Anti-Weed people

I am sick and tired of these god damned people all high and mighty over people who smoke weed. I dont get it, they can drink all they want, but if i want to toke up i am some sort of crazy druggie who must be totally irresponsible. Its bullshit, I do nothing wrong, am a totally chill guy, but if i mention smoking to the wrong person they no longer will talk to me

luckily, i only live with my mom, and she understands having come from a family of stoners. She just wants to make sure i am responsible about it, not going off and doing stupid ass shit.

If my dad found out he would most likely try and send me to rehab -__- most of his family is actually also stoners, but because he thinks he is better than them he doesnt barely ever talk to any of em. Funny thing is, he is the biggest asshole in his family, he thinks that since i am his son, i am a little robot of him who should do whatever he says and not think of wanting to do things like hang out with my own friends. anytime he wants me to go over but i am busy with friends, he gets a confused tone and asks why i am with them. wtf?!

but anyways, i have gotten dumped by chicks because they wanted me to stop smoking, people who were pretty cool dont want to hang out with me anymore, its just ridiculous. Some of them even drink but refuse to see that smoking is basically the same, just better =P

Anti-Drug people 2

I'm sick of all these fucking morons acting like they're better than me just because I smoke cannabis. I've smoked cannabis, I've done LSD, and I've done several other drugs, all of these experiences have opened my eyes. It's my body, my mind, my life, and my fucking choice what I do with my own body! So fuck off with your hypocritical bullshit, telling me 'drugs are bad, why do you think they call it dope? say no to drugs' and then going on to drink your beer and wine and all that bullshit.

I've used drugs. I know what they do. I've never killed anyone, never beat anybody, never got in a fight with anyone, never stole anything, never raped anybody, never done anything harmful to anyone else. Now where the fuck is my commercial? Huh? We get bombarded by these 'TRUTH' commercials and 'AboveTheInfluence' all day, now where's my commercial?

Why can't other people just butt out of my fucking business?

*Note from Anger Central
Hi there. You'll notice that you are only the second person to write about being a stoner and being angry at non-stoners. There's a reason for that. Most of you are to drugged out to put two coherent words together. ;)
In point of fact, Anger Central doesn't give a rats butt if you want to live in a cloud of recycled cannabis smoke. Nor do we care of you want to inhale the annual cocaine production of Columbia or mainline a couple of pounds of heroin. What we DO care about is your expectation that people like us have to clean up after you when you OD. Sorry Charlie, as far as we're concerned, if you cause someone injury while under the influence of anything, expect to get hammered.
If you OD and you haven't made prior arrangements for medical help, well as far as we're concerned, it's back into the street for you. (Or into an out of the way closet where you will either recover or die)

Anti-Drugs 3

I'm furious at the people on their high horse talking down to me like a dying cockroach. I smoke marijuana, that's it. I occasionally drink, but even then not that much. I have these clubs all around where I live and all around school spouting their "No Drugs" bullshit. I'm still holding a 3.5 GPA since 3rd grade, and I'm in 10th now.

Fuck you guys, my brain seems to still work. I don't give a shit if some dumb bitch O.D.'d on heroin then killed her parents with a chainsaw, I smoke weed and play BFBC:2. End of fucking story.

Thank you Angry Webmaster for letting me get that out of my system.

Anti-Drug People 4

Fuck you tight-ass politically correct no interest freedom raping assholes. Just because you aren't interested in consciousness expansion and enlightenment doesn't mean you can tell the whole fucking world what they can and can't do with their body. What any human being consumes is their choice and you cowards probably have probably never done a drug in your life. Instead just listen to every word the talking heads tell you. You believe complete propaganda and then have the nerve to act like you're some sort of expert on the topic when you don't know fact from fiction. How the fuck a nation could make a PLANT ILLEGAL is beyond comprehension and completely mind boggling to me. You are not God and the only reason drugs are illegal in the first place is to keep the pigs working. Think of all the real crimes these mafioso hypocrite douchebags would prevent if they weren't on the prowl for people enjoying themselves. True intelligent beings know that you have no jurisdiction, just a badge and gun, and your only true purpose should be to prevent riots and/or violence. Instead the government creates fake laws to keep you no life bullies employed. You're job is a fake lie, kill yourselves. This probably will not be posted because TRUTH is forbidden in the good ol' U.S. of A.

*Note from Anger Central
So, how are things going down at the local Occupy Space and Waste Oxygen protest? :D

anti weed 5

i hate people who drink and get drunk all the time, people are always telling me that i shoulnt smoke weed, but its practically the same thing, i say, the only reason weed is illegal is because this stupid government cant make a bussiness out of it. alcohol is also a drug of sorts, does bad things to you, and anyways who the fuck are you to tell me what to do, i dont go around telling you to stop drinking or watching porn you stupid deluded fuck, il do what i want. weed should be legal, just like alcohol.

*Note from Anger Central
No, Pot is not like booze. Alcohol will generally flush from your system in 12-15 hours. The active ingredients in marijuana have been hone to take days to clear out.

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