Self-hating Americans

I am angry over all of the self-hating Americans beating their breasts over everything that this country does. This seems to be the hip thing with rich white people - hate your country and criticize it as incapable of doing anything right. Meanwhile, they are living a life that is envied by 99% of the world.

Americans 2

I'll try to be as fair as possible. I'm angry and the fact that Americans think they are the only ones that have fought any wars. Now I'm not by any means lessening the sacrifices made by soldiers and families alike, not at all. Yes you guys have one of the world's largest armed forces. But there are OTHER countries that contribute as well. It took Americans three years before they decided to join WW1. It took half the world to defeat Hitler. They never could have beat him themselves. I've always said that the real war would start AFTER Saddams forces were ousted. The militant groups are going to be much tougher to defeat than Saddams forces were. They don't know who exactly they all are, where they are, just how many there are, and what kind of weaponry they have. The Americans are going to need more help than Tony Blair and a few Australians and Italians. And it's my hope they get it but please remember that the U.S. is not the only one making sacrifices in this whole wide world.

*Note from Anger Central
This seems more of an argument then a rant, but what the heck? :)

canada haters 3

im angry at america for being such an ass twords canada. Some say its because they don't engage in war.I personaly think its better to have a loved one stay in the country than to have the desert fertalized with the peices of them cause they ran over a roadside bomb. i hate americas ignorance.

*Note from Anger Central
Hmm, didn't the RCMP just shut down an Islamic group that was about to start bombing Canada few weeks ago? Count your blessings. Considering how Canada won't do squat about terrorists traveling in your country it's only a matter of time before you wind up with hundreds of dead.

Americans 4

I think that you are the most self righteous, pompous and arrogant race on this earth. You hate the British for no reason. The only reason you came into WW2 was the fact that one of your strongholds had been bombed by Japan, otherwise you would have just sat on your backsides and let Blighty fall to the Nazis.

*Note from Anger Central
As a student of stupidity, perhaps you should try reading history instead of jerking off in class. Ever hear of Lend/Lease? How about 50 destroyers sent to England? How about the shoot on sight order before 12/7/1941? Did you know that the USS Greer, (DD145) was fired on by a U-boat, prompting President Roosevelt to issue orders to "shoot on sight" any warships within "our defensive waters."? Are you aware of the USS Kearny, (DD432), that was torpedoed by a U-boat on 10/17/1941, 2 months before Pearl Harbor? How about the USS Reuben James, (DD245? Sunk by a U-boat on 10/31/1941 with the lose of 115 men? These are just a few things that happened prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. We might also add that the P-51 Mustang was made for the British prior to the entry of the United States, and once it was mated to the Rolls Royce Merlin engine, (British designed), it became the best prop driven fighter in history.

a website i visited 5

The woman was from America, I am from Canada, she was going on and on about how Canadians are the worst people in the world. She went on to say that she hoped that Canada would just sink into the ocean. This upsets me, as a Canadian we treat EVERYONE with respect. This is just another classic example of why the United States is looked upon unfavorably by the REST OF THE WORLD!

I could not post a reply which made me even angrier, so my question at the end of this is why are Americans, not all but a good majority of them, so ignorant?

Americans 6

Despite the fact that I am American, I hate Americans. We're so stuck up our own asses to the point that we believe in the most stupidest ideas. We'll buy the most expensive shit, just to show off to people what we're worth.

Not only is our government corrupt, but our citizens are corrupt too. I've seen people fucking go around and bitch at people for being fat and ugly, then go to McDonald's and eat the worst foods there. Our society has made everyone believe that there is no beauty unless you are tan, and thin. And then you have shit like emo crap, with people thinking they're "unique". To quote an As I Lay Dying song "If we have chosen to live against the grain, then why are we all facing the same way?"

It seems like this country has been going down the shitter for quite some time. And I don't think it's gonna change at all. I would move, if I had the money, but hey, that's what we're all here for, to slave away for money, to buy a house that we won't ever actually own (you buy the house, then you pay taxes on it the rest of your life--- how is that truly owning something?)

I fucking hate this place. There's too many rude fucks, corrupt politicians, cheating men and women, bratty slutty teenagers, and money-greedy bastards.

Ignorant Americans 7

I am really fucking suck of ignorant, stupid Americans. I swear that some of these people have their head rammed up their asses and only come out for air once and a while. I don't claim to be the smartest person in the world and I appreciate many things about the US but really, c'mon!

I am a Canadian and the stupidity of holding a conversation with somebody who lives no more than a couple thousand miles from Canada astounds me.

"Does it snow all the time there?"

"Do they have a military?"

"Is military service required?"

"Do the computers work the same?"

These are only samples of the bullshit I have been asked throughout my life. This one bitch had the audacity to send her knocked up prego daughter to a boarding school here and not even know what city she was in! Holy fucking shit! Do people in the US not step out of their own front yards?

I'm sure not all Americans are like this but really, set your sights a little higher!

*Note from Anger Central
You know, one of these days we're going to decide you people in the north are annoying us a little to much with your sanctimonious holier then thou attitudes and we're just going to conquer you and be done with it. It should take a troop of Boy Scouts about 3 hours to complete the task. That should be good for one merit badge. *evil grin*

America 8

I'm angry at the way Americans talk about my country. I find it rather odd.... Now I have no doubt America may be a great place to live, and that's awesome. That you doubt that my country (Canada) is a great place to live is rather egotistical, especially when you haven't lived here.....Do you hear me ranting about America? Nope. I've never been, so I have nothing to say about it. Hint hint!

I do have a problem when even the webmaster of this site (a man I respect) has been brainwashed. I implore our southern friends to do some research before pointing the finger at Canada. I qoute, "We hope you enjoy Canada. Just don't get sick, expect any right to free speech or thought, or expect to keep any money you earn." I read this out loud to my husband and we both burst out laughing, especially considering the source. Your a smart man Mr.Webmaster. Here's the scoop: We actually have free health care, free speech (and thought), and the last thing you said about not keeping the money we earn was baffling. We have one of the lowest tax rates in my province, I pay property & provincial tax. That's it. LOL Mr.Webmaster you need to visit an area of Canada that isn't a city. Come to a good old fashioned bush party in my neck of the woods and be sure to bring your lovely wife. Your guaranteed to have a lovely time. While at the party, you can feel free to blow your face up with fireworks if you so desire, because we'll just haul you down to the ER and have you fixed up. For free ;D They'll also pump your stomach for ya if our strong Canadian beer proves to be a tad too much for you.

Cheers! ^_^ *goes back to her free speech and thought*

*Note from Anger Central
Free Healthcare? Is that why people die waiting for procedures Americans get in days?
Free speech and thought? You might want to talk to writer Mark Steyn about that
The Webmaster is not able to comment on the tas situation in Canada due to lack of information on it. (He does freely admit when he doesn't know something. Amazing, isn't it?)

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