JD Edwards computer program

Because the way its set up in the company I work for has restricted access to a point where you can't do the duties described in your list of duties. Only 2 people can transfer in the whole stupid building and accounting won't give the access that they based our duties on. AAHHHHH!!!!

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster ran into this with the financial company he worked for in 2007. Just make notes on why you can't do your job, send out lots of emails asking for the access you need and then read a book or something. When they ask you why you aren't working, show them all the paperwork and ask them when you will be given the tools to do the job.
Also, keep off site backups of all your messages.

J.G. Wentworth 2

I am so sick of J.G. Wentworth and their annoying commercials being played over and over on tv every fucking day. Their commercials are so god awful. Do you have a Structured Settlement and you need cash now? Call J.G. Wentworth 877-CASH-NOW! Ugh shut the fuck up and get off my fucking tv I don't care about your fucking commercials they are so over played and that goddamn cringeworthy jingle just makes me want to change the channel every fucking time it comes on. I don't have a structured settlement, I don't want your money, I bet your company is a scam, and for the Love of GOD. STOP ADVERTISING 100 TIMES A FUCKING DAY.

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