career "advisors"

I'm sick of those assholes - often quoted in newspaper and magazine articles - who keep spouting insulting bullshit "advice" to people forced to apply for bullshit jobs in our bullshit system. These "experts" are always telling people to be "flexible" by accepting dogshit low wages after moving hundreds or even thousands of miles away from home just to grovel for a job from some cocksucker "manager" or other boss. They also tell job applicants to have a "thick skin" or not to "take it personally" when they're rejected for the 85 millionth time, after their resume is trashed by some cunt secretary with an I.Q. of a fuckin' potato. These advisors - some of whom work at colleges and universities - are always on the side of the employers, assholes who will any and every phony justification to hire their buddies or good-lookin' broads, or quota-filling (racial) minorities - anyone but you. These "experts" are nothing but shills for big companies; this is particularly evident when the "experts" warn job applicants - in a moralistic tone - not to lie on resumes, etc. I SAY: LIE, AND LIE BIG, EVERY FUCKIN' CHANCE YOU GET. AND, IF YOU DO GET HIRED, TAKE EVERY GODDAMN THING YOU CAN LAY YOUR HANDS ON - FROM STAPLES AND PENS, TO FREE FOOD, CASH IT'S AVAILABLE, AND OF COURSE, SEXUAL FAVORS OF ALL TYPES. Also, I suggest SABOTAGING the fucked up application process by sending in fake resumes, etc.

*Note from Anger Central
Placed in this section as it appears to be a rant against an entire group.

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