World Wrestling Entertainment 1

I am a Wrestling Fan and I got to say I am so angry at how much Vince McMahon is running his Wrestling Company into the ground with his constant pushing of talentless wrestlers like Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar to now doing a Pay Per view in Saudi Arabia called Crown Jewel. This is supposed to be a company that supports women's rights and makes an all Women's Wrestling Pay Per View only to go to Saudi Arabia a woman hating evil country led by a spoiled dictatorial prince and can't have Women Wrestle. But what I am most angry about is the fact that an American Journalist was killed and dismembered in Turkey all because Mohammad Bin Laden I mean Salmon, Salman can't take criticism regarding what Jamal Khashoggi said about his regime. So instead of doing the right thing and listening to the fan backlash to cancel the Crown Jewel event, Vince McMahon clearly doesn't care as long as he gets his greedy hands on that Saudi Blood Money and i'm sure he wouldn't pay a dime to his Wrestlers especially those who really don't want to go to Saudi Arabia. Can you really blame the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, and AJ Styles who have given their blood, sweat, and tears for the company to be sent to Saudi Arabia to entertain that Spoiled murderous Prince and his people in a Hostile Country like Saudi Arabia. You better pay your Wrestlers for even dragging them there, it really goes to show you Vince McMahon is too damn old to run his company and he needs to let his kids takeover Shane, Stephanie, and Triple H that way Wrestling can actually be good again.

WWE is Garbage 2

I am so angry at World Wrestling Entertainment and their lack of caring about the fans who buy their merchandise. Their shows have been nothing but garbage it's the same shit every single week. Roman Reigns, Baron Corbin being shoved down our throats; a part timer who clearly doesn't give a shit about Wrestling; Brock Lesnar only showing up every blue moon to compete, why is he even employed by WWE? They spend every week burying a talented Tag Team like The Revival with stupid ass backstage segments involving them shaving eachother's backs in the shower. IS this supposed t obe funny because I don't see a damn thing funny about this other than stupidness. When Stone Cold Steve Austin would cover Vince McMahon's car with Cement or when The Rock would go savage on the Microphone that was funny, ever since the 90's back when we still had WCW Wrestling was worth watching nowadays it's just stupid bullshit that's worth changing the channel to.

Then there's the whole Saudi Arabia bullshit; what business does the WWE have in a Terrorist Country? Yeah money of course considering this is a company that had women main event Wrestlemania and now can't be on the show because of how ass backwards the Saudi Government is. The Undertaker needs to retire already and Goldberg already had his time; there's no need to have these two face eachother in a country that doesn't deserve WWE entertainment.

Also it's easy to see why Dean Ambrose went to Japan because he did not want to say something terrible about Roman Reigns who was fighting Leukemia at the time. Nothing about Vince McMahon surprises me anymore this is the same billion dollar asshole that approved storylines that involved the death of Eddie Guerrero at the time or allowed for Over The Edge 1999 to continue after Owen Hart fell to his death during that same show over a stunt that should have never happened in the first place.

Vince McMahon please do the entire world of Professional Wrestling a favor and retire already you are too goddamn old, let Triple H run the company since he's running NXT way better than you are running the WWE. With AEW now making airwaves, it's time for you to retire and go run your Football company into the ground a second time. But as always he'll have somebody to blame so fuck you Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon and WWE 3

I am so angry at this 70 Year Old Fucktard and how he continues to fuck up his own Wrestling company by purposely pissing off the fans who buy the stupid lag filled and constantly buffering network to now making the decision in regards to completely messing up one of the best characters they have produced in The Fiend by having the ending of The Fiend Vs. Seth Rollins Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Universal Championship end in a Disqualification. Really a Disqualification inside HELL IN A CELL? The same match The Undertaker threw Mick Foley off of and did The Undertake get Disqualified? No because Hell in a Cell is supposed to be NO DISQUALIFICATIONS. Jesus Fucking Christ has Vince McMahon overdosed on Stupid Pills? That is unacceptable it seems like anytime the fans get behgind any good character this dumbass old fart always finds away to screw them over and it seems like Vince really wants the fans to stop with WWE altogether and puts the WWE out of business.

It's even more frustrating how this company continues to put the Championship on a talentless idiot like Brock Lesnar. I mean one I understand it was Kofi Kingston's time to lose the strap but to Brock Lesnar give me a fucking break that belt should have went to Randy Orton and why did they give that lazy mughead the belt again? So he could defend it against his former rival from UFC Cain Valascez in Saudi Arabia.

Fuck Saudi Arabia I mean did Vince McManchild get in bed with the Saudi Goverment because those stupid ass Arabians would have more appreciation than American Wrestling Fans; bullshit those Arabians are stupid fucks who don't deserve anything except being wiped off the face of the Earth because they are all nothing but Terrorists. if anything Cain Valascez has barely even been in the WWE and now they want to give him a Title Match? At least give him time to adapt as a Wreslter instead of putting the belt on him.

Then there is the 10 Man Tag Team Match between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, now why isn't this match happening at Survivor Series in November is the United States? This whole Saudi Bullshit needs to stop I mean one all of these former Wreslters who have long since retired from WWE just to entertain a Spoiled Prince for money the wWE themselves have no need for.

Fuck WWE I will be watching AEW from now on; yeah they would never have pushed the Young Bucks because Vince McFucktard hates Tag Teams and he would have given Cody Rhodes that stupid Stardust Character again. Guess what AEW is going to kick the WWE's asses out of business and I really hope Vince McManchild dies already because his old and miserable ass needs to already before he puts the WWE out of business with his stupidity.

The WWE 4

What ever happened to Wrestling when it was good? I'll tell you what happened Vince McMahon's old ass just won't fucking retire and let Triple H take over the company. The longer this old sack of bones continues to run his company the worse the WWE will get, let's talk about why it's time for this old fossil to go already.

Recently he tried to force his wrestlers to leave Twitch and tried to own their names like why the fuck is Twitch a problem to you Vince McMahon you miserable old fart? He fired one of the most talented and beautiful women ever in Zelina Vega over her staying on Twitch; now that's just petty and pathetic. I don't blame true Wrestling Fans and not those dumbass Anti Smarks who just want to pick fights online, for boycotting this garbage company and their dictator owner.

They fire Zelina Vega over Twitch but they keep a Pedophile like Velvateen Dream employed? Velvateen Dream was called out on Social Media for sending nude pictures of himself to minors and wanting them to send some to him, like how is this creep still in WWE and not in Prison? Also they fire a beautiful woman like Zelina Vega over Twitch but keep The Rock's Fat, ugly talentless bitch cousin Nia Jax? That bitch has injured more talented wrestlers and I think she does it on purpose because because she thinks she should be in the main event and the world revolves around her. If I ran WWE I would have her fatass fired in a heartbeat and trust me neither Impact Wrestling or AEW would ever sign her in fact she should just take her fatass and go work at McDonalds if she doesn't eat up all of the Big Macs to fill her fat stomach even more.

Also why the fuck would the WWE also hire a talentless dumbfuck like Pat McAfee the guy sucked at football, his Sports show sucks, and he has no business being in a Wrestling Ring. The WWE actually had this loser get a win over a more talented wrestler like Adam Cole and force a great heel faction like the Undisputed Era to turn face is bullshit, seriously get the no talent Dumbass Pat McAfee off my fucking TV.

Then there's the Saudi bullshit that has ruined WWE's reputation further by entertaining a bunch of terrorists who don't deserve any entertainment. The last time they went to Saudi they had one of the best characters that the WWE has produced in years The Fiend, lose to a washed up has been like Bill Goldberg. Goldberg had his glory 20 Years Ago and he should have stayed retired, he had no business making a comeback just to get an unnecessary championship win over a newer talent like The Fiend.

Oh and why is it that now they decided to turn Roman Reigns Heel? I mean that Heel turn should have happened years ago when the fans started booing him, keeping him as the top star of the Company did a lot of damage. But why is Roman Reigns feuding with his cousins, his Cousins the Usos who are supposed to be a Tag Team? Roman Reigns was previously in a feud with both The Fiend Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman and now that feud has been scrapped without proper closure I mean how fucking stupid can this company be, there were other ways they could have used the Usos but not facing Roman Reigns in a title match.

The WWE Draft did not need to happen last month that could have waited until after WrestleMania and it's really fucked up a lot of shit right now going into Survivor series. Also why does WWE keep breaking up tag teams like the Iconics and Heavy Machinery I mean what the fuck was they thinking putting the Money in the Bank Briefcase on Otis a guy who looks like a mid carder or jobber and should have never been given any inclination in a possible main event roll.

I've rambled on long enough Vince McMahon is too fucking old, he's made one too many stupid decisions and it's time for him to retire already and let Triple H take over the Company and at least if that happens the WWE can be a better company and compete with Impact Wrestling and AEW.

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