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I am absolutely fuming over the behaviour of the moderators on the eBay forums, they are really childish and pull members posts for any reasons they see fit. For instance you can post that you were ripped off by a seller but can't name the seller or identify the auction or item in question to warn others. Some buyers were being scammed by a fraudulent seller auctioning plasma TVs and again it was not permissible to identify the seller or offending items on the discussion board. If your posts are removed, you are not allowed to discuss their removal or the warning email you received. And what makes me really angry is, that the moderators do not themselves enter into conversation on the boards, but instead just remove posts and send out warning emails. No eBay staff or moderators give advice on any of the topics which is really pathetic! I won't be posting there again.

Ebay's silly rules 2

I have a small business I'm trying to get up and running. Ebay won't let me link my email address for this business to the user name on ebay because they are the same. This seems crazy - its my registered business name, I have a business registration that I pay for but I can't use the name. It so silly. Why ask businesses to run listings if they can't use the name. I have the user name, I have the registered business name, but I can't have an email address the same - why not!

Ebay sellers 3

OK, I admit I didn't realize my address was an old one. But the ebay seller says "Due to ebay protections, I can't change your addy"...Fine, fuck you. You won't get a neg, but you'll get a neutral (3 star) report.

Had you helped and said "Oh, I'll change it so no worries" you'd have gotten effusive praise and 5 stars. But you didn't so fuck you...just fuck you...

*Note from Anger Central
Ebay sellers literally can't make that change. It could be someone who is a thief and what would your response be
 if your order never showed up and the seller said "Well you said the address was wrong so I changed it?"

Ebay 4

I don't like that people sell their junky electronics on Ebay. Trying to look through the listings is a pain. All the good electronics are mixed in with the broken garbage, and electronics with missing parts. All the junk should be on it's own website. I just want the good stuff!

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