Ah, don't you just love opening your electric bill? Our bill for this month is $128, which really puzzles me, as we do conserve - turning things off that are not necessary AND we're on "leveled" billing. That's enough to piss anyone off. What *really* gets me is one little piece of paper that they include in your bill every month - the one that says "I authorize Entergy to add the following amount to my utility bill each month for the sole purpose of helping low-income elderly or disabled families in my community."

You *know* there are people who contribute to this "fund" - out of the goodness of their heart, thinking, that they are helping somebody. Sadly, what they're actually doing is lining Entergy's pockets with extra money. Think about it ... if Entergy was actually helping people with this extra money, would we continue to hear on the news about elderly people DYING in their homes due to blistering summer heat because their POWER WAS CUT OFF? WTF?! And then - news bits about Entergy handing out BOX FANS to the elderly and disabled? Excuse me .. how the HELL does THAT help them?! All that is doing is recirculating HOT AIR!

Screw them, you can't trust *any* huge corporation that is monopolizing the market. What people need to do if they really want to help is donate to a *trusted* local non profit organization specifically aimed at helping the elderly and disabled - do your research & look at the figures. If there are none - START ONE!

AEP Appalachain Electric Pussies 2

I Swear to God if they raise my Electric bill 1 more cent I'm going to burn the company building down. Their nothing but greedy bastards it's winter and I'm cold stop raising the damn bill or I will come over and beat the shit out of your Manager. Some of us are falling on these economic times and you have no right to raise people's bills you fucking thieves We're cold in the day and can't sleep at night and you want our money well fuck you dick sucking dumbasses the only thing your getting is a punch to the face and your company set on fire you bitches.

Alliant Energy 3

They treat the hourly employee like shit on the bottom of a shoe. What was once a nice family company has turned into a fucking faceless evil step parent, always looking for new ways to make money and screw those poor schmucks who do the work. Our boss has his head so far up his OWN ass. He gets his jollies off canning people. Of course, he gets a bigger bonus (and boner) in the process. I'd like to ream his ass out with a bone dry corn cob. Alas, I am just a sniveling whimp and can only ream myself. I wish I had balls!

Greedy AEP 4

A am so fed up with forking over money to these greedy fucks first last month I had a $150 electric bill and I receive a new one and it's $200 bill this month what the fuck is wrong with these people I only use Energy Saving Bulbs hell it's like these fuckers want you to live in the dark while they live on your hard earned money to live the life of luxury. AEP's CEO needs to be put in jail this greedy sucker wants more and more rate increases, why don't you take every American Citizens' bank account and run them dry while you're at it. People can't afford groceries let alone your fucking increased rates all because you fuckers can't be satisfied with what you got from us you just want more. Somebody needs to tell these bastards that enough is enough and to start giving back as well as to stop going behind people's backs to get more money from the rest of us. If I ran the world I would refuse to allow AEP to demand rate hikes and would put their CEO Nick Akins in Prison for life and give back every penny that they have stolen from the american People, also where are AEP when the power goes out, sitting on their asses playing cards and laughing instead of helping, they only want to help if they get more money, AEP needs to be stopped.

*Note from Anger Central
One of the reasons energy costs have gone up is Barack Obama, The EPA and the Department of Energy.
Check your bill and see if they have any of that "Green Energy" nonsense.
Anger Central recently switched electric companies and cut our costs. See if you can change suppliers as well.

Fed Up With AEP 5

I am so angry at this Electric Company I mean for one I don't even use much power and I still get a bill nearly $200. Now I don't think the idiots at AEP are doing their damn jobs right, these dumbasses I believe price our bills at whatever because it's never enough for them to steal our money and leave us all in Poverty.

At some point the damn Government needs to grow some goddamn balls and tell these assholes enough is enough and stop allowing rate hikes for their lies and bullshit because AEP's CEO Nick Akins is a greedy idiot who was never told No growing up in fact I bet he's been spending our hard earned money on himself instead of improving electricity in fact you want to know why we can never have a White Christmas because this dickhead is polluting the air causing Climate Change and is price gouging our money out of our pockets. I mean what are these idiots trying to accomplish that they are a bunch of greedy idiots and want to be the reason the apocalypse happens? Not to mention instead of checking meters they go and cut power lines and purposely lie saying we were stealing electricity or failed to pay our power.

AEP how do you sleep at night knowing the crimes you have been committing by stealing our money, purposely driving your customers into poverty, tampering with your customers electricity and lying about it to get more money in your pockets, shut off electricity to those who can't afford your bills, and would deny shelter to the homeless. Nick Akins there is a special place in Hell for lowlives such as yourself and I hope you go there really soon you and your greedy cult known as American Electric Power.

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