Cheerleaders piss me off to no end.They're all little self-centered bitches who need to be brutally beaten senseless.Why,in the name of lucifer,does everyone think they're so great?Oh yes,it takes much athletic abilitly to jump up and down without sweating your makeup off.And yes,i do realize that some cheerleaders can actually do shit.SOME being the keyword there.The most I see cheerleaders do at my school is parade around like the little whores they are.*gasp* That takes talent!They all act like they are so superior to everything and everyone around them.And then they get pissed when they're told how they're all the same.I can see where people get that,BC THEY ARE.I can't think of ONE SINGLE DAMNED PREP THATS WORTH A FLYING FUCK.All they so is run around back stabbing each other.And then the staff think they're adorable or some shit.I absolutely love the way they can sleep with everyone on the fucking football team and come to school the next day a virgin.Damn these bitches all to hell.

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