Canada is a physically beautiful country but the people are only able to hold such liberal attitudes as they do because the USA is here to defend her should they need it. Without the USA, Canada would be a goner. I am sick of Canadians criticizing the US and aiming for moral superiority. What does Canada have to be proud of? Its country is a cheap knock off of the USA.

Canadians and Americans who bash each other

USA vs. Canada. This stupid asinine argument is persistent in every damn place I look, and it REALLY FUCKING PISSES ME OFF. Both sides of this NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP. (and yes I'm from one of these two Countries)

Americans: SHUT THE FUCK UP. Nobody cares about your military, economic or political Achievements, and judging from recent events, people sure as hell don't like you for it, so SHUT THE FUCK UP. And having a liberal government, and a small, outdated military doesn't make the entire population of a country "wimps". So you guessed it. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Canadians: SHUT THE FUCK UP. Nobody gives a shit about which phenomenal athlete or break through celebrity you churn out every now and then, so quit being so damn proud of this shit. And also, until you stop drinking piss beer, ripping around on Snowmobiles and ATV's all the fucking time, and whooping at dog-shit entertainment like Hockey Night In Canada, QUIT FUCKING REFERRING TO AMERICANS AS LOUD DRUNK OBNOXIOUS HILLBILLIES. And quit bashing Americans for waving their flags often too. There's plenty of that shit in your country too. So there you go: SHUT THE FUCK UP. And not all Americans think you live in igloos. Those aren't "Americans" Those are called "Idiots". And there are plenty of Idiots in Canada too

And both sides: QUIT FUCKING GOING ON ABOUT THE WAR OF 1812, especially if you haven't cracked a history book any time recently. Because:

  1. No one gives a shit about the war of 1812

  2. It ended in a stalemate, meaning nothing was really lost or gained, and no one really won or lost

  3. (To you Canadians) It was a war between the Americans and the BRITISH. CANADA WASN'T A COUNTRY UNTIL 1867, DIPSHITS.

Now do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP

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