Here in the Borward County, Florida school district, we have to attend workshops where (over) paid consultants tell us how to teach better. These are new age wackos who don't teach, have never taught, will never teach and only get hired because they have good marketing skills. I would rather be kidnapped by a terrorist than sit through another of these all day workshops with endless ice breakers and pointless drivel.

Tech mahindra

it one companies that has wasted my career..and the helm of the person who has done is S. B.

The HR head ..he is hell bent on killing me ,even when my managers are giving me good performance rating..he has one big ego..all my career appraisal is screwed..his name disturbs my day.

My asshole contractor 3

My contractor little bitch that he is takes his sweet time to finish the work on my house. But the asshole wants to get paid immediately, which I don't have a problem with, except the prick expects me to go this show room and BRING the check! Especially when he told me he will stop by to pick it up on Monday (2 days from today). He was very communicative and helpful before the start of the job now he seems to have a stick up his ass. He should have a rabid bout of diarrhea.

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