Squiby Always DOWN 1

The Website called Squiby, where everyone can upload their very artistic creations in a (formerly) massive database, used to work perfectly fine, everything worked etc. Then suddenly it started having MySQL errors every freakin day, up and down all the time and neither I nor anyone else could use it. Then it went down altogether for MONTHS and what did Sir SnoozeOnHisAssAllDay do about it? Nothing that we could see, he fucking AWOLed and nobody knew what's going on. Was like that for almost a year! It finally comes back online, probably SnoozeALot's dirty incestuous wankbrother finally got him to work on it. It was "upgraded" - changed, perhaps is a better word, in that they changed the color scheme from blue to orange, locked and erased every thread in the forums, made just about all of the creations inaccessible after having driven the creators away with said massive downtime so that now there's only ONE page that you can see of them... And added some BS thing called 'CloudFlare' that just apologizes to you when the site itself is down and offers you the chance to 'try again for a live version'. Yeah, may as well try to get a 'live version' of a freaking velociraptor that you can walk on a leash, using of nothing but a fragment of a turtle shell and an old banana peel! Because Sir SnoozeOnHisAss is gone AWOL AGAIN and the damn site STILL keeps going offline!

Bratfree.com 2

Fuck this site.

You have to think JUST like everyone else and join the "snark" by censoring everything so you don't offend anyone's delicate sensibilities.

Oh yea, and there's this shark asshole who makes stupid jokes in every post he makes.

Edline 3

I'm angry about this stupid site many high school students may know as Edline. I swear this site is making the teachers lazy! If I had been absent in school (or was going to be), and I asked the teachers what my make-up assignment would be, they just blow me off with the one-liner, "It's on Edline." Geez! They wouldn't take 3 seconds to just tell me what the assignment is. Several times I had to tell these teachers I didn't know diddly-squat on how to use the site, and then FINALLY they tell me in their own solid words what my make-up assignment is.

I wasn't very familiar with using online resources at this time! It was all so confusing to me. The first time I tried to go to Edline to find the make-up homework that the teachers were too lazy to tell me in words, I couldn't even get past the stupid home page! What was I supposed to click on next? Am I supposed to make an actual account, JUST to keep track of missing homework assignments?! Fuck you! These teachers are abusing Edline to their selfish one-sided advantage!

One girl in my English class didn't like Edline either, because her nosy mother would often interrogate her about assignments posted on Edline that her daughter didn't tell her about, "You didn't tell me you had to do this assignment!..." (Oh, shut up you nosy whore...)

Get back to work lazy teachers! Don't abuse Edline to your selfish lazy advantage. You get all huffy with us for showing up late, failing to turn in homework on time, not accepting late excuses of any kind (blaming us for not doing work ahead of time or not getting more sleep at home), etc....Apparently you all forgot about how it felt to be a high-schooler, staying up many hours of the night on homework due tomorrow next period, with no time for breaks, and no such thing as getting to bed on time to avoid sleep-deprivation...

e-rewards 4

I only take the ridiculous scam surveys just to add points to my Gamestop Power Up Rewards program i could care less about anything else; but this stupid site gives you these long surveys where you answer a few questions regarding profession, or what you do; like if it's anybody's business. Oh you make one answer they decide that you don't qualify to their specifications and end the survey. WHAT THE FUCK just because i answer one multiple choice answer on a survey you're going to end it and not give me anything; well thank you for wasting my time you fucking conmen; as far as i'm concerned the owner of E-Rewards s a conman and a scam and should be thrown in jail; because he can't run businesses right; he or she is a piece of scum and doesn't deserve to run a company. So Fuck you e-rewards and go take your rewards and shove them up your lying, cheating asses.

Shopkick 5

I am so pissed that I would scan items to earn kicks towards a gift card and when I finally had enough kicks for one they would send me a verification text and guess what I waited and kept trying to get them to resend and they never bothered to send me the text to redeem my Gift Card. I immediately uninstalled this garbage scam app because they are clearly too incompetent to send a fucking text to verify your number when I just wanted to redeem my points for a Gift Card. Fucking sleazy scummy conapp I would not encourage anyone to download this app because the idiots who are running this app don't have enough sense to send a text to verify your phone number and redeem your rewards. Shopkick needs a kick in the balls.

Adult and Raw Confessions 6

I am making a rant on both of these garbage sites where people go and confess something and most of the time the confessions on both of these sites are ruined by the idiots who comment on people's postings.

You have the Adult Confessions website which has some of the Goofiest damn confessions i've ever seen involving a Drunk Barefoot Hillbilly at McDonalds which sounds very unrealistic to people confessing to having sex with their siblings. I also think i've seen some rants that were previously posted on here posted on that site as well. Then you have the idiot commenters who ruin any post especially in the "When I Was a Kid" category ruin good postings by insulting their grammar than talk about the actual story. Hey Grammartards you wonder why you have no friends, are considered losers, and would get easily beat up in a real fight, think about that the next time you insult someone's grammar you fucking dumbasses just because you are insecure about never getting laid doesn't give you the right to call out anyone for having so called bad grammar. Then there are those who leave any childish insult just to satisfy their own personal amusement because they can't get laid in the real world.

Raw Confessions is 10 times worse, there's always Political Arguments, not to mention racists always posting why they hate black people and wish they were all dead, or people confessing to being pedophiles. This site is disgusting and it should be reported as well anyone who actually confesses to being a Pedophile on the Internet Anonymously should grow some balls and admit to it to The Police. Not to mention if you dare speak out against anything they will bombard you with dislikes and empty death threats.

Fuck both Adult and Raw Confessions it's almost like after Justrage Shutdown there fucktards from that site moved on to both of these abominations just to spew their hate because they have no lives outside of the internet. Both the commentors on both of these sites are a bunch of chickenshit, hateful, vengeful, insecure, teenage sociopaths.

Twitch 7

It pisses me off how Twitch is constantly shoving ads down people's throats the same way YouTube has done.

I just want to watch a streamer not have a billion fucking ads shoved down my throat and it's even worse when they shove ads midway through a stream like enough Twitch what the fuck is it with you and ads?

Not to mention shoving recommended streamers who are mostly assholes who I have no interest in watching like for God's sake it's about time Twitch had some new management.

It's really annoying when you are trying to scrub through a video to find a place you missed on a stream and here come the ads making you lose the ability to scrub but Twitch doesn't care as long as they are making money.

Not to mention banning users over the dumbest shit possible like it's time that Twitch got new management because at this rate they are going the same route as YouTube is Censorship, Agenda Pushing, Ads." Twitch's CEO should be forced to resign and both he and Susan Wojcicki however the fuck you spell that stupid bitch's last name both need to be beaten with a baseball bat for their incompetence.

*Note from Anger Central
No one here has used Twitch and frankly, no one here cares enough to look at it

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