ANYMORE?!?!?!??!!? go back to your fucking country assholes! shit...if i go to germany and don't know german, do you think they will cater to ME?!?! HELL NO! so WHY THE FUCK should we cater to these bean eating assfucks?
i'm sick of going to places in MY COUNTRY and everyone is speaking another language. i know this is the land of the free, but FUCK, man...must EVERYONE stop speaking english in america? good LORD!

*Note from Anger Central
You are aware that the Webmasters wife is Chinese and English isn't her primary language? On the other hand she spends most of her time in school learning English. Her sister, who is trying to immigrate to marry her true love, is also learning English before coming over to the US.

illegals 2

Im sick and tried of competing with illegal Mexicans in the construction industry, im sick and fucking goddamn tired of being out bid by a bunch law breaking border jumping wetbacks...as if it isnt hard enough to comply with state and federal standards those worthless pieces of shits come in under every law abiding contractors with ridiculously low bids, and to add insult to injury the fuckers take the money and send it back to mexico..im sick of it, im sick of competing with illegals, im sick of seeing those pieces of shits pocket every dime they get.......forget sales tax, forget insurance, forget bonds, forget labor and industries...they keep it all..no social security number?? no problem! we will just get some stinking Mexican bitch pregnant and use the kid's number!

*Note from Anger Central
We hope you are differentiating between the criminals who come to the U.S. in violation of the law and those who obey the laws and go through the process of coming here legally. We have no use at all for the criminals and believe they should be tossed out asap and those who knowingly employ them should be jailed.

Speak English 3

I hate it when I hear Spanish all the time in a country that the primary language is English. I am aware of the Webmaster's wife and i am happy to know that she attempts to learn our language if she was taught that her whole life i can't expect her to just magically speak English but for those who do not try to learn our language we should not have to pay with our taxes to translate everything that they do not understand because they don't feel like learning English. The most annoying thing is feeling left out not being able to get what people are laughing and talking about.

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