Armchair Soldiers

I'm angry with people who want wars fought in foreign countries for "Freedom" but want other people's children to fight them. They harrumph and cheer far away from the battles and discuss how it would be a good idea to send more kids to Iraq, but that's ok because they don't have to go there, namely people like Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter. They spew words of more conflict while blustering armchair machismo. They use terms like "We" need to continue the fight, "We" need to get tougher. No actually "You" aren't doing anything but cheerleading from thousands of miles away in your recliner while young men and women get their asses blown off carrying ninety pounds of equipment on their backs in 110 degree heat. None of them would even think of sending their own kids to war. I fought in the first Gulf and most of us laugh at these armchair commandos, most of whom were Vietnam draft dodgers. They decided it's safer to serve in theory than actually sign up for a real fight. People who have never been there are always the first to want to send other people's children to it. They've never been shot at or saw their friends head blown off right beside them. Most of Bush's administration are armchair soldiers especially Bush himself. "Bring em' on" he said....this coming from a Vietnam draft dodger wearing an expensive suit with a stomach full of rich food in a nice protected environment much like most of these gung ho pencil pushers who haven't any idea what it's really like over there. People who cheer this misguided war are much the long as someone makes the sacrifice. Bush has made us an enemy of most of the world by invading an oil rich Arab country and worse than that he did not send nearly enough men to do it which is hurting our guys already over there. And Bin laden and most of the extremists are still running around because resources aimed at capturing them have been drained to fight in Iraq. Americans should be ashamed of this president and concerned because there will be more attacks here in America now that we've pissed of the entire Arab world. I have nerve damage from the first one which stopped me from continuing my service and I can't do much of anything now but I support the soldiers. I do not however support armchair commandos and the Bush administration.....they have sacrificed nothing.

*Note from Anger Central
Didn't we read about you being dismissed from the U.S.A.F. for defacing Bush bumper stickers on cars last week? And just for your information you stupid moron, the "Arab world" has hated the west since about the 10th century or so. Since you obviously know nothing, we would suggest a crash course at your local library on the history of Islam, the crusades, the caliphate as well as the history of religion in the cause of wars. This is a holy war to those people and they don't care if they die as long as they can wipe out or enslave the west.
We have not seen things like this since WW2 and the Pacific battles with the Imperial Japanese. We would also recommend looking into why the Kamikaze's had little problem finding recruits as well. This is what we are dealing with.
We have little doubt that nuclear weapons will be used in the next few years, probably on Israel and possibly the United States. If that happens, say good bye to the Islamic Middle East, and if a weapon is detonated in the U.S., you can also say goodbye to the cheese eating surrender monkey's such as yourself. There will be a revolution here that will destroy the "Blame America First" crowd.
By the way, did you notice that little election they had in Iraq last week? Did you see the Ms. Betty Dawisha's little speech when she finished voting? She had a few words to say to people such as yourself. :)

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