I am angry at most anti-smokers! Not being able to smoke in some places I can see, such as a restaurant. But when I can't smoke in a bar, that is just stupid. When was the last time anyone in a bar was bothered by smoke? If they are that damn worried about their health, don't drink! I know the anti-smokers will say 'No, it is for the bartenders.' Come on! When was the last time a bartender wanted someone to put out their cigarette or cigar? If a bartender asked me that, I would just laugh assuming he was joking. Another place...airports! On the planes, no smoking I can understand. But in the actual airport? What the hell? Do you not think the jets put out 100000 times more toxins than my cigarette? Anyone, Hitler was an anti-smoker. He was intolerant, and so are anti-smokers! Time for a cigarette, bye!

snotty non-smokers 2

first let me say that I do not dislike all nonsmokers. only the assholes. yes I smoke and yes I know its bad for me and I really don't need a lecture on the subject from some jackass who has never had the nicotine addiction or, even worse, from someone who has quit themselves and wishes to teach me the err of my ways. and thanks to all the uppity nonsmokers who have whined enough so that now we smokers get to enjoy our smokes out in the elements instead of in the comfort of our restaurants and places of employment. thanks for the rusty bench you threw outside for us so that we may sit uncomfortably in the snow and smoke. then you have the nerve to look at us as though we are sub-human because we smoke outside of your malls and retail stores. well, assholes you're the reasons for that. rather than having a comfortable enclosed smoking-section inside businesses now you have to walk through or within eyeshot of a cloud of smoke. well boo-fucking-hoo. so don't look at me like you just stepped in shit when you walk past me because I'm freezing my fucking ass off because of your whining. so I guess we're even now, huh? oh and fyi your ratty-ass car with the missing muffler isn't doing wonders for your respiratory system either shitheads.

anti-smokers 3

people that are constantly telling me that smoking will kill me piss me the hell off!! You honestly dont think i no that well thank you captain obvious!! i had no freakin idea. i no smoking is bad for me it says it on the damn box i see it everytime i grab a cigarette yet i still dont care your opinion means no more to me than the dam warning i ignore every hour

Antismokers 4

You know what really pisses me off? Antismokers. I hate the people that come up to me when I am having a cigarette and say, "You know that's bad for you." Gee, I wonder where the hell I heard that one before. Maybe it was constant lectures in the health classes I had in elementary school up to high school. Or maybe it was one of the many stupid ads i've seen on TV, or heard on the radio. No shit its bad for you. If I gave two shits, I wouldn't be smoking now, would I?

But I do show common courteous. If I am riding in a car with friends or family, I do ask in advance if they care that I smoke in the car. I'm not the stereotypical smoker who hates life and everyone who doesn't smoke. I know its fucking addictive. You think I like smoking away 5 or 6 dollars per pack?

Smoking is one of those freedoms that Americans still have. Everyone knows its bad for you, but isn't this the Land of The Free? Its my body and I can do what I want with it.

Anti Smoking idiots 5

I was at a death metal show in san francisco last night, where people were drinking heavily, doing drugs, fighting and just getting crazy. I was in the crowd, and I lit a cigarette. Within seconds this deranged hippy piece of shit wrestles my cigarette from my hand, in where the lit tip ended up burning someones face. what the hell is wrong with people? All these gothic losers drink blood and have sex with dead animals, but if you light a cigarette, you need to be taught a lesson. ...shut the fuck up pussies.

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