Feminists really piss me off. They always talk about "tolerance" and crap, yet they can't see that they teach misandry. They hate men and teach that such nonsense is perfectly ok. Yet, if a man speaks against feminism, he's a "misogynist". This is bulls--t! Feminazis these days always crack "man jokes" yet they get offended when a man cracks a woman joke. This is a double standard.

I'm pissed at the feminists also because they managed to make the laws unfair to men. A woman can simply ACCUSE a man of rape or domestic violence and he is automatically treated as guilty until proven innocent. Also, those damn unfair child support laws..."for the bests interests of the children" my ass! Frequently, the father pays much more than his fair share of what it would normally cost for each parent to raise the child. Something ain't right about that sh-t. Here's another one...if I'm married and I cheat on my wife, she divorces me and takes half of everything I own. Ok that's one thing, but, IF SHE CHEATS ON ME, then divorces me, SHE STILL GETS HALF MY SH-T!! Gotta thank the feminazis for that one. It's the feminists who lobbied for these crazy divorce laws and they wonder why so many men don't want to get married nowadays. Well, gee, anyone with an ounce of sense would see that marriage for a man is not a smart choice. Feminazis, you made your bed, now lay in it.

feminists 2

Holy Hell do feminists piss me off. I am a straight woman. Why would all those chicks fight over the way woman is spelled, you already have equal rights does it matter how a word is spelled?? HELL NO it doesn't! It's the english language so deal with it! Besides do you think it would really kill you to do some fucking dishes or cook a man supper now and then? No it wouldn't hurt you at all it would be good for you. Bunch of fuckin weiners with nothing better to do with your time than march in the streets to piss other people off. Get a fucking job...you can enter any type of work force you want....just suck it up little princesses

nipple Nazis 3

I am so angry at these women! They are so militant and no different than pro-choice or pro-life activists. There is no room for anything but their way! Of course breast feeding a baby is best. But its not always practical or physically possible. can they accept this? NO! They act like a bottle of formula or milk given to a baby is child abuse!!! Please! If it were so bad no one would be alive today! in the 60's 75% of babies were bottle fed. Now if you want to breast feed by all means! feel free! But don't judge the women who choose not to, and by the way, even though it is perfectly legal to nurse your baby anywhere, a blanket discreetly draped over your breast would be a nice consideration to others and their children. And IMHO there is a time limit here. No matter how good for a child this "magic elixir" is, I think the physiological ramifications of having to suck on your mothers tits till your school age is way over the line. Use some common sense! Children who walk, talk, chew and eat food and use a toilet all by themselves shouldn't be getting their nourishment from a breast. And if I see this going on in public and give a shocked look and it offends you.........oh well!

Feminists 4

I get soooo pissed over feminists it makes me want to crotch kick them back into the kitchen. I'm not against equal rights for women, I'm just fucking sick of hearing these pretty girl princesses slander men. Like this one bitch in my class had a shirt that said: "Boys are great!" on the front, and then "On girl softball teams they make great waterboys!" on the back. How clever. After I read this I spoke out loud in class: "I want to make one of those: 'Women belong in the kitchen... ...Now go make me a sandwich." And we all laughed at the stupid misandrist bitch. I'm sick of these stupid cunts who expect all men to be stupid, and I especially hate the men who buy into it. It makes me want to rip the guys balls off and then shove them down the women's throat. All these worthless feminists just have a severe case of penis envy.

I bet that the feminists these days just see that women have equal rights, and see that their jobs as professional bitchers is at a close. SO now they pass a stone everytime they don't get their exact demands.

My dipshit feminist art teacher pulled out a bullshit statistic out of her ass the other day: "Women earn 75% less than men." Which is bullshit because if a women works the same hours and time as a man they get paid the same. What really pissed me off is when I told the nerdy dork of a PRICK in front of me that the statistic was bullshit he actually defended it: "How do u know that statistic is false?" CAUSE I HAVE A BRAIN AND WILL OF MY OWN DUMBASS!!!

Women 5

Im seriously super angry at all these stupid feminist groups and womens rights bullshit. Like in todays world we need that shit. Everyone is equal, if anything they might be doing a little better cuz they might get a job or better pay becuz thier boss wants to stick it in thier ass. And another thing, since they always feel like they are getting the short end of the deal, they should have to sign up for the draft when they turn 18. and ladies, if u dont wanna be treated like a whore, dont dress like one. dont get me wrong, im all for women dressing like whores, and acting like them too.

Feminism 6

I'm honked off at the feminists. I am a housewife and a mother, and who do these "women" think they are, saying that housewives are parasites? They're so deluded they think working outside the home is liberation! (If that is liberation, may I NEVER see bondage! I have done the forty-hour-a-week grind. I am GRATEFUL that I can stay at home!) A woman's worth shouldn't be determined by her paycheck!

My husband goes to work every day and busts his butt to support our family of three. I take care of our son, I clean house, I do most of the shopping, I bake bread, I make things, I knit clothes for our son...much more useful things than slaving away in some cubicle somewhere trying to break some "glass ceiling"! Not all housewives are Peg Bundy disciples!

I'm also ticked because boys get the dirty end of the deal. How many boys are slapped with the ADHD label and drugged simply for displaying normal boy behavior? Our schools are so feminized it isn't funny!

I have news for the National Organization of Wenches and their hangers-on--The genders are not interchangeable. You don't look cool or chic in your men's suits, you look like wannabes!

I'm a woman and happy to be feminine instead of trying to act like one of the boys!

Another thing--They scream about "equal rights" but want to deny an innocent unborn child the right to life. Hypocrites.

Feminists 7

I find that when feminists say over and over again that these issues of gender equality are a social thing and not just and individual fight is really a cover up for their own insecurities. I am a straight women and a hard core capitalist and neo-liberlist. In my opinion LIFE ISN'T FAIR! Get over it! But if you keep blaming men for all your woes and troubles in the world, do you really think that is going to get you somewhere? No! You can do anything you want. And you can achieve anything you set your mind to. All of this blaming and pointing of fingers is such a cop out it makes me want to puke! I believe in hard work. Stop sitting there and preaching that this and that in society just isn't fair because guess what no one said life was fair or easy. Women's Studies was the biggest waste of my time and actually made me feel sorry for some of these women who actually believe this complete and utter BULLSHIT that was being taught. What has this world come to!

Feminists 8

I have been hearing about feminism since High School. I have since then been an introvert and unable to date women - any woman. I am 30 years of age and I am lonely and I f**king HATE IT!

Since this issue surfaced, I have slowly become depressed and confused about things like "If all men are pigs and all men this and all men that, then why don't they go on an extermination rampage backed by a Feminazi leader and gun all of us sickos down? That would solve the whole problem, right?"

Men are needed for women to have babies, thus creating future generations - and they don't get this STILL. I personally think they want men to die! If they are THAT ANGRY at men being total douchebags (no offense), then THAT'S ALL THEY NEED TO SAY HERE. I am QUITE SURE here that there are underlying reasons for them being feminists, but as a man I apologise for the abusive population of men in this world because they won't. Maybe they gave us nice guys a bad rap? I think THAT is what pisses me off the most!

Also, when a man gets sexually aroused women know it (it sticks out like a sore, well...), but when women get sexually aroused it is hard for a man to tell. Another thing is that in all of men's manliness and machoness and strength, they are sexually weak. Women, on the other hand AREN'T unless they are sex addicts, which is rare I think. And the woman is born with this natural ability to manipulate men with denying attention until they do what it is the woman asks them to do. THEY HAVE MORE FREEDOMS THAN THEY THINK, and why are they so blind?

Note to all angry women out there: DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON US AND LUMP US ALL IN THE SAME DAMN CATEGORY!!! Because I could wind up saying all women are Feminists and getting a whole choir of "It's not fair to be lumped into that category" coming from women all over the place. Get the plank out of your eye! Sheesh...

feminism 9

Feminism pisses me off. It proves that some people won't quit to get what they want. If they mess up on something that involves them trying to dominate the mass majority of the male population, they blame the most relevant thing to that which has anything to do with a man and blame it. Take some responsibility for yourself. That's what you fought for in the beginning, to be equal. Okay, just because your equal doesn't class you as superior.

Now they're ruling the school. If someone acts more hyperactive than the energetic girl, they're hyperactive and given Ritalin. If they speak out of term or something that opposes their opinion. It proves that feminist are hypocrites who only want to overthrow men in things that men do. And honestly, if they eliminate the male factor, they're only going to replace. Another thing, they think women who are with men should have complete utter control of the male , if he eats, sleeps or even lives or dies. If they do kill him, they'll probably say he was sexually assaulting her and it was self defense. If they married you only for your stuff, they could divorce him the next day or in the five hours. Feminist will do pretty much anything to get full power over the male population.

Feminist say that if they ruled the world, there would be no wars, then obviously they have heard of Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher.

They also think if you're more hyperactive than them, you're stupid. And they think the whole population of men, young and old, have caused the suffrage of women, though the current female is suppressed for the stuff back then and it's not all men. I might be young, but I know what feminist are trying to do. In fact, some even think that every man has raped at least seven women (A word that they're trying to change, I might add!!!!!) and if a man doesn't want sex with them or any woman or doesn't like a feminist or women (might have had a relationship) is gay, and they even think homosexuality in men is wrong. BUT homosexuality between girls is good. And thinking just you can kick in the groin and beat a man up and he won't hit back (on account he would probably go to jail and get sued) doesn't mean you have super powers. If Feminist would rule they would eliminate or enslave the male population. They would have mandatory castration of Men from birth, boys won't have an education and men would be in the kitchen. It will be a whole role reversal and that won't solve anything!

Feminist 10

I am angry because Feminist originally lied to gain support, instead of gender equality feminist 'want it all'.

I am angry because leaders in this field lie with no conscience to achieve goals, their followers are too bloody cognitively idle to differentiate between outdated Marxist revolutionary rhetoric and modern concepts of equality for all, so follow like sheep.

I am angry because after 50 years of this BS with it's unfounded insults, humiliation and degradation there is no sign of these so called liberated women producing anything notable in the fields of art, philosophy, technology, science or any other subject that makes us stand out as a species, there is just millions of aggressive, unpleasant, couch potatoes clutching the TV remote's to their misandrist hearts while waiting for the next fix of reality TV or Soaps to be mainlined into their flabby minds on a sub-strata of mind numbing advertising.

I am angry that the Western version of these idle gits only want managerial jobs no matter how bloody thick they turn out academically, also that it has been made a mark of high social status to be technically inept and that science is treated by women so contemptuously while they are rewarded with all of the benefits.

I am angry to see the next generation of males brought up from babies and betrayed by mothers, sisters, aunts, etc. conditioned to self enslave themselves to this dictatorial gender apartheid and to see their own male gender as something to be mocked and to be ashamed of.

And finally I am angry that after tens of thousands of years of social and cultural evolution that honesty, ethical values and truth have been discarded by this idle, chocolate munching gender as inconvenient encumbrances so that now we may socialize and breed once again more or less like the other great apes with whom we branched away from some 6 million years ago.

Feminists 11

To be honest, I find nothing wrong with the concept. But the way it has been displayed and argued recently just ticks me off something fierce. Until I was in high school, I didn't know feminism was anything other than being proud of being a woman and being equal to men.

Then I had a few outspoken classmates and...well, I got my first dose of a feminazi speech. It confused me so much-she said women were better, and lacked the flaws men did, things like that...but at a high school, even a freshman can look around and see that girls are just as bad as the guys. So what's wrong with this picture?

Feminists 12

These women go around spouting liberal bull. " men suck" they say. I swear I want to go on a killing rampage and kill all those feminist CRAP.

And I swear, women's sports? Don't even get me started. These tards want to go out and earn money, grt a job, or become president. But you know why we don't have a female president ( and yes Obama is close). She would say "ew guns are icky" and we get invaded by, say, canada who's army is armed with plastic forks, half of em can't get em out of the wrappers. If you want to join in the killing rampage, just pick up a weapon and mow those bi@$&*^## down.

Stay angry.

Psuedo-feminists 13

Could those sadists masquerading as feminists please shoot themselves!? As soon as possible, before they cause even more suffering. I am SICK of all this Psuedo-Feministic Ball-kicking nonsense! BITCH, if you were really a feminist you'd be empowering women, not bringing men down. If you believe women are so great, show us! Stop acting like thugs! Could you fall in love with a serial rapist? no? right! so how do you expect a man to fall in love with and respect you when you've put numerous men through hell? and to REAL feminists, if you actually exist, please discard these fakers if you want to gain any male support.

feminists 14

I'm pissed because these gender equality frauds, are just that, frauds! They don't want equality, they want the pendulum to swing all the way over to their side, and you know who's starting to suffer from all this (besides men)? Women like me! Nice, honest women, who love, and want to marry a man, just for who he is!! Not because I think I can take him to the cleaners if things don't work out, not because he has money, and not because he can get me nice things! Thanks to you BITCHES, more and more guys are afraid to get married, in case it blows up in their faces. Also, the feminization of men?! Basically shaming any man, or accusing them of being a neanderthal, for behaving like a MAN, is really fucking stupid don't you think? Here's a thought, if they make your skin crawl so much, how about you go dyke, and call it a day? What do say? This way, you can stop fucking it up for everyone else. Oh, and one last thing, unless they take away our right to vote, or any other basic freedoms that all humans (male or female) deserve to experience, your movement means SHIT!!!

Feminists 15

Hell yeah men are scared shi*le*s of marrying YOU U.S. women. What effin assurance do we (men) have that your not going to up and one day (oh I'm bored, I don't want to work on marriage, I want a divorce just cause, my hormones are jacked up so just divorce, my boss yelled at me so I want a divorce, my girlfriend told me to) divorce. So yeah to the ladies that are "real", that want an actual marriage, want to actually work on marriage, wont just jump at the tinniest itsy bitsy thing and cry DIVORCE (basically DIVORCE is like CRY WOLF anymore) but anyways the ladies that actually believe in marriage (hope to h*ll there are still women like that), women that don't believe in DIVORCE. You ladies that are "real" you have your work seriously cut out for you cause you're going to have to prove, do extra work to show us that you truly care, truly believe in marriage, prove to us men that your not marring just for "gains". Thanks to the effin Feminists the "real" women (hopefully) there are some left have their work cut out to prove to us men that your not just going to up and "divorce" at some effed up WHIM. So yes men are very skittish, and extremely nervous about thinking of marrying you until you prove us otherwise!!

Feminist Double Standards 16

Seriously why the fudge do some women think they can just sit on a guys lap randomly at a party?? IF a guy does that BAM handcuffs. Seriously, I was sitting the beach at night reading a book, and some drunk Silly Little Ugly Tramp (anagrams!) comes and tries to sit on my lap!! I tell her no, and I feel scared that she is gonna throw her solo cup filled with bitch-juice in my face! She called me a fag, said I couldn't get hard anyways, its like NO SHIT you 235 lbs with a face like Chewebacca! Leave the real men alone! MEN'S RIGHTS

Feminism 17

I'm so fucking angry out of having to listen withe whiny privileged white crying all day long about how patriarchy hurts them while they spend every fucking morning sipping the most ridiculously named coffee to leave after in a behemoth SUV to shop.

Really? Those horrible fucking men working all day long to pay for your unproductive and ridiculous lifestyle.

Fuck you whiny attention whores.

Feminists - Slut Shaming 18

To pre-empt the hysteria:

1. In cases of rape, the rapist is 100% responsible for his actions regardless of how the victim was dressed.
2. A woman has the right in Western society to dress provocatively.
3. There is an unacceptable double standard between the way promiscuous men and women are treated.

With that said, I'm sick of reading garbage like this:

"It's not "slut shaming", it's woman hating."

"Iím a slut and proud of it. All women should be."

When did it become a positive trait for people to live their personal lives with such an emphasis on base carnal desires?

Being boastful of sluttiness is like a fat person bragging about how much they eat every day. It's like a heroin addict smugly talking about their drug use while fishing a five dollar bag of powder out of their butthole.

Yeah yeah, I understand that people are allowed to pursue things that are pleasurable but there's no dignity in being a glutton, an addict, or wondering who the daddy is after the five-guy gangbang.

Loud-and-proud sluts make me nostalgic for separatist feminists. They had the courage of their convictions. Too many modern feminists want to use the label as a shield from any and all criticism and are eager throw out the insult "woman hater" when somebody is understandably disgusted by their immature desire to consume a plentiful amount of dicks.

*Note from Anger Central
We deleted the links. Sorry.

Feminists 19

I'm sick of these assholes falsely telling men that they are sexist. They falsely accuse men of being rapists and submit fake rape reports so men will falsely get arrested. So many idiot liberal progressives actually defend feminists and constantly tell other men they are sexist for not paying women they same wages as men, even though that's been illegal since 1960. I wish they would fuck off.

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