baseball players and the people who call them heroes

Ok, Every time I read something about a sports star being called a hero, it just pisses me off. I'd like to know how in the hell are they heroes? What did those over-paid, pompous little bitches like Alex Rodriquez, Derek Jeter (I call him Dreck) or Mike Piazza ever do to be called that? Did they go off to war to protect our country's freedom the way men like Ted Williams, Yogi Berra and football player Pat Tillman, who scarified his life, did? NO! Has the word "hero" lost its meaning? I say that anyone who calls these chumps, who feel that they're too important to put their lives on the line, heroes probably pelt our war veterans with spitballs and trash when they return home. You all make me puke. Thanks Anger Central for allowing me to rant and rave like a lunatic.

baseball players 2

This is what pisses me off. Baseball players (cough! Roger Clemens) demanding these outrageous fucking salaries while half of Asia is underwater with no food, water, or shelter. They deserve 70 million a year for WHAT, to beat a ball around the field. For THAT kind of money I'd stand there and let them smash me over the head with the fucking bat all day long. Selfish, greedy, cocksuckers is all they are. They have ruined the game and the owners (cough! George Steinbrenner) aren't any better. Fuck em' all!!

Prof. Athletes 3

Who are these mindless blobs of meat that still watch baseball? Hasn't steroids ruined you're perception of fair play? Its not a game anymore. Neither is basketball. Once the NBA PLAYERS went on strike, I said fuck em I don't need em if they don't need me. They're greedy bastards. Who still watches this shit? I mean its a business to them now. There's no love of the game or they wouldn't disgrace it with strength enhancing drugs. Illegal ones at that. And that bullshit about "well they've still gotta hit the ball, that takes talent". So-the-fuck, what? They're still cheating fucker. Americas game. Dead, due to greedy junkies.

Snowboarders 4

i am a skiier and fuking snowboarderz make me angry as FUCK! first of all they fucking insist on stopping in the middle of the slope. WHATTHEFUCKSUPWITHDA?!?!?!?!?

then above that the instructors TELL them to do that, Its as if they have no consideration for anybody else on the slope! we skiiers will go to the side of the slope to rest, i completely understand being tired but WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!??! do you NEED to be in the middle of the road?!?! if i was driving on the freeway and then i stopped to take a nap why the FUCK would i stop smack dab in front of everyone? its lunacy if your FUCKING tired take a break on the side of the slope like the fucking rest of us! the fucking best experiance is stabbing them in the flank with your skiing poles. AHHHHH..... sweet revenge.
once i was skiing minding my own business going down te slope upwards to 30 mph then out of the blue some bastard wearing all white appears right in front of me (it was snowing bad) i veer off to the side but i have no where to go its a narrow path, so im sent headoverheels into the brush, i almost hit a tree and then the fucker gets up and continues as he had seen my calamytous demise. The Fucker i wish i could of stabbed that bitch.....

you have a choice when you are a skiier, run into the guy and both of you get hurt or veer off and only one of you gets hurt, normally we tend to the second but once you have been whiped out on the side of a tree you wish you had gone with the first

Thank You, FUCK Snowboarders,

Triathletes 5

You are so self-rightous and arrogant, you think you are better than the rest of us who don't obessively exercise all the time. Who in the Hell do you think you are? God's gift? are just a bunch of elitist snobs who in reality have issues since you have to fill all your time exercising.

Pittsburg Steelers 6

It really pisses me off that the biggest cheaters in the NFL are going into another superbowl really the fucking referees are blind and biased and wanted the Steelers to beat the Jets the fact that Big Ben is a big ego maniac who doesn't deserve to live for being a rapist and a cheating quarterback. Another thing that pisses me off are Steelers fans they're obnoxious do nothing but gloat stupid and just have no lives what so ever, seriously I will be damned if the Pittsburg theives win another superbowl fuck them they don't need another win Big Ben needs to get shot and fucking burned and the entire Pittsburg Steelers should never win another game ever again.

Joggers 7

I am getting really sick of having to put up with all these preppy, snotty joggers that infest the roads every morning. Excuse me, but I'm on my way to work on a country road that is not safe to run on, and there's at least fifty of them all running right out in the middle of the road with in their stupid spandex shorts. I have to slow way down (and sometimes stop completely) for them every time, and they will NOT get over so I can pass them!! It's a fucking country road, there's not even a yellow line down the middle of it! I don't mind people who run on the road, but for hell's sake, show some common courtesy to drivers (or at least some common sense: cars are way bigger than you are!!) Why the hell they feel that they're too good to get over and run on the grass for a few seconds so I can get by and get to work on time, I'll never know. They are the most arrogant bastards in the world! One or two, I wouldn't mind; but try getting around fifty of them on a road full of curves that you can't see around. And of course, they're too important to help wave you around when there's no traffic coming. There's probably five or six different running trails in this county alone (within like ten minutes) but no, they'd rather run in the road in droves and make a public nuisance of themselves. Hey idiots, this is NOT the place to hold a 5K!! Find a road that drivers will at least be able to see you on, instead of this twisty, curvy little backroad. You don't know how fucking annoying it is to pop over a hill and have to slam on the brakes without warning because your scrawny, spandex clad asses are out in the road!!

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