Obsessive Fans

I'm a writer, and it makes me really angry when I publish a story or a book, then watch it become the object of a nerdy goddamn cult. Which, by the way, I should mention that I'm not saying I'm the most brilliant writer in the universe, because I'm not. I enjoy my work, and I'm glad when people like my fiction. But, I have a pretty good sense of my place in the literary world, and I know I have about 100 years to go before I'm as good as my favorite authors.

Anyhow, all I'm saying is this: why the hell do some people have to be so fucking obsessive about everything? I get letters all the time from these idiots who don't seem to have anything better to do than bother me about every little detail. It's crazy, don't these people have jobs? Families? Better things to do? It's as if they think I am perfectly happy to spend all my time tending to their pathetic wants and needs. Which I'm totally not.

And, what's really bad is when readers think I'm going to be their friend, which is definitely not going to happen. I have my own friends already, okay people? I mean, all right, thanks for spending a few dollars on my latest novel, I appreciate having an actual audience. But, come on, get a goddamn life, okay? It's just a bloody book, for chrissakes.

The worst thing ever is when I have to go to science fiction conventions, and am forced to deal with these imbeciles in person. It's my fault, of course...I'm the one who invented the alien I have to then see mulitplied a hundred times in really bad costumes. God, what a nightmare. Makes me want to get a job as far away from writing as possible. A job that doesn't inspire obsessive morons to put on gray body makeup and tights and plastic fangs.

Oh, and the worst thing is when people ask me to read their "stories". Everyone wants to be reassured that they, too, have a chance of someday becoming a working writer. Well, guess what, folks? For 99.9% of you, it's not even remotely in the cards. After all, talent is a rare and fragile thing, and almost no one has it. Besides, even those who do have it need to work harder than hell for years to make it in the publishing world. In my experience, most people don't have it in them to work semi-hard for even five minutes.

Anyway, if you're the kind of person who has a tendency to develop a strange obsession with people like me, then, please, for the love of christ, cut it the fuck out! And, maybe get some professional help. Although, no, I'm not going to lend you the money for treatment. You'll have to look elsewhere.

Howard Dean Groupies 2

Ok, who decided that this midget Howard Dean (5 foot 8 inches) was a sex symbol? I know tons of women who are working on his campaign and they haven't a clue about what he stands for on any issue but because he is "cute" they are working for him. Cute? If you like munchkins I guess so. Look, you dumb women, this guy hasn't a chance in hell of winning against Bush. The Democrats can't get anyone in the white house during a time of national security problems because all they care about is taxing and spending and the supposed "rights" of groups so far on the fringe that they belong in freak shows. Remember, little men have little ________

Michael Jackson Fans 3

I'm angry at those fools for blaming the victim. Michael Jackson is a grown man who puts himself in these crazy situations. He needs to take responsibility and stop blaming his Father and childhood, he's 45!

fanboys 4

I'm an anime fangirl. I go to conventions. Geeky? Yeah. Oh well. But this means I have to deal with FANBOYS. What is a FANBOY? It's any male age 14-65 who walks around in basketball shorts in the convention hall like he's some sort of athlete (HA!) who drools all over the place at the idea that there are, in fact, females who are interested in comic books and the like.

They smell HORRIBLE (ever hear of showering?) and think they're being polite when they're talking to you, but they're actually being extremely rude and argumentive and show-offy about their SUPREME COMIC BOOK KNOWLEDGE. They also flirt sloppily and mercilessly with any female who will be polite to them - not because they actually admire that female, but because she is FEMALE. It's quite disgusting.

The worst part is that once they decide that you are the LOVE OF THEIR LIFE, they wont leave you alone until you get a restraining order.

I'm sick and tired of dealing with the anime-porn-freak, dragon-worshipping, yu-gi-oh -card-collecting, sweaty losers. Just because I'm a female who likes comics and anime doesn't mean I should have to deal with these freaks so much!

Youtubers obsessed with fred 5

This has honestly got to be one of the most annoying little pieces of shit I have ever seen. Those fucking retarded youtubers who are obsessed with fred. For god's fucken sake, he is little no lifer who makes video where he speeds up his damn voice and acts like a fucken 2 year old.

My fucken god and ppl actually think this little shit is funny. This kind of ignorance and retardedness is seriously pissing me off. All of his 1.2 million fucking shit hole subscribers are just wasting there lives commenting and thumbings down ppl who disagree with fred. my god, I just want that little shit to drop dead and never be heard from again.

Overly Political people 6

I do like politics, but I can't stand people that are waay into it. Sure, I'll express my opinion, and I keep up with major politics around the world, but people that are overly Democrat, or overly Republican piss me off. You know the ones, the ones who won't listen to the other sides argument, ever. I listen to both Liberal and Conservative sides of the story, and then decide for myself. The ones who just listen to Bill O'Reilly and agree with anything he says without thinking for themselves piss me off. Same with liberals who will NEVER listen to Bill O'Reilly and think anything he says is a sack of shit. Whatever, you get my point, ultra-one-sided political people suck.

*Note from Anger Central
We weren't sure where to put this, but fanatics seems like a good place. We'll leave our political comments for the Blog...Or not. ;)
FYI, we pretty much stopped watching O'Reilly after he refused to support Michelle Malkin after Jerry Rivers all but threatened her.

Obama Worshippers 7

I swear to God the last few times I got my hair cut at the barbers there was always someone in there raving about the 'Bama. I just wanted to punch him in his damn noggin. Too bad I couldn't.

Yes 'Bama is da Prez SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

Twilight Fantards and this Generation 8

I hate Twilight but this rants is more focused on the fan groups who worship this fucking overated book like it's their fucking bible than there's tthe shitty movie with the fantards deciding if their with Team Jacob or Team Edward well guess what NO ONE FUCKING CARES GET A FUCKING LIFE you retards Twilight sucks and these retards hate people who hate twilight well guess whatt we hate you to they even say they would kill a baby if they hate Twilight you lay one finger on a child and I will beat the fuck out of you so bad you will never see the sun again. Seriously it's because of morons like this is why we need to legalize Domestic Violence than you have those reatards who send Twilight vids on youtube to piss off the haters it just goes to show you this generation is full of retards I miss the 90's and Early 2000's you know fuck Twilight you want to see vampires watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Dracula because Twilight is carbage and should be wiped off the face of exsistance fangbrats grow up and find something else in your life to do other than thumbsdowning and saying shit you can't back up on youtube same thing goes for fantards of The Jonas Faggots Justin Beaver Face, Shane Dicksucker Emotard, and Fred because they too are also complete garbage and should be wiped off the face of Exsistance they have no talent and do nothing but piss of people who do have talent and you bratty fantards just never learn to take criticism you act like one bad thing is said and your whole world has ended seriously it's time to wake up and smell the Coffee, Twilight sucks there are people who don't like it so don't go all defensive instead you should be placed behind bars at a Zoo for your behavior you ungrateful idiots.

Snap On Fanboys 9

I am sick and fucking tired of all the fucking idiot Snap On fan boy rejects out there, especially the fucking pieces of shit on most of the internet forums that I frequent.

Doesn't matter if you're using a tool forum, a truck forum, motorcycle forum or DIY forum, anywhere you go where tools come up in discussion, there's always at least a handful of these fucking assholes who think that Snap On is God's gift to tools.

If you're a fan boy, the world revolves around Snap On. According to these fags, Snap On has never made a bad tools, nothing is made in China (despite the USA stamp being removed) and the tools are in no way overpriced. They will tell you that warranty service is totally easy and the tools are absolutely worth the rape prices they charge for them and that nobody, nobody, makes a better tool for the job than Snap On.

The truth, at least my take on it, is that these sad fuckers have spent so much money on Snap On that they are mentally incapable of questioning it, unable to comprehend that they've been rooked into buying mostly overpriced crap that is of marginal incremental value over other brands that cost much, much less. So, rather than admit anything of the sort, much less acknowledge it (even to themselves) they go ape shit and bash any other tools and defend Snap On as if someone had insulted their mother. After all, to admit that any other tools are nearly as good as Snap On would be to suggest that they've wasted their money on fanatical devotion to overpriced shit, which of course would make them look stupid.

Doesn't matter what the real thread topic is, if someone mentions anything negative about Snap On, these dipshits will chime in about how it's worth it if you use it everyday, it's worth it because of the warranty service, it's not made in China (even when it clearly is) and on and on. They make everything into a Snap On vs. The World debate, every single fucking time.

Listen assholes, we get that you like Snap On. We get that they make good tools. What people don't understand is why you have to be such fucking fanatical devotees and inject your Snap On FTW mentality in every single fucking thread on every single fucking message board.

I'm not trying to be a hater here. I own Snap On tools myself and I do love the pieces that I have. They are a premium, high quality tool and that's for sure. Much of what they make, at least of what I own, is the best you can get. Still, it doesn't warrant the kind of fanaticism that these pricks display. I mean for fuck's sake, grow up.

So please, if you're a braindead, rednecked asshole that posts on Internet forums about your Snap On tools and how fucking great they are, do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. We get it, you like their stuff and would by a piece of shit if it had a Snap On logo. We understand that you're a drooling mouth breather that can't conceive of any other tool brand being close to Snap On. Good for you and your small mind, but please keep your ignorance and your arrogance to yourself. Fucking assholes like you are ruining forum after forum with your divisive fucking bickering and bashing of all brands not Snap On.

Fuck all you loudmouthed assholes. Instead of running your fucking mouth and ruining people's threads on forums, why don't you go plastic another Snap On decal on your truck or go give your dealer a blowjob. Better yet, why not bend over and let him service the account? I'm sure you'd get off on it just as much as he will.

super bowl hype 10

guess what football fans and sports media;not everyone likes football.i know this is hard for some of you tank macnamara types and 6 pack fools to grasp.this is supposed to be a society based on freedom and tolerance of other peoples differences.yet what do i hear from some people?what,no patriots shirt? only losers are not invited to superbowl parties.you don"t like football;you must be gay. Let"s look a little closer here.reverse the logic.where"s your symphony hall shirt? it"s only $100.00 you must be a loser you were"nt invited to the cast party after the play.what you don"t like watching american pickers; you must be gay. and finally i do not care that tom brady uses a bidet.i do not need over a weeks media coverage of mostly blather.or excuses for players and coaches that cover up or commit crimes.it is in the end only a game.enjoy this sunday.

Morphsuit Idiots 11

Holy fucking shit, this latest craze (made worse by Halloween) of people doing stupid shit in their Morphsuit costumes has really started to piss me the hell off.

Have you seen these fucktards on Youtube and other places? They have got to be some of the biggest closet narcissists out there, having it so bad that they need to run around inside of a Walmart or Target or shopping mall or whatever else, fucking with people and getting everyone to look at their stupid fucking antics.

Yeah, big man, hiding behind a fucking nameless, faceless suit and acting like a complete douche in public. I've seen these faggots jumping on people's cars (including a BMW!) in parking lots too, harassing old people on the streets and just overall being complete assholes. They don't have the fucking sac to do this shit without hiding behind a costume, because I'm sure they'd get the living shit beat out of them if people could track them down.

The funniest thing? You watch these ass clowns on Youtube and, almost without fail, they end up popping a fucking boner while they're in the middle of their "pranks" and other bullshit. I find it infinitely amusing that they are so self absorbed, so arrogant and so helplessly lost in their narcissism that they end up giving themselves a boner. Almost every video has comments from people asking what to do if you get a boner, or how you can keep from getting one. Talk about a circle jerk.

I have to say, I don't know what possesses someone to get into this shit, but it seems like the majority are complete fucking losers with no life and nothing better to do but run around in a gay-ass costume and fuck with other people. Do they have any clue how completely retarded it looks? Do they realize they look like some kind of a fagged out blow-up doll that escaped from the sex shop?

If any of you assholes is reading this, do me a huge favor and just stick to your bullshit. It's so fucking lame and so gay that no woman will ever touch you with a ten foot pole if she finds out that you're one of these shitheads in a morphsuit. With any luck, that'll keep most of you from reproducing. Bunch of sick fucking retarded assholes that you are, grow the fuck up and give it a fucking rest.

Fanatics of ANY religion. 12

Religion should not be banned, wiped out or anything. People will still find things to fight over even without it. But that doesn't make any of it right.

Besides, religion is powerful in that it gets people through life and brings them together.

But not for any religious fanatic. Whether its one fundamentalist Christian or an entire hardcore Muslim country, they won't stop validating their beliefs at the cost of others. From the Crusades to Europe's many religious fueds to the restriction of other peoples' rights, it's clear that they use their beliefs as an excuse to control and oppress people.

These people ruin EVERYTHING, including the cultures and dogmas they claim to cherish.

Fangirls 13

There are all these shitty fangirls EVERYWHERE on the internet, they all like MLP and anime and shit. You can't go to ANY website without seeing someone with an MLP avatar. 100% of the time there's anime, MLP, and weird porn on the front page of DeviantART. They're all annoying teenage girls.

No MLP ISN'T cool, No, I'm not gonna deal with it. Yes, I AM gonna hate your useless shit. And is hater supposed to be an insult? (I'm not saying I hate it, it's just that shitty "haters gonna hate" thing)

The fangealls are taking over the internet.

Whiny fanboys/fangirls who bitch about "haters" 14

I am fucking pissed off at how whenever you express a negative comment or opinion regarding some notable figure (namely a celebrity or entertainer), said figure's cult followers go into a snively butthurt rant and proceed to brand you as a "hater."

You little pukes need to get something straight, prefarably before you get your asses out into the real world

And the bottom line:


DragonBall Z Fanboys 15

I am a fan of DragonBall Z but the main problem is all of the toxic fanboys who get very argumentative, defensive, and starts bulling other members in the fanbase when they have a difference of opinion. They start childish arguments over who would win between Goku or Vegeta, the Fanfiction.Net community is full of toxic fanboys who get triggered when something is written to their specifications, and start harassing and attacking and leaving childish reviews on their stories. Jesus Fucking Christ it's a fucking Anime that people are acting so Goddamn Psychotic over, do the entire population a favor and grow the fuck up already.

Also please stop asking Nintendo to put Goku in Super Smash Bros; Goku is NOT a fucking video game character, he does not qualify, he's a fucking anime character. I'm so tired of these fanboys wanting a anime character to be in a video game that is dedicated to VIDEO GAME characters. Anime Characters have no place in any video game that is a celebration of video games. Stop with the Goku was a game character argument, the DragonBall Z Video Games Do NOT COUNT! Goku will never be in Smash so get fuck over it already and also Funimation stop encouraging and go back to ruining anime with your shitty dubbing and your talentless voice actors too. If Goku does get in Smash expect another rant in the future.

Pokemon Fans 16

I am so angry at how much the Pokemon Fanbase because they half to be the absolute most toxic fanbase in the entire world. When news broke that Pokemon Sword and Shield, wouldn't be able to include a National Pokedex due to the hardware they were working with, it made Pokemon Fans go apeshit attacking the developers and cancelling their pre orders and attacks anyone still wanting to get the game. People grow the fuck up. These people use Pokemon's slogan Gotta Catch Em All as their line of defense when it comes to attacking the developers over the lack of a Pokedex, they say all we do is defend them and then call us entitled for defending them. No retard, you're the 30 year old fat neckbearded loser whining over a fucking video game here's an idea get some goddamn counselling. If the demand for over 800 Pokemon that you probably won't use is more important than the health of a developer than please seek immediate counselling, you are the real reason why most people are embarrassed to be Pokemon Fans.

SOVA: Save Our Voice Actors 17

I am so angry at this group of losers who refuse to let go of the past in regards to the Pokemon Anime Series. They have been begging for The Pokemon Company USA to recast the old voice actors to the show and are sending threats towards the new actors. These people clearly have no life and spend most of their days on the internet whining about the Pokemon Anime wanting the old actors to come back and compare the old cast departing from the series as if it were a tragedy to them.

They go around sending death threats and harass the new voice actors I mean what the fuck is wrong with these people; these are actors who are just trying to do their jobs and make a living and you have these morons who clearly refuse to let go of the past making empty threats and harass the new actors and even spread lies about the new actors by saying they purposely tried to block the old actors from attending conventions. That's a bunch of bullshit they have no power to do that and if they did they would get sued. They also think the problems with the Pokemon anime is more important than the current controversies with the games; these losers clearly think a bunch of morons harassing the developers over the lack of a Pokedex isn't as important as the casting of the voice actors; these people are so lazy and easily disregard the harassment of game developers all because they want the old actors back on the show. For the love of god GET THE FUCK OVER IT ALREADY.

These Fucking So Called Fans really need to grow up and get a fucking life. The Old actors from the Pokemon Anime are never coming back either get used to the new actors or just fucking fuck the fuck off you fucktard fanbrats.

Sports Fans 18

I really can't stand these types of people they clearly have a superiority complex when it comes to sports and feel the need to attack other types of fans all because of their need to feel like they are better than other.

Not only that but they are also hypocrites who judge anime fans by making fun of them for following DragonBall Z and calling us losers because we know about being Super Saiyans yet they talk about how many yards some football player ran or how many touchdowns they made. Bitch please shut the fuck up if anything that just shows that you Sports fans are nothing but Hypocrites and you make fun of us for crying over the death of a beloved character, yeah don't mock us when you cry when your favorite team lost and didn't make it to the Superbowl.

Also I have noticed a number of dumbass sports fans making rants on here in the Sports section such as the dumbass hockey fan bashing Wrestling because some fans prefer Wrestling than Hockey and there's the dumbass Dump Supporter who acts like getting hit in Football feels fake, yeah I bet your dumbass wouldn't be saying that if a loser like you was down there then again I wish it was to see some dumbass like you who I bet has no job and just smokes pot all day wouldn't even know how it would feel because you're a fucking dumbass.

All Sports fans are idiots.

Birds of Prey Fangirls 19

Hey Birds of Prey Fanbrats stop bitching about Sonic being a better movie. Birds of Prey is Trash Margot Robbie is a horse faced talentless cunt.

Some stupid bitch on Twitter talking shit about grown adults watching a Sonic Movie; you're a grown woman child attacking a kid's movie and watching a Comic Book Movie and calling people virgins. Bitch you are asking to get punched in the face obviously. The only Virgin I see is the stupid inbred meth cooking bitch who's triggered over the Sonic Movie and desperately seeking clout on Social Media. Seriously what is it with you stupid fucking women and wanting attention it's like you are desperate to get punched in the face.

Fuck Birds of Pray and all of you stupid, spoiled white trash entitled bitches and may you get the living shit beaten out of you for how stupid you all fucking are.

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