I am so angry at people who say that they are people who believe in a judgmental god ,a god that will send you to a place of torment but loves everyone. these people want to think that they are right about everything when the most beautiful thing that GOD is that he has given anyone is the free will to express themselves in a non threatening manner towards others. He hurts when people hurt and doesn't want anyone to feel pain. But Man, being of free will, doesn't always do the right thing but these religious people just can't get it through their thick heads that but for the grace of God they could be the same person It is the person who is judgmental and passes the judgment not GOD

The blame game 2

I am sick of the religious right saying rap music causes violence. As crappy as rap music is. It does NOT cause violence. If you want to say that, you may as well say country music causes incest, drunk driving and alcoholism. Blues causes depression and suicide,classic rock causes drug use and R&B causes promiscuity,unwed mothers and statutory rape. And what the hell, we may as well say that Teen pop causes stupidity. Sounds really stupid doesnt it? From what I have seen the only thing that rap music causes is closed-mindedness in right wing white people.

Religious Morons 3

Please explain to me why someone who is otherwise intelligent and reasonably sane believes in bullshit. I mean, really-a talking donkey, chatty snake, forbidden fruit, virgin birth, blahblahblah. The Bible reads like an early attempt at serialized bad fiction. Yet people believe it, and worse, they try to force others to believe it, too!

I DO NOT believe in God. I want no part of ANY religion! That does not make me evil, or a fool, or a bad parent, or a baby eating psychopath. I hate religious idiots who can't see me as a human being just because I don't believe in superstition.

*Note from Anger Central
There is a term for people like you. The term is Intolerant Bigot. People such as yourself built gas chambers and death camps because they didn't like a certain religion. You are evil.
No one here is particularly religious or attends a church. We just know what people like you are like.

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