Godamn eco-nutters. Why conserve anything? Nuclear waste is awesome. I've never seen a a do-do bird, or a zebra-tiger (whatever the hell it's called), or most of the other now-extinct species. Guess what? I don't care. What difference will it have made if those animals were alive today? Nothing. Maybe if they were alive today, I'd have a chance to eat them, but other than that it makes no difference. Nuclear waste kicks ass and can transform you into super mutant ass-kicking people. Go conserve something remotely more important like beef jerky or something.

SUV haters 2

I am so sick of hearing people whine about SUVs in cities. Get over it. Why don't you complain about limousines? Or taxis who drive around with no passengers? I pay for the gas, I can use as much as I buy.

If the city actually fixed the potholes, and plowed the streets when it snowed, I might not have this vehicle. But they don't, and I do, and I pay for it, and I pay more taxes on it, so just mind your own damn business and get a life, would you?

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