breed street bullies

I am so angry at these useless fucks. They are the biggest bunch of moronic bullies. If they used the energy they expend on bullying victims and instead did what they were paid for everyone would be happy. These low life assholes enjoy bullying too much so they just bully their victims charge them a shit load of money to do nothing and strut around as if they were Gods. It is a fucking reflex action for them to bully, even when it would be more expedient for them to help out their victim the ingrained reaction of bullying kicks in. They are pathetic children with less morals than alley cats and they ruin countless lives. These people are total scum, in fact the word scum must have been invented expressly for these brutish oafs.

bullies 2

I've been bullied for as long as I've been in school. It's gotten muich worse during the past few years, and last year it got to the point where I just had to leave shcool. Everyone picked on me because I have a disibility. They left me out of their groups(even the other rejects didn't want me around) , thet laughed at me literaly ALL the time, they made annoying noises at me, they always found ways to imply I was a retart (actions, the way they spoke to me ect)they obviously spread rumours about me, they just pretty much treated me like I was subhuman. Everyone must have thought I was a mongoloid or something! FOR FUCK'S SAKE COULD A MONGOLOID WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THIS?? WHAT THE FUCK GIVES YOU ALL THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ME LIKE THIS? BUT I UNDERSTAND AS IT'S lYk s0o0o tOtAlY nOT kEwL 2 lEt LeWzErZ b hApPy! aNd iTs LyK wAy 2 hArD 2 jUsT IgNoRe dA pPl u DnT lYk! And to add insult to injury whenever I try to talk about this everyone goes "oh not everyone has to like you!" I'M NOT ASKING EVERYONE TO LIKE ME! I"M ASKING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE ME TO LEAVE ME ALONE! GEEZ IT'S NOT A TOUGH CONCEPT!

Bullies 3

I hope the state of Massachusetts comes down hard on the vermin who tortured Phoebe Prince to suicide. I am SICK of bullies. I am SICK of seeing the US school system go into the pisshole because the schools aren't throwing these idiots into special Ed or prison. You don't see this shit happening in China, India, or any of the Asian countries.

I am FED UP with the stupid caste system that runs this miserable school.

*Note from Anger Central
While we sympathize, we have serious issues with govt. criminalizing things like this. We know the case you're talking about, and we would like to know where the parents were.
As to China and Asia not having this problem? What color is the sky on your planet? It's far far worse over there. Don't believe me? Ask Mrs. Webmaster. In fact teachers will get involved in bullying, but not to stop it, but to egg it on.

Bullies 4

This rant is directed at every piece of scum who has ever bullied/harassed a nerd at school.

At first I was fucking IRATE for years and years and years at your bigotry and your blindness and your ignorance. At first I hated you because you hated me. You superficial filth with trophy cheerleaders on your arms - not a flick of wit, not a spark of intelligence, not a hope of maturity among the lot of you.

You hate us because we enjoy youth orchestras, science fairs, after-literature seminars, and straight A report cards. You hate us because we don't think that the ends justify the means, because we don't think that spending your time on the frontiers of human knowledge is a waste of time. You hate us because we hold aloft that terrifying, horrifying, beautiful abyss that is what humanity has yet to discover. You hate us because we believe that furthering what we know about the world around us is the most noble of noble ventures.

Your time will come. When your girlfriends are old and ugly, when your sports trophies are covered in dust, when your trust funds run out, when they are no more kids to push around in gym class, and when everything you ever hated in nerds you now envy.

You have no drive; no sense of curiosity about the universe. Has it ever occurred to you that there is a sense of awestruck wonder in learning a new mathematical equation, discovering wave-particle duality, reading a new volume of Joycean literature, acquiring a stupefying fact about the universe that you didn't know before? I guess you wouldn't know what that feels like, because you've probably never opened a book in your life.

I hated you, but now I pity you. You will never know how it feels to lose yourself in something grander than oneself; something that will endure beyond your short eighty years on earth.

I forgive you, but I am still angry for the thousands of younger kids you will humiliate. There will always be nerds, there will always be bullies, and there will always be youth whose aspirations you have destroyed.

But I tell you know, you worldly dogs, your imbecile worldly cur - be nice to nerds, 'cause one day you'll end up fucking working for one.

QED, bitches.

bullies that pick on short people 5

I am so angry at people who make fun of short people like me! Would it be ok to compare a race of people to animals? We can't help being short, but I'm called "shrimp" daily damnit! I'm tired of being judged for being 4"8 and in 7th grade! How would they like being made fun of for something they can't control? Like "haha, you have blue eyes!" These tall fucks are simply insecure about themselves so they take it out on us little ones... stop the hate!

Bullies 6

Hm...bullies. They piss a lot of people off, including me. Almost all bullying occurs at a young age. Sadly some of these bullies never grow up. For everyone out there suffering with a bully/bullies, here's a page from my life. You can usually stop it if they are still partly human and possess an ounce of intelligence.

*Unique - If your different, like I was, bullies will zero in on you like a moth to a flame. Think of high school society like a colony of penguins. Everyones a penguin. If you wear a red scarf, it immediately singles you out and the bullies (leopard seals) will come lumbering in to feed. Instead of making the painful mistake of trying to 'fit in' aka be a miserable fake, BE different. And proud. Make it clear you don't care what anyone thinks, including the bully. If they get an emotional reaction out of you they will just keep at it. They feed on your tears and sadness. Do NOT give them the satisfaction.

*Intelligence - Many bullies I had were people that would tease me for using a 'nerdy' vocabulary ie. big words, and for being an A+ student. If you tease them right back they'll probably leave you be. Don't get mad, be what I call a 'polite asshole'. One great line I used was 'Well, hey we can't all strive to work in the service industry. I'm gonna go study.' *big sweet grin and/or blow them a kiss*

*Jealousy - People can be jealous, and let's face it - downright green with envy. Whether it's your smarts, your spouse, your career, looks or something completely random, there is always an immature person in the group that can't handle it. Unfortunately, there is nothing I have found to defuse this sort of bullying situation. Every time it's happened to me I had to cut off all contact with that person to stop their bullying. My old landlords wife, Denise (I hope you read this) tried to strangle me and throw me down a circular staircase. I had to press charges against her and move out before she stopped. What set her off? Her husband told her he was attracted to me. If this sort of thing happens to you leave/avoid/block these people however you can. Nothing will help them but years of therapy, if that, and they are absolutely blind and unreasonable as to their own reasons for the bullying. Run :)

For the rest of them, especially the physical ones, fight back. I know, I know, 'Dr. Phil says we shouldn't return violence with violence.' Dr.Phil was probably never bullied. I had a male tormentor in grade school, very large and tall, me being a smaller female student. For six months I quietly took it, unleashing my anger after school on the hapless gophers invading our pasture, as well as my unfortunate family members. He would call me an adopted dog nobody wants, a waste of an abortion, etc., etc., all because he found out I was adopted. I wanted to wring his damn neck for bringing it up all the time. I had no desire for it to be public knowledge. Anyways, one day, once the teacher had left the room (this is in grade 5) he started up again. I felt like I was going to black out, and my vision started tunneling. Pure, white-hot rage. I snapped, leaped over two rows of desks, and proceeded to smash his ugly face off the chalkboard until we were separated. Blood everywhere, and none of it mine. Perhaps his mother told him never to hit girls, or he was just completely in shock, but he didn't fight back. We both got suspended but I must say it was definitely worth it. The bully girls were all afraid of me afterwards and so were the bully boys. Best thing I ever did for myself at that age.

Don't take their abuse - stand up for yourself!! Bullies are really just cowardly jellyfish under those crusty, rotten exteriors.

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