you should see the prices they've got going here. it costs a small fortune to buy a meal which won't satisfy your hunger.the service is slower then a broken down car with only 2 litres of petrol left in it and a flat tyre. they don't sell shakes either unlike macca's which is my main problem. the chicken is comparatively small and the chips are sometimes mongulated. whaT does it take to get some decent food in this world

KFC - Kan't Fucking Cook 2

I am angry with KFC (Kan't Fucking Cook) because the service there is SHIT! The chicken is greasy crap and half the stuff you cook must be cooked in some kind of fatty greasy oil. And this stuff is supposed to be tasty. FUCK OFF! That is why I boycott KFC. Stick it up your ass Col. Sanders.


I stopped going to KFC 5 years ago due to their terrible service. I walked into a KFC and there were 2 counter persons both waiting on the only other customer in the store. This person was placing a large order and apparently was not familiar with KFC's fare. But it did not require 2 people to wait on 1 customer no matter how stupid they all are. After about 2 minutes I cleared my my throat just in case neither of these imbeciles realized I was there. One of them shot me a look and promptly went back to the other customer who was already being handled by the other KFC cretin. After another minute I had enough and informed them that their indifference to me as a customer, lost KFC a customer for life. These bandy-legged pantywaists figure they can make their jobs easier by alienating all their customers. Then they can sit on thier fat asses all day while their asses grow larger and larger and larger.

Kentucky Fried Chicken 4

"Colonel Sanders" was one of the fucking biggest liars to ever sell a bucket of fried skin to a bunch of stupid, fuckwad crackers. His "secret recipe" didn't have 11 herbs & spices, FUCK NO!

Lab results resulted that it had just 2, salt and black pepper, and that's if you consider salt as a spice). Americans in general are so fucking stupid that they let this cocksucker, degenerate "southern gentleman" become a fucking millionaire and create a fast food empire with his piece of shit, low-grade chicken. Burn the colonel, fuck the colonel and "KFC"!

*Note from Anger Central
While we don't partake of Col. Sanders chicken, they do use more then salt&pepper in their preparation of chicken dinners. We would suggest that you post a follow-up with links to these studies. Use plain text and do not make the entry look like a standard URL. Our back end scripts delete messages with URL's in them to cut down on spam.

Pickles in Fried Chicken 5

What kind of sick minds puts pickles in Fried Chicken, they have no place on Fried Chicken, so what the fuck is wrong with you KFC I would try your Nashville Hot Chicken or your new Georgia Gold Chicken if you would remove the pickles from it. Not to mention every time i tell them not to put pickles on my chicken, the fucking idiots still put them on my chicken, how fucking dense are you to know that I don't want any goddamn pickles on my fried chicken, fuck you KFC.

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