Ryan the Scumbag Landlord

I honestly liked you and thought you were a good guy until you pulled the shit you pulled with my friend and neighbor. The guy won't pay your shitty little rent increase? No problem -- take him to court and get an eviction notice, right? WRONG! The best you could do was give him a shitty piece of paper not from a court, not signed by a judge, just sort of printed up on a home computer, with the closest thing to a notarization being a big red SCARY LOOKING "COPY" stamped on it. Then when he rightfully ignored your half assed attempt at "eviction" you turned off his electric. But even when you "won" and he was in the middle of moving out. That wasn't enough. You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you? No -- you had to go over there, tear down the door, throw his shit all over the yard, vandalize the place, and invite the sheriff's dept to take pictures, blaming it on him! You took and used the police, taking them away from real emergencies - rape victims, heart attack patients, car wrecks, dying people, and used them as a pawn in your sick, twisted, selfish, stupid, petty, immature, bullshit little game of "how far can I push the tenant." I wouldn't have blamed him if he had crushed your bones into powder and blew the pieces of the rest of you away with a shotgun, like he probably felt like doing, you twisted little worm.

Well, I'm not going to wait around to be the next target of these sick games. The minute I get back from my trip to AZ I will be hunting for a new place to live, and then you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors: no tenants, no rental income, and a HUGE mortgage hanging over your head like a hungry Texas twister. The sight of you makes me sick and the knowledge that you like gay porn makes me even sicker. I feel sorry for your girlfriend and your kid. I honestly hope he doesn't grow up to be the stupid prick that you are. PS. I hope you enjoy a visit from the fire marshal and the housing inspector and the Department of Housing and Urban development since you still won't fix anything around here, you stupid bastard.

Landlords 2

What the fuck, fine you gave us a good deal at $750 a month for a 2 bedroom townhouse, but I didn't think it would come with this many problems. First of all, I have asked you so many times to fix the tap in the bathroom, for 6 months my hot water bill has been going up. Also, where does it say that the land lord shall rip off the tenant, You know all my cheques have cleared, yet you still gave me an eviction notice saying I owed you $1750. I checked with the bank, I have asked you to give me FUCKING reciepts. On top of it, after I paid you, to shut you up, you say I was $70 dollars short. Fuck you, your a crooked little shit. I hope you get what you deserve.

Neighbours Landlord 3

The fence he is responsible for blew down last year, I didnt know it was his responsibilty at the time and replace the panel myself at my expense, then our rear fence blew down some time after and we decided to make the fence the same the whole way round so at great expense of money and time we had concrete posts put in and new panels, I stopped when the weather turned and I started doing six day week at work, the tenant offered to help me cut the odd sized/shaped panels as he was a carpenter so it got left with easy passage between us and next door which neither of us minded as we got on quite well but recently they had to move away so I said "we better sort this fence" he says "okay if I get time" fair enough but after a while and getting close to move out I did one big panel myself and left the other for next door to help me with, but with only two days to go I've realised this isnt gonna happen, then this evening he comes round knocks on my door and demands I sort the fence out before saturday claiming it's his fence I took it down and have taken my sweet time putting it back, needless to say I'm cheesed off that he says it's his but doesn't mind me paying for it and did not object to me making it more stable then going on to moan at me for it taking a year!!! Hello I work six days a week to pay a mortgage I can just about afford and I've paid over £600 for concrete posts, boards and panels when HE owns two house's and rips off the tenants. IT MAKES ME F!"£ING ANGRY.. I feel like doing a S!"T job just to P!"£ him off or even put his new tenants off moving in. WOW I do feel better for venting that but I my mind is now racing over ways to wind him up

Landlord 4

He needs to stop putting passive aggressive notes on my door. I have your money in my pocket, ready to give to you and I come home to find ANOTHER shitty note. It's only the third, and I just moved my stuff in yesterday you insensitive, anal retentive prick.


My husband is on a fixed income (having a disability and being dependent on Social Security will do that to you) Our rent is $650 due BY THE FIFTH. He gets his check AFTER the fifth so the rent's paid AFTER the fifth... when lo and behold, suddenly this prick is charging us two months worth of late fees.

He doesn't fix anything around here... just shows up. Or sends his lovely wife. "Where's my money". That shit isn't going to fly anymore. I send the rent in the form of a money order and she still shows up asking for it. WTF.

He can have his late fees when he starts fixing shit around here (I told him this on his passive aggressive bs note he sent telling us to pay up or face eviction) He wants to play hard ball then BRING IT. I'm not afraid of you or anyone and I WILL make you look like the schlong that you are in court!!!!

Landlords 6

I hope you will add a new category on here, devoted to the landlords (slumlords) of the world, because I bed many others are in need of a place to vent about these people!

My husband and I rent the lower unit of a house, and have been here a year now. Our absentee landlord lives at least an hour away, and is a younger woman who doesn't personally fix anything (because she doesn't know how), so she has a contractor she uses to fix things at the house. Getting anything done is like pulling f*cking teeth!! We are good, quiet, tenants, who never, EVER, complain about anything that isn't necessary. Almost as soon as we moved here, we noticed that the back of the house, with the deck attached, was unfinished wood, with no proper eaves or siding on the back, which is an addition to the main house. Every time it rained, water was leaking through to the trim around the door, turning the trim black and spongy to the touch. It was only going to get worse if left as is, and the bare, untreated wood was serving as great housing for several hornets nests. Reluctantly she sent someone to put up vinyl siding and eaves, choosing obviously the cheapest estimate and getting what she paid for...it wasn't done properly, just slapped up, with HOLES at the top where the eavestroph met the roof. Anyway, it did seem to stop the leaking, and really saved her money since this is her income property and you'd think she would want to keep it from falling apart.

The next thing to go was the cement stairs at the front door, which were at least 70 years old to begin with. An entire stair crumbled away and fell in, very dangerous even in daylight, let alone night time. It took several calls, messages, and emails to get it fixed, in the meantime we (or anyone, including a mail carrier), could have fallen through, broken a bone, and sued her into bankruptcy. Finally, the contractor came and fixed it, and we were happy.

Then the toilet started to plug up, every time we flushed it, regardless if it was a single sheet of toilet paper or even just water. Repetated emails to the landlord gained a reply asking us what kind of toilet paper we were flushing!! For f*ck sake! Eventually, the contractor came, and fixed the problem, (which had, of course, nothing to do with our brand of t.p.!!) Several weeks after, the toilet began leaking, leaving a constant puddle behind the toilet that was staining the new trim brown. Having no knowledge or plumbing ourselves (and indeed, it is not OUR job to fix it, she is the landlord and responsible for maintenance), the guy came and fixed the problem.

Today she asked if we were going to be renewing another year long lease, to which we replied that we want to, but there are a few other things needing fixing. The stairs on our back deck were installed UPSIDE DOWN, making them steep, narrow, and dangerous. Adding to this, the light fixture outside the back door doesn't work, after the cheapass siding people came they left bare wires hanging out and exposed to water. So, going outside without a flashlight at night is not an option, since the non working light can't help you negotiate the f*cked up, mis-constructed stairs. Half the latice fencing surrounding the deck blew apart in a rainstorm, since it was built so flimsy. These are basic safety problems that are the landlord's responsibility. If I was a landlord I would want things like this fixed ASAP, if for no other reason than not wanting my ass to get sued when the tenant or someone else injured themselves on my property due to a hazard. This is a totally foriegn experince to us, other landlords have been so great with us, any little thing was repaired immediately and with no griping. Although, this is the only place we've lived that has so many things needing repair. Other things we have just done ourselves, like finishing baseboard trim that she just placed against the walls instead of hammering in. These didn't pose safety concerns, so we didn't gripe about it, just did it ourselves. Fine.

The final straw came today, when the plumber came to fix the leaking toilet. He informed us that the landlord had bitched him out for not providing receipts for his work, then told him he was tired of us "bitching" about problems and she didn't want to hear it anymore! She just doesn't want to pay him to do the work, because she is too inept to do any of the repairs herself, and doesn't even live in our city. We've lived here a year and the only time I ever met her was the day we signed the lease. I don't know why anyone becomes a landlord if they don't understand what's involved in taking care of their rental property. I have known people who DO complain about every little thing, every noise, every bit of damage, and I know they are taking advantage and just being ridiculous. But everything we have brought to her attention NEEDED to be repaired to make HER house safe and up to code. The worst thing is, it is to HER benefit to fix these things, doesn't she see that?? Come on, we are paying your mortgage, it's your f*cking JOB as a landlord to get this shit taken care of. If we were able to get a mortgage today, we'd be out of here. Just trying to clean up some old debt and get together a down payment, and then somebody else will get the pleasure of being ignored when they ask for necessary maintainence. i hope she gets some crackheads in here next, who run the place down and trash everything.

Sometimes I think I should have just let myself fall through the stoop and break my leg so I could sue the cheap shit!

*Note from Anger Central
We've had a page on landlords for some time actually.

Landlords 7

I email and call. We agree to meet. All is going well and then the "Health Issue" pops up and I make it clear, I cannot play "Hide the weenie" in bed because I have had a heart attack.

I no longer have a desire for sex and so that's when I see that eager slutty look in your eye fade out and know once again, I had a prospective landlord who wanted me to fill up a bed.

I can empathize you're a lonely person, but this is NOT the way I'd fill my bed so why do you do this?

You stupid fucking lonely cow, try meeting people in a church, singles club or the DAMN BAR!!!

landlords and leases 8

You pay for a retail space with the expectation of walkby traffic and when you find out the walkby traffic is not very good you can't leave because you've been locked into a lease rate for a fixed term. Now of course, it's your own damn fault for signing such a lease to try to start up a business so your anger has no place to go except to yourself or at our landlord is the greedy pig who is overcharging for the space.

Landlords 9

Please, please, please, for the life of me, I've got to get the fuck out of here!

My landlord doesn't seem to give a rat's ass that the living conditions around here have gone to shit. Maybe it's because he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, or maybe it's because he thinks that his only responsibility to his tenants is to collect the rent money and drive around in his luxury SUV. I have asked him repeatedly to fix some tiles in the bathroom. Has it been done? Hell, no! It's like a second goddamn full-time job trying to get anything done. Why someone would buy a property and let it fall into disrepair is beyond me.

On top of that, he does a shit job of screening tenants, if he even does screen. He actually chased a long-term tenant out of here because of all the shit that was going on. She was recovering from cancer, went through chemo twice, and working, and she just couldn't take it anymore. Between the two of us, we could write a book. There was the tenant that wouldn't watch her kid, and once he was found almost falling out the window. The little fucker was running water, and it ended up running into my apartment. There were the slobs that got the building infested with roaches. The tenant that was offering blowjobs to passersby. The retarded kid that would get all drunk and yank on my doorknob because he was too drunk to remember where the fuck he lived.

And, like the cherry on top of a shit sundae, the batshit neighbor who lives upstairs now. Her son comes over, disturbs the peace, and has stolen money from the coin laundry downstairs. What does the landlord do? Blames the handyman, who is a relative of his! (the landlord's, I mean). The old neighbor, the one with the cancer, complained about this wacky bitch...and the landlord sends HER an eviction notice! WTF?! This crazy lady must suck a hell of a dick because she's got this landlord eating right out of her hand (or somewhere else, if I am to believe the rumors...yuck).

Thankfully, all this time, I have had the presence of mind to save for a downpayment for a house, and it looks like I have a chance to purchase my own home. The landlord raised my rent again, and it is not worth staying in this shithole for longer than I have to. I truly cannot wait. Then I don't give a fuck if the place burns down or if it turns into a halfway house for nutcases. I won't be here to see it.

Slumlords 10

I am so pissed off at my lying, fake smile landlords that we just left. These dickheads clearly don't take care of their property like any real landlord would do, hell they shouldn't own any property at all if they don't take care of them, all these assholes care about is the money they get from us. When we first moved in, we needed to get stuff into the attic and what happened, the latter bent and wouldn't let the attic door shut. The Landord comes and tells me about something that is hard to understand when it comes to fixing an attic door. Do you really expect me to remember that asshole, this ladder clearly needs some replacing but you're too goddamn tight to do that. Also we have had a reoccurring problem with the kitchen sink, as the faucet would constantly drip and water would leak from it as well. The Landlord only doctored our faucet the same way he doctored a loose board on the deck that still felt loose; clearly these goddamn morons do this to avoid replacing shit that needs replace, well if me or somebody else falls through that, than we or whoever falls through it will sue you. Not to mention the faucet was still leaking and our water bills increased all because these goddamn morons refuse to use their own money to pay for shit that should be replaced such as sinks, attic ladders, and porch boards. Not only that but the Oven in our apartment has a fan that activates every time we used it which caused our electric bills to increase and when we first moved in there were so many burn marks under the stove burners from previous tenants that we tried to clean them and the burns would not come off at all, clearly this oven is old and looks like it was installed as early as 1998. Ever heard of modern technology; these idiots didn't even install a refrigerator because they didn't want to fool with it, these guys are nothing but a bunch of sleazy deadbeats.

The worst was after we moved we cleaned the tubs, the sinks, surface and stove tops, and hired Stanley Steamer to steam the carpets, and instead of giving us our deposit back, the bitch lied about us leaving her apartment filthy just to keep the deposit. Well you know what fuck you bitch, you are a pathetic excuse for a owner, your cheap as fuck and you keep money for yourself well guess what I hope you get the fuck sued out of you by the next tenants you screw over you rich bitch and that karma will slap you hard right in your fake fucking face.

property managers 11

They won't fix the a/c in my home. I complained 3 weeks ago about the a/c not cooling the place and I've gotten nothing but excuses from these lazy, lying bastards. I've even mentioned calling an attorney if they don't get it fixed soon. Fat lazy pos property manager, Theresa (fat lazy b--ch!) always making excuses. Maintenace guy keeps coming around to look at the a/c without actually fixing it.

Landlord or Architect Unsure who to be Angry at. 12

I moved into an apartment that's by the river which looks amazing and I could just look at the river all day without a care in the world. There is just one problem, the people whom built my riverside apartment are fucking dumbasses. Now I do live near my landlord but he says he had nothing to do with the designs but he could have told them that putting a washer and dryer in one's bedroom is the dumbest fucking idea ever. Number one doing laundry in my bedroom makes my bedroom too hot to sleep in at night and worst of all the washer and dryer takes up a perfectly good place where I could have put a tv and dresser at instead of at the very foot of my bed.

Then as I tried my best to enjoy my place because my God I have moved from place to place and every landlord I have had is nothing but a Slumlord that screwed me over at every given chance. Fucking assholes it's these Slumlords are the real reason why the Real Estate Market is in the dump in this area, how about you put your tenants over your fucking money for once you worthless good for nothing morons. I find myself paying $1,000 a month for rent and this place looks more like a bad town apartment instead of a riverside condo with a bedroom laundry room, and not enough electrical outlets to plug and place anything in which really pisses me off. I mean didn't this old fart that own this place tell the fucking dumbasses that built this place to make sure there were enough electrical outlets and that they were safe to plug stuff in? My Husband bought a Grill and we can't even find a outlet outside on the back porch to plug it in, now how are we supposed to have barbecues this summer if we can't plug our Grill? Worst of all last week on the day before Christmas Eve the fucking Christmas Lights blew out a fuse in the living room and I have no idea why I got these lights last year from Walmart and don't know if it's them or the outlet we had it plugged but I am getting so fed up with this place.

Worst of all my dryer went out and I had to buy a new Washer and Dryer to where I had to take out my bedroom door because modern washer and dryers can't even fit in this small as hole where the fucking plug is on the GODDAMN FLOOR. I just want to find whoever build this place and beat the shit out of them with a baseball bat because no fucking dumbass put an outlet on the floor. A Washer and dryer has no place in a bedroom it belongs downstairs by the kitchen and the Landlord should never have approved that idea in the first place fucking dumbass old fart. I shouldn't give him $1,000 a month because he hired crackheads to build these apartments. Also his refrigerator in the kitchen is old as hell, I mean why don't you buy new refrigerators instead hell we pay you $1,000 a month the least you could do is put new refrigerators that don't leak.

Also the toilet was a real piece of shit too that kept running and wouldn't flush and the lazy ass repairman acted like nothing was wrong. We had to buy our own toilet with money we didn't have because the idiot landlord or builder didn't bother to properly inspect the plumbing in this apartment and make sure the Toilets worked properly.

I tried to enjoy this riverside apartment but sadly I really shouldn't be paying $1,000 in rent for a place where the architect who built this shithole cut so many corners and the idiot landlord approved of them instead of telling them to put the Laundry room downstairs, make more electrical outlets, inspect the plumbing, and provide more updated appliances for tenants. I shouldn't be paying that much money a month for mediocrity I should be given the best. Asshole needs to demolish this place and rebuild it the right way and maybe it would actually be worth the cost of living in a $1,000 Apartment by the River.

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