Europeans piss me off so fucking bad. All those mother fuckers do is bitch about how bad America is until they need something. The only reason we had to go to Kosovo was because they're too chickenshit to shoot their own dog. Europe is like a fat, wrinkled, old, toothless whore who sits in front of a mirror and screams "I'M STILL PRETTY!" at anyone stupid enough to listen. Fuck them.

Europeans 2

I am angry at some, but not all, Europeans. I get rather irritated when they incessantly whine about how the U.S. is a rogue nation bent on world domination and how we hate trees and other crap like that. It also irritates me when they say the U.S. should be out of everywhere. They should really be more specific when they say "everywhere". I'm sure they would change their minds if they were talking about South Korea. North Korea, a real rogue nation, would invade their Southern neighbor as soon as the U.S. and others left (probably because of the Left).
What would happen if the U.S. stopped trying to create peace deals between Israel and Palestine? A lot of "unpleasantness" world result between the two. Then, of course, the world would blame the U.S. for leaving the Middle-East unstable and ruining everything they, the world, did nothing to help.

They also whine about American "imperialism" and how they must learn English to communicate with Americans. Americans speak ENGLISH, a result from BRITISH imperialism. Why not blame the British, fellow Europeans, for your problems? Besides, if France surpasses the U.S. as a world power, I will make an attempt to communicate with them through their language.

I also have a few questions I haven't been able to find answers to. Has anyone other than Germany or the U.S. ever used the "Arc de Triomphe" in France? Napoleon might have, but I'm not sure if it was around then.
Why do Europeans come to the U.S. in droves if they hate it so much? People have the option of coming and going, but why noy stay where you are if you hate America so much?

The European Union is, in the words of a "Eurocrat", an attempt to Americanize Europe. After listening to their incessant whining, it seems to me that the last thing they would want is another America.

There are of course good Europeans . I think the good ones out number the assholes, but the assholes are much more vocal. If I wanted to hear an asshole speak, I would fart or listen to Al Franken (if there was a difference). A good European, in my opinion, is not someone who does whatever the U.S. wants, but finds solutions for problems rather than blaming the U.S. and making America fix everything. I hope all the good Europeans will deport all of the stupid ones to another continent.

stodgy brits 3

I'm fed up with the poor business ethics of nearly every brit I've worked with or for. The royal character does not run very deep amongst the hooligan class of broken teeth pompous ass English. Behind their accents lies a deceitful, cunning, back-stabbing populace who don't adhere to business agreements and hunker down in their rain soaked, indistinguishable brick homes. The vast majority in this country are drunk and lazy and the wave of immigrants will gradually up-end the old guard. Been to London lately? - looks like the muslim world owns most of the key real estate and fills the high-end shoppoing centers while the rest of the Anglo population screams in soccer stadiums and struggle through the week to scratch out a living for the exciting nights at the local pub. Undoubtedly the ugliest people in Europe as well - the kingdom has long since faded. Start by sending 10,000 dentists to this rancid place.

europeans 4

i've gotta' hand it to those european assholes. once again they've stabbed us in the back again! i can't believe those scottish imbeciles freed that libyan piece of fecal matter! keep your heads buried in the sand your time will come when your on the shitty end of the stick.

Eastern Europeans 5

I don't know about other people, but personally I've had nothing but bad experiences with Eastern Europeans, at least all the ones I've ever met both in the US and abroad.

What the fuck is it that Eastern Europeans, whether young or old, male or female, tend to behave like rude assholes no matter where you go? Is this some unwritten societal norm or something for these people? Fucking seriously.

I've been to a LOT of European bakeries, for example, and virtually all of them are run by Eastern Europeans. In each and every single case, without fail, the employees/owners/operators were rude pieces of shit. Everything was overpriced and God forbid you want to just look around. And the customers too! Every Eastern European customer in those places is either some rude asshole or some trashy looking slut that puts American trailer trash to shame.

And it's not just these places. Was at the post office the other day, some Eastern Europeans were in front of us, talking loudly (of course) in their native tongue. The trashy bitch let not one but TWO doors slam in my wife's face, rather than try to hold them open as we were carrying packages. She saw her too, that's the kicker. Rude fucking piece of shit with no regard for other people.

Another example, I go to a pastry place and the guy gives me the third degree for wanting to see what they have in the display case before I pick something. "What do you want?" he says rudely right as we started looking. It's not a language barrier, the inflection and tone of his voice made that clear. Nobody was waiting and there was no rush, he was just being an asshole. That place went out of business in short order (gee, wonder why?). Irony of ironies, another Eastern European buys the place and opens another bakery/pastry place. We go in there and while he's sorta friendly, his wife is another rude fucking bitch. We were the only customers in there and she treated us like shit.

I have so fucking had it with these assholes. If I see a place is run by Eastern Europeans or has anything about Eastern Europe in the name, they can go fuck themselves because you couldn't pay me enough to do business with them. Fucking rude, arrogant pieces of shit, every single one of them.

If you're an Eastern European immigrant reading this, do the world a favor and just go the fuck back to where you came from. Fucking uncultured, rude, low-life wanna-be thug assholes that you all are. Get a fucking clue, take your heads out of your asses and realize that you're not special. Even other European's detest you sorry pieces of shit and as open minded as I thought I was, I fully agree with them at this point. I have yet to meet one of you assholes that I didn't want to beat the living shit out of.

Rude Ass Europeans! 6

Last year I went on a Costa cruise-90% Europeans, 10% Americans! Didn't know that B4 I booked it! They were so fucking rude. They talked about me & my hubby in their language & laughed. They looked down their nose at us & if we smiled they wouldn't smile back! They tried cutting in front of us in lines, they stole our seats when we got up to dance.

Just got back from the Dom. Republic. A lot of Euro's were there. A guy tried cutting in front of us in line as we were checking out. I cockblocked his ass. Also, as we were sitting in the lobby waiting for transportation, a family of 4 French people plopped down right next to us on the sofa. There were several seating areas in the lobby, but they sat right soooclose to us it was uncomfy & they thought nothing of it!

These fuckers have no boundaries! I never felt this way until I had these experiences. I wanted to travel to Europe but now I don't. I don't want to have to go to jail for kickin' someone's rude ass!

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