It's been awhile since I posted on here, so i thought I would fire the first shot about this....Facebook! It's the new MySpace! It's hip, it's cool! And it's pissing me off to no end! Why? Because I am tired of all the problems that are asssociated with FB in my life. I get up in the morning, check my email and see about 4-5 friend requests from people that are friends of my friends. Don't know them, so I won't add 'em! I go to work and after passing by the bulletin board that has a memo about getting on FB and/of MySpace at work I am blocked from my work area by several people all hunkered around my computer looking at...you guessed it...Facebook! And one of them is the manager who signed the frickin' memo in the first place. I wanna just tell them to get their happy, double standard having asses away from my desk! Then I get several texts from my girlfriend wanting me to explain my FB status from a week ago, and how her friends are like, "Oh, his statuses are too weird. You can do better than this clown!" Well, they sent the requests to be my friend, NOT the other way around. They don't like what I have to say? Tell me about it to my face like a real man/woman and/or "unfriend" me. Don't go sending emails to my girlfriend and try and split us up because of a fucking status that was designed to be funny and NOT taken seriously at all! Has society really gotten that bad where people judge you by your Facebook status? I have shut down my Myspace profile, simply because it's too buggy(viruses) and it's just not that much fun anymore. I like FB for the simple fact that i keep in touch with my family across the US, but if others are using it to keep tabs on me and making sure that i am not screwing around on my g/f, then I will shut my page down.

If I happen to be a fan of 265 things on my FB, then so be it! Whether it's being a fan of Assassin's Creed II (sweet game, BTW!) or something like gummy bears, quit sending me your little links to "becoming a fan of everything of FB".

One more thing.....I don't have time to do Farmville, Farmtown, or whatever, so quit sending me that shit!

*Note from Anger Central
We have a Facebook fan page you know: Anger Central Fan Page
The Webmaster had to create a fake account under the name of John Smith in order to set it up.
FYI, the way those silly games work, when you send out a request for something, by default it's everyone in your friends list. Just block the apps and you won't be bothered.

I hate Facebook 2

I am glad I was finally able to delete my facebook account, i hate Facebook with a passion. Two years ago i was curious to see what the big deal was about Facebook because people always talk about the site, well i realize there is no big deal about Facebook. Some bitch i knew in high school wanted to add me as a friend, and it was a bit suspicious of her to add me because she never seemed interested in being my friend in high school and 17 years later she wanted to "add me" on Facebook. I had no desire to befriend on her the site because i remember what a mean bitch she was to me in high school, i know high school was a long time ago but i still don't forgive the bitch. I am just glad i am finally off that "hellish" site. There is too much drama on there and people my age (late 30's) act like immature teenagers, it's really sad.

Facebook 3

I'm not joining facebook. Stop telling me to join! I don't want to know about your "gr8 nite out" let alone see the pictures of you and all your tool friends and those pouty oompa loompas they call girlfriends. STOP uploading my babys pictures to your fucking facebook account then wonder why I don't send any anymore! Stop telling everyone MY business on YOUR fucking facefuck page.

I've got better things to do than sit on my arse all day stalking my exes and people I hate and updating my status every 10 minutes to things like "Just had a shite. Felt great. Burnt a bit on the way out though. LOL!^_^".

Almost everyone I know is on Facefuck (friends, grandparents, everyone!) and I'm sick of it being shoved in my face everywhere I go. I'm sick of hearing about what your friends are doing on facebook. Why don't you get up and go to your friends house instead and actually talk face-to-face?

Facebook is for tools! Fuck off!

Facebook 4

It's been awhile, love this site, but I have to also add a rant about Facebook. I was nagged by a friend two and 1/2 years ago to join. Since then I have soooo regretted it. Ever since joining this social networking site, I've been inundated by energy sucking vampires, so-called friends that would have been better have been left in the past. I have never sought these people out rather they found me. Since then they have called me, texted me stupid crap, leave personal messages, begging me to be commiserate on their desperate housewife middle age angst. They have no life whatsoever except to hang out on FB all night trying to hook up with old ex from the 1980s or some dude in Alabama, who lives in the woods in a trailer. No job, no life, and they hate the men they're married to. These people are even nuttier in middle age than they were 10 to 15 years ago, and trying to get away from them is like trying from them makes them only more clingy. I should have never hooked up with this massive life sucking cyber blackhole called Facebook. Time to delete the account. Can't wait!

Facebook Photos 5

I can't stand to look at friends photos on facebook there all the same partying go to clubs, drinking, you really think anyone gives a shit yo no life failures. Seriously why don't you stop trying to invite me to your parties you think I want to be in a photo seriously it's annoying nobody cares about your damn parties. Seriously unless it's vacation or family photos going fishing or camping those are photos not fucking partying and clubbing also i'm gettng really fed up with a friend of mine annoying me everyday to go party wanting me to drink with him and go on his spring break vacation he even threatned to upload photos just to rub it in my face; I threatned I wasn't going to be his friend.Other things that piss me off are sluts and whores who have about a 1000 photos of them on facebook of their faces all of their staus updates are about wanting to flirt with some random faggot seriously nobody cares cunt go do the world a favor and die of aids. Another thing that pisses me off is when friends of mine go out places and don't invite me and then show photos on facebook just to piss me off I confron them and they delete it and then we fight and then friendship ends. Seriously facebook users stop uploading photos you don't need to post photos to show off your immaturity to others, stop trying to force your photos down people's throats because certain friends don't want to see them. Lastly people if nobody wants to see your photos then keep hem too yourself because most people do NOT want to see them grow up already.

*Note from Anger Central
So, the lens cracked on that camera again? :)

Facebook games suck 6

I don't like playing Facebook games. They constantly encourage you to spam multiple advertisements to your friend's profile pages with the click of a button. It's lame trying to read posts, and being forced to skim through all the invites and advertisements just to check up on friends and family. It really sucks that there is a giant bright number on my screen that shows how many invites I've been sent that I haven't used yet. I want those fucking things to go away, because I don't like them!

The games themselves are shallow. Many of them are just copies of games that are also on popular flash gaming websites, so I can just go there for better collections of games, rating system, and a community that actually likes games.

The games sometimes compare themselves to higher budget games, but take away everything that made them fun. They tell you exactly what to do and won't let you do anything else you might want to do. They explain how to do the most basic shit with giant bright text like we are dumbasses.

To be fair, I do like the social aspect of playing with other people. Too bad Facebook game developers have a shitty design blueprint for all their games. The only Facebook game I kind of like is this Texas Hold Em game I can play with strangers. Too bad I suck at it though! Haha!

Facebook 7

Im fucking pissed off because I got post blocked for 30 days for pointing out that white trash and hoodrats shouldnt procreate. Apparently trailer trash and gangbangers are protected under fascistbook's hate speech legislation.

But then again its hardly surprising since you get banned for pretty much anything thats even remotely topical these days. I look forward to the day when someone creates a social media platform where those of us who arent selfie whores who arent left of the black block anarchist movement and those of us who use social media for other things besides spamming clickbait articles, pop culture banter or pics of their pets and grandkids can say whatever we want without having to put up with Zuck's powertripping bullshit

Facebook Group Spam Notifications 8

It pisses me off every time I receive a notification on Facebook it's always from the same annoying asshole reporting some post in a group I am an admin of and it's fucking ridiculous and it spams my notifications.

Look if you want me to delete posts you can't just spam my notifications every time you think someone has broken a rule and when it's the same person who keeps reporting posts i'm going to kick them out because all they are doing is being a pain in the ass.

You know it makes me not want anything to do with the group i'm an admin in when I keep having to deal with the same idiot who keeps spamming my notifications reporting posts and I get so pissed off I kick them out of the group for being a pain in the ass.

Seriously I have a fucking life outside of Facebook and anytime I do want notifications is from close friends or anyone who likes my facebook posts but it really pisses me off to keep getting notifications from some idiot who keeps reporting posts in Facebook Groups i'm an admin of.

Obviously you people are so annoying, have no self esteem, have a short attention spam that you half to be a pain in the ass and spam my notifications all the time like seriously stop spamming me and go the fuck away.

I finally had enough and blocked the idiot who kept spamming my group let them go be a pain in someone else's ass. Let this be a lesson if you are the admin in a Facebook group and your notifications keep getting spammed by the same person then throw them out of your group and regret nothing.

Facebook 9

Facebook or Meta really pisses me off because Mark Zuckerberg feels the need to be in such power will suspend or ban anyone for just about anything especially if you criticize just how bad he is at his job and want him to resign.

Mark Zuckerberg is nothing but a spineless, gutless, oversensitive, special snowflake manchild with a superiority complex, and a face deserving to be hit with a baseball bat or a sledgehammer.

I think it's about damn time for a new Social Media alternative because Suckerberg is too much of a goddamn pussy to accept criticism and you can't post anything without it getting removed over some dumbass bullshit reason.

Suckerburg doesn't care about anyone but himself and and if I ever meet Mark Zuckerberg in real life; I would beat the living shit out of him, I would break every bone in his weak and fragile body and bury his ass alive in the middle of Death Valley.

*Note from Anger Central
It's technically not Facebook anymore, it's "Meta."
While we do maintain a page on faceplant, we're also active on MeWe. Come on over. We have cookies. :)

Facebook Spam Notifications 10

Mark Zuckerberg it's clear that you obviously don't know what the fuck your doing anymore and it's time for you to fucking resign.

Lately I keep getting really annoying notifications where some friend posted this or some other annoying shit that has nothing to do with me and here's my question "WHY SHOULD I FUCKING CARE?"

It's really pissing me off that instead of getting notified of more important things like friends who post on my timeline or something that directly involves me, I end up getting spammed with shit involving friends who share links with someone, or if they posted a new photo, or worse any posts from groups i'm in that I don't give a rat's ass about like seriously Facebook I don't fucking give a shit about any of that shit so stop spamming my notifications.

Either do your fucking job right Suckerberg or Resign before someone forces your dumbass to resign.

*Note from Anger Central
Zuckerberg doesn't need to resign, he needs to go to prison.

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