Ignorant Adults

The adults who blame every single problem society has on teenagers. TEENAGERS! Where the fuck do you think they get the example from? They sure as hell weren't born that way! And the stereotyping that they do constantly. You're a teenager so you must be some punk who smokes pot and steals shit. I HATE the way when you go somewhere people give you the shifty eyes and wary glances, then you have the ones who just outright STARE! Go away! Realize that if the world is going to hell it's not all our faults. Examine your conscience and figure the fuck out that you can be over 19 and still be irresponsible. God!

Adults 2

I'm fed up being stereotyped by stupid adults! I'm A TEENAGER OK! GET OVER IT! YOU WERE ONE ONCE TOO!!! I hate the way you look at me when I get on the bus, as if I'm about to pull out a bag of cocaine and start sniffing it right in front of you! I hate the way you look at my stomach to see if I'm pregnant! We are NOT all the same guys! Some of us are trying to survive the teenage years peacefully because IT'S HARD! STOP LABELING US! Some of us are real nasty little pieces of work but that's a minority! So sto posting comments about how you hate teenagers because we act all disrespectful and moody and try and be all tough because it's not all of us! By posting these comments YOU'RE disrespecting those of us teenagers who are just as civilized and struggling as you are! Give us a break!!!

Teenage Labeling 3

So I just read a heap of anger rants about how "crap" teenagers are...
These people hate emos, goths, "dumbasses" and just about every teenager in general!

What REALLY makes me mad is when we, the teenagers, are labeled and constantly tormented for being teenagers! Yes, there are teenagers that get drunk every weekend, teenagers that are part of the 'clone' following, teenagers that do not give a crap about succeeding grade-wise and teenagers that like to think they are the best thing ever to have existed on this earth, but the MAJORITY of teenagers are NOT like this!

Give us a FUCKING BREAK! Adolescence is said to be the hardest time in a person's life, and it doesn't help when everybody over 18 thinks that you're a complete dropkick!

IT is so incredibly degrading to be labeled as a "teenager" there days, because with that comes a whole array of social judgments that everybody thinks they can pass on us!

I'm pretty sure that your generation did not walk around like they were complete and utter saints, so stop expecting us to be! You cannot just move from child to adult without the transition!


Adults 4

I am so mad at adults! They think that teenagers are so stupid. DON'T THEY KNOW THAT THEY WERE TEENAGERS ONCE! I have to deal with fucking stupid people in high school, and drugs and boys who are jerks. PLEASE give teenagers a break.

*Note from Anger Central
Yep we remember what it was like to be a teenager. Why do you think we come down so hard on you? In 20 years you will be the same way. ;)

Fucking Adults 5

I'm so pissed off because Adults are ignorant worthless pieces of shit. Granted, not all of them are morons, but the average american adult is a major dumb-ass. The reason for my rant is because I've now been an adult and working with adults for a number of years now and I find most of them have more drama in their lives then teenagers do. What the hell is wrong with this picture? No one in this fucking country ever grows the fuck up. Could it be because most adults get shitfaced every other night or because they fuck around with anyone who will have sex with their worthless fat ass? Another thing I hate are the religious adults. They're all hypocrites who need to go to hell. I've only met a few religious adults I could trust, most of them do the shit I just talked about. If this country sucks and it's going to hell, it's because of the adults, not the fucking teenagers. Leave the damn teenagers alone you cunts! Adults are who they're looking at, so get up and do something about it NOW! Fuck off dipshits!!

*Note from Anger Central
Hmm, this brat needs a haircut, and an intense, marathon, 9-hour spanking with a baseball bat!

Anyone who talks down to me 6

I'm sick and tired of no one paying ANY attention to me because I'm 'just a kid' and not believing me when I tell them my feelings! EVERYONE says that just because I'm twelve I'm too young to love, too young to date, too young to be a MATURE YOUNG WOMAN READY TO ENTER THE WORLD! Okay, so I do stupid things sometimes. Okay, so I slip up and make mistakes. EVERYONE DOES. I! JUST! WANT! TO! BE! IN! DE! PEN! DENT! ...Yeah. Worst thing is is that I'm too nice to yell at anyone until I explode... When I get closer to people I warn them of that habit of mine, though.

*Note from Anger Central
12? We hate to break this to you, but you don't know anything yet. You are now at the cusp of adolescence, but you are NOT ready to be independent. You haven't even finished growing yet. We know, you think you have all the answers. The Webmaster and all the others running Anger Central thought the same thing when we were your age. Just relax, enjoy being young and not having any real responsibilities yet. To soon you will be looking back and wishing you were twelve again.
And do your parents know you have been reading our little web site. It's not meant for people under 37 you know. ;)

Adults 7

I am 16 years old and today I entertained 6 children while the men did their drugs in the garage and the women got drunk upstairs. You are all complete hypocrites, half the adults in society are just as moronic and selfish as any teen. I don't know where you are from, but there is no popular group at our school. Sure there are stereotypes like the emos and the guys that try to act tough and call themselves gangsters but everyone can fit into a classroom just fine and probably spent less time bitching about their classmates than you do.

*Note from Anger Central
The poster originally aimed this at the Teenagers page, however after reading it we moved it to the Adults page, since this seems to be the group the poster is angry at.

Teenagehood 8

I am SICK and FUCKING tired of age discrimination.

I am a teenager. I am not a child. I'm obviously not considered an adult by society and, well, every adult around me. I get it, you don't want to trust me with the responsibility to take care of myself or my own life, FINE. But you treat me like a fucking CHILD when you expect me to act like an ADULT, and there's no way out of it.

I may or may not be ready to accept the responsibilities associated with adulthood, but it does not KILL you to at least let me try, and fight my own fucking battles. To let me figure life out for myself, because I'd rather die than be that stupid 26 year old fuck who still can't take care of themselves because they never learned how to when they were young.

Maybe it's my own fault that I'm not self-sufficient enough, but for the record, I blame YOU: that goes for every adult in my life who has held me back and assured me that I'm too young to know what's right for myself, but at the same time expects me to act with grace about it.

Adults that act like kids 9

For the past 1.5 - 2 yrs I've been working with adults old enough to be my parents that act young enough to be my younger siblings. I'm 21! You're 45 - 60 years old. GROW UP! Sheesh! It bothers me that in many ways I'm more mature than you. It's like you are mentally stuck at high school and it makes me sick. You know why I didn't want to come back after I took a break? Because it felt good not being around a bunch of big babies. I know at least one of you is getting to the age where you have to have your diaper changed, but even still... you're not a baby. GROW UP

Adults 10

Do you want to know what truly pisses me off? Adults. Some, anyway. I'm not trying to put all of you into a stereotypical group (like so many I've met do to teenagers, but I'll get to that in a minute). I'm just trying to explain a point. At every turn, I see someone (over the age of eighteen) harassing kids in high school about "having sex and drinking and partying and getting people killed because they were texting while driving". These people (not all) don't even have the decency to say "well, some teenagers" they just generically throw us all into a group claiming that we're all just horrible terrible sex addicts. First of all, I'm a teenager, and I'm not. There's one for ya, so you can never say that all teenagers are gross, again. I mean, I get it, your jealous. The only way most adults can cope with their own insecurities about aging (via mid-life crisis) and about their beauty slipping away year by year, is by bashing the teens (aka the hot ones) by calling them things like "sluts" even when they're good people. Granted, some teenagers are like that. Yes, some are the prime examples that any adult who dislikes teenagers seems to know about. But so what? So three out of ten? What about the seven that get bashed for doing nothing? What's that all about? Your blind ignorance is starting to set off a side of me you don't want to see. I'm younger, faster, stronger. I'm in better physical health and I know far much more about geometry that the vast majority of you do, so get off your high horse and start acting like the decent respectable people that are supposed to be helping us grow into the people we're going to be tomorrow instead of raising us to be dicks because your dicks to us and you hardly ever give us the benefit of the doubt (and if you don't think that's hurting us well your just stupid, go back to preschool. And using one bad example of a teenager does not prove your point on why you SHOULDN'T give teens the benefit of the doubt. If you think that... are you even literate? Honestly, stupid much? I actually have points, most people don't besides 'teenagers are all spoiled brats' when I take more shit from adults than you did-- oh and my childhood was taken away because I spend eight hours in school, two ours driving myself there and back, and six hours doing homework, I don't eat, that's right, I don't have the fucking time, and this is one of my rare breaks because I have the flu, so shut-up). Like I said before, adults who aren't like this, congratulations. I'm proud. Continue on, seriously. We need more people like you. Because anytime I go out to a party adults stare me down like I've committed a crime. No, I'm not having sex or drinking or using run on sentences... (well...). So, I guess my point is, stop being so jealous. And that might not necessarily be your reason for being ignorant jerks, but I know it's a big one. Teens don't realize the power they have. We're basically the rulers of tomorrow, so I would respect that if I were you, and raise us in the world that you want to get your government funded retirement from because WE'RE the ones who are going to pay for YOU'RE mistakes. So if there's any adult out there complaining about teenagers and they're "drinking problems" just remember who's going to be wiping your ass when your a hundred and three.

One more thing- don't ever say we don't matter. Some parents don't, granted, I don't want to sound hypocritical and I know that's how I might come across. But seriously? I just got told twice to shut-up and that my opinions were ignorant, nonfactual and worthless by self proclaimed "mature" parents. Honestly, I don't know what dictionary you learned maturity from, but I'd go and freakin' Google it (oh, sorry, do you not know what that means?) because this is just getting ridiculous. I'm tired of the ignorance. I'm tired of the opinionated idiots who don't know what the hell their talking about. It's not always just adults either, sometimes it's kids, and sometimes it's teenagers themselves. You guys, seriously? Get it together. I'm tired of getting crap, and I'm sure someone's thinking "no one cares, you can't vote, you don't mater". We'll see who gets the last laugh. We'll see.

Adults. 11

I'm mad whenever adults say (to teenagers):

"They don't have any values! All they do is blast that junk rap and rock music! They wear trashy outfits- the girls dress like whores, and the boys watch porn and are complete assholes! I bet they can't name any of 'The Beatles' band members!"

1) Why are you generalizing us all? I know some teens who like jazz and classical music, and I know others who like rap music. Why do adults like the Beatles? Because they GREW UP with their music. It's the same for teenagers; we grew up with Britney Spears, N'SYNC, Backstreet boys, etc. My kids in the future won't like any of these people; they'll like...whoever the fuck they wish to listen to. It's called having OPINIONS. Age doesn't matter.

2) 'trashy clothes'? Firstly, why are girls wearing outfits that are so revealing? Maybe, I don't know, they are PRESSURED into doing so? It's the fucking media, for crying out loud. The media is what causes today's children to become sexualized. Same with guys (and girls) watching porn. Blame those adults who helped corrupt todays children. Blame the parents for not preventing their kids from getting the wrong idea about things!

3) I noticed that some people don't even blame parents for their 'bad seed' of a child. SERIOUSLY? It's the parents fault no matter what. If they hate their child so much, then why have children?

The parents have responsibilities for the child NO MATTER WHAT. Even if they're a teen parent, they are the up-most role models for the kids. As they grow and become teens, the parents still need to keep up with their duties when it comes to their children.

Adults 12

I'm an adult myself, but I have to say PEOPLE IN MY AGE GROUP AND OLDER FUCKING SUCK.

Having a conversation with these motherfuckers is a pain in the ass if I ever seen one. All they ever want to talk about is bullshit like politics, economics, current events, etc. Whether it's some miserable aging conservative bitching about how the country is going to hell because we've pulled the stick out of our ass since the 1950's and that the world will end if members of the same sex get married or if it's some college-aged know-it-all liberal in that stupid activist stage of their life who's obsessed with some hair-brained philosophy about how going vegan and legalizing pot will end war and global warming or some shit like that, this bullshit seems to be the only thing they're interested in. Either that or inane banter about how their boss is an asshole, their job sucks and pointless celebrity gossip.

When the typical adult isn't boring you to death with the aformentioned topics, the only other thing they want to do is park their ass in front of the idiot box or sit in some piss-smelling bar where they will spend all their money on booze, desperately try to stick their junk wherever they can stick it or act like a blatent horses' ass in whatever way possible.

I also love how they bitch about teenagers and blame them for everything. Here's a hint asshole: Teenagers aren't running the ones running the country. Bitch about teenagers riding their skateboards down the sidewalk. After all sitting on your ass watching football or CNN all day is so much better than an activity that involves being outside and getting exercise. Bitch about teenagers and their "stupid looking clothes". You should take a look at yourself and the ugly-ass shit you wear. Bitch about teenagers smoking pot - as you open up yet another Budwieser while you sit on your fat ass. Maybe you should try riding a skateboard, smoking a joint or wearing clothes that don't scream "boring motherfucker with the personality of a dishrag". You might like it.

Or better yet just fuck off.

Adults 13

The godamn bull shit like we have to fucking 16 to drive damn mother fucking car . Or fucking 21 to drink . Its a shit load of fuck . I hate everyone who is over the age what the fuck ever . Just Cause I am not old enough fuck all of those peole .

*Note from Anger Central
And you have just demonstrated the wisdom of these laws. Your immaturity is only surpassed sloppy spelling.

Hypocritical Adults who Hate Teenagers 14

Look, adults of the world, I know that you hate us teenagers. But I'm a different species of teenager altogether; I'm not shallow, I don't do one night stands or drugs, and I do respect adults...and only if they've earned it. Respect is earned, not deserved. Happy now?

And no, don't tell us to grow the fuck up. We can't, and do you know why? Because we've been born into dysfunctional families, especially ones where the parents selfishly divorce each other without thinking of their kids first. How are you supposed to grow up when your parents haven't? Think about that. Kids and teenagers learn through their parents -- and that's a disaster when the parents themselves are being hypocrites.

You say we're lazy and have it easy? That's because you raised us that way. If you weren't so generous and stopped cramming us into shitty public schools we wouldn't behave this way. And no, we don't have it easy. Can you remember a time when you were a slave to school just because you were under the age of 18?

No, you don't. Depending on how old you are, the memory isn't as fresh and vivid. You don't vividly remember being forced to go to school to "learn" stuff you don't give two shits about. You don't remember being raised in a broken family, and being diagnosed with clinical depression because of it. Remember, there are teens out there that truly are depressed, not just the ones that give them a bad name by faking it for attention.

All in all...don't complain about teenagers. You were one too.

Adults 15

I'm an adult (age 36) and I'm so fucking angry about how everyone my age are such fucking lame asses. The only thing that even resembles a recreational or social activity that these shitheads ever want to do is sit in their goddamn houses and stare at their TVs, suck on joints, sip on drinks, listen to music and fucking chitter chat. And if they aren't doing that, the only other thing they ever want to sit in some fucking bar somewhere. Both of these are somewhere between being about as fun as watching paint dry to slamming your fingers in a car door.

And the aforementioned chitter chatting? It ALWAYS consists of blathering on about their job, sports, or some stupid TV show they watch, bitching about the government, dumb questions about shit like your phone plan, or boasting about some subpar action they got from their spouse/partner/random bar slut or boring ass stories about shit they did in fucking high school 20-30+ years ago (FYI: No one gives a rats ass). Sitting around chitter chatting is bad enough, but listening to the aforementioned crap on a regular basis is utterly nerve wracking.

And let's get into relationships with the opposite sex (In my case I'm a guy who's into women). God forbid someone have one with minimal strings attached. Can't just find someone who will call you up and come by if they feel like going out and doing something fun, instead they seemingly all want to get fucking married (can't live without inserting bureaucracy and religion into your personal life can we?), move in together, and squirt out a bunch of crotch goblins because apparently seven billion people on the planet isn't enough. And don't get me started on the ones who have daddy issues and other baggage or some sort of drama in their lives and are looking someone to complain about it to NON FUCKING STOP.

For the love of god fellow adults, find something more interesting to do besides sitting on your asses and talking about boring shit.

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