Gamestop 1

Gamestop is a complete chore to shop at, so I avoid it as much as possible. When I take my things up to the cashier, the staff tries to talk me into buying a bunch of other shit I don't want. This happens in other stores, but in Gamestop it goes on and on. I get recommended multiple things over and over, when I just want to pay and leave.

Nobody is even allowed to complain about this shit on the internet anymore, thanks to Gamestop shills. People used to complain about this all the time and started shopping at other places. Now if you complain, people attack you and make obvious sales pitches asking you to come back and spend more money. FUCK YOU GAMESTOP! YOU ARE ANNOYING!

Gamestop 2

 I pre ordered The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword online and they was supposed to give me a poster and they said they couldn't give me one in store when I went to see if they had any extras and worst of all the custoemr service lied about sending me one through the mail.

I went to the Gamestop and confronted the dumbass Employee calling him a dumbass and I said I will never shop here so I gave him the finger and spit on their floor before I left and told them I hope they go out of business.

Gamestop if the Stock Market didn't get tampered with you all would be out of business and I seriously hope you all go out of business and the managers and executives all go to jail for ripping off their customers.

Gamestop 3

I am so angry that Gamestop decided to take a day off on a day there was a big game release and the roads were not that bad to travel on.

Fucking lazy asses if I had a business are probably at home playing the game that I've been waiting for and there lazy asses choose to take a day off for no reason.

Gamestop had no reason to close all over town especially since Walmart and other businesses are open but Gamestop decided to be Lazy and take a day off, well guess what i'll pre order my games somewhere else that doesn't take days off fucking lazyasses.

*Note from Anger Central
We don't go to Gamestop, however we're assuming that you're talking about MLK Day?
If so, the Webmaster's Real World Job also shut down in the U.S. for that day.

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