So DMV tells us that slow-moving vehicles are the main source of auto accidents. WHY THEN are these aholes riding their cycles on the streets? NOBODY uses sidewalks in the US, we are NOT a pedestrian society. So get your butts off the street, and SPARE US the hot air about "we have the right" to use the streets, no you don't have any right to create hazards, now matter how high and holy you think you are, saving the Earth and other such crap. Although I want to trash you on Anger Central, I do not want to kill or injure you or anybody else when I'm driving. Oh, and you LOOK RIDICULOUS, you are NOT in the Olympics.

Selfish Cyclist 2

So I was walking back to my apartment from the store on the sidewalk and this faggot cyclist, an idiotic skin head young male, busted the red lights then veered onto the sidewalk at least around 25mph, nearly straight into me. And then, he even had the audacity to yell profanities at me! What a shit. He should get off the fucking road/sidewalk with his stupid bike and preferably get a good few weeks to "learn" something in a detention center. Selfish tard. With his selfish wreckless riding next thing he will be flying off the bike under a truck or injuring some one, and he himself then be upgraded to four wheels - a fucking wheelchair. The sooner the better, for everyone else's sake.

Cyclists 3

I know drivers and cyclists have to share the road, but over here in Vancouver there are cyclists who don't know jackshit about driving rules. Some of the cyclists here drive so far out that cars actually have to follow behind them while they wheel along at 20-30km/hr. Learn to bike properly or move off the road. Cars that can't swerve around your slow ass because of oncoming traffic will indeed sideswipe you. As an unprotected and vulnerable human on a metal contraption, you should be just a little bit more aware of your fucking surroundings. IF THERE IS A LINE OF CARS BEHIND YOU IN THE MORNING DURING RUSH HOUR WHEN YOU ARE BIKING, MOVE CLOSER TO THE SIDEWALK, OR BETTER YET, MOVE ONTO THE SIDEWALK SO SOME DRIVER IN A RUSH TO GET TO WORK WON'T ROLL OVER YOUR SLOW ASS.

Grown Men Riding Bicycles 4

These worthless lowlives ride on their bicycles obviously to poor to own a car and it's obvious why these people are obviously wellfare scum who are to lazy to work but yet not to lazy to ride bicycles in the street and try to run over peds on the sidewalk or cause traffic. You go around talking shit about anyone trying to act hard but when someone talks shit back at you and wants to beat the hell out of your worthless retarded ass you get back on your bike and run like a scared little pussy. Your lucky most car drivers don't run you over but you know what they should because people like you serve no purpose in life. Trying to cause accidents on a bike, wreckless and talking shit about people namely all of the white trash skinheads who do it then these worthless wastes of skin end up getting shot for going into a Ghetto neighborhood calling everyone the N word. So to all of you white trash skin head retards who ride bikes around dso something useful and get a job or better yet to all car drivers run these fuckers over if I were running the world i'd allow it to happen just to keep the streets clean from trashy worthless idiots who serve no purpose in our world andbtw Bicycles should only be for kids to ride not grown jobless losers.

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