Ripped Off By Employer

Chris of Wisconsin hired me to build a Staffing Company for him. I did so. I consistently produced 75% of the companies margin for 3 years.
He sat back and did squat until he couldn't pay his bills anymore and then he shit on me and went bankrupt owing me 17 grand in commissions and salary. He is a scum bag and I hope it comes back to him tenfold, miserable piece of shit.

anime dubbing companies

i'am sick of anime dubing companies they always do a bad dub of anime with there

  1. bad voice acting

  2. always putting it on CN which needs to be censored theres other chanel ya'no

  3. script changing

*Note from Anger Central
We had no idea how to define this one so we lumped it in here.

Job Market 3

I am angry at the way large firms treat people who are looking for jobs. How they make people wait for three plus weeks before even telling them yes or no, like I can afford in this economy to go without work. Don't they remember what it was like to check their messages every hour for a possible job? To run home to the mailbox every day and pray there is not a rejection letter in there. Why can't they treat interested job seekers like human beings, even if there is no news, a freakin' phone call to just say your chances aren't gone!!!

money to apply 4

what is the deal with these freaking companies who only have fax numbers?? i dont have access to a fax machine so every job i want to apply to costs me 4 bucks! and then you wait for 2 or 3 weeks and never hear shit from them! all the money for postage, envelopes, faxing, copying etc, and you NEVER get the damn job! i have 2 college degrees and CAN NOT seem to get a job in this lousy economy. check that, i can get one flipping burgers for minimum wage

cant get a job 5

because recently i moved here to rapid city sd from maryland and i cant get a job because none of the places ive applied for will call any af my refrences because they are all out of state and they allways keep asking "dont you know anybody local" hell no i just moved here!

employers 6

I am a college graduate with several years of experience in my chosen field. I went overseas for a year and now that I am back home do you think I can get a job? NO! I apply for so many jobs and attend so many interviews. The interviews, oh my God. The people interviewing me are so smug and full of themselves! I have to fill out applications that are PAGES long, with questions like 'where do you see yourself in 10 years time?' Then the smug interviewer will fire off more dumb questions at me, asking me why I want this job (well duh, so I can get paid you numpty!) and why should I be hired etc. I answer all of these questions in a positive and polite manner, but I am just getting so tired of it! Some of the time they keep me waiting for days or weeks before I hear anything back, and while I am waiting I feel reluctant to look for anything else in case they do decide to hire me. But of course I have to keep looking. And what can I say about the ones who never even bother to call me back? It would be SO NICE if these inconsiderate wankers took 5 minutes from their day to call me and let me know if I got the job or not. They go on and on about the importance of 'people skills', but they do not seem to possess any!

Customer Service 7

What happened to customer service? If you call on the phone, you get stuck in phone hold hell. If you go in person, you meet indifferent employees. If you write the company, no on ever responds. The hwole idea now is to sell as cheaply as possible and not pay for nay follow-up.

rude people 8

i am SO SICK of this one bitch i work with giving me shit to do all the time, and giving me errors for it! i have NEVER worked for a company that cares more about errors than morale! what the fuck is wrong with them? good Lord! you get reamed for being human and making mistakes! damn i hate mondays! how demeaning! shit, my boss gets her rocks off putting us down about how many errors we had the past week. wanna feel like shit about yourself? work for MY boss!

demise of a company 9

I've watched what was once a good company to work for, but in recent years, watched it fall into the same corporate, money loving, employee stabbing, lying, cheating mess that your reading about in the news on a daily basis. Much more to come, if you'll let me tell the story

businesses who are hiring 10

These places put out help wanted or now hiring signs, I go out to apply to these places. I get told they would contact me in a few days, I never hear from them again. I applied for a job at a restaurant by filling out an on-line application, I get told that someone would contact me, in their words, shortly. I never get contacted. I try to be polite and patient but I've been waiting too frigging long and I am pissed! What the fuck do I have to do to get a fucking job. I'm tired of these assholes ignoring me. I need to earn a living too, I'm not going to live off of the taxpayers.

*Note from Anger Central
Have you followed up a few days later with a phone call? You may also try sending them a snail mail think you letter for their time. Do something to stick out.



I am confident enough to be qualified for every job I've applied to, and have nothing so far. JUST TAKE THE DIRECT, STRAIGHT UP APPROACH.. GO FOR JOBS THAT PROVIDE AN ADDRESS (WHETHER IT'S IN AD, BY SCHEDULED INTERVIEW, ETC.) I AM FUCKIN' DAMN TIRED OF PEOPLE WASTING MY TIME.  If the jobs that I left a voicemail for don't call me by tomorrow early afternoon, FUCK THEM. I JUST WANT A GOOD JOB THAT IS GOOD, REAL, LEGITIMATE AND PAYS WELL.. THAT'S WHAT I DESERVE.

Companies who are hiring 12

Every time I ask a company that's hiring about what jobs they have available and at what hours would they need me to work, I get told "Please come by and make out an application". Why the hell don't they just answer my frigging question?? I'm not going to waste my time applying for a job that they don't have an opening for. I fail to see why these companies need to be so fucking secretive about employment opportunities. I only asked them two simple questions. They can't fucking give me two simple answers. They're the ones who are hiring, I have a right to know what positions they have available and what hours do they want. I'm not going to play guessing games with them.

Part-time employment 13

Dammit, every time I apply for a fucking part time job somewhere, they expect me to work fucking nights. I'm not available for nights. Recently, I applied at a department store that was looking for help. The help wanted sign says "All shifts available." I thought, "I'm available during the day, this could work." I was was wrong. As it turns out, the fat, bloated old hag who's looking for help needs someone to stay until 10pm. Then why the fuck does the sign say "All shifts available" if I'm expected to work for dawn to dusk? It's fucking ridiculous.

An Ohio property and business development company 14

When you live in an economically-challenged area, the best job you can hope for is flipping or serving burgers in some greasy spoon. Along comes a company from the big city, offering immediate money for your property, jobs with a future and other assorted pie-in-the-sky bait. If you don't seek them out, they find you and keep making promises until they lure you from burger heaven security into one of their golden opportunities. But they forget to tell you to check your free will, opinions and morals at the door. If you tell what you've seen and heard, you're out of a job. If you try to do the right thing, you're out of a job. But being silent doesn't work either. One day they walk in and tell you and everyone in your building to pick up your belongings and get out. The business is over; the place is closing; too bad; don't let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. So you apply for unemployment only to be told the business didn't close and you weren't let go. Oh, no, you and a dozen others refused to move 10 miles away to the new location or so the records show. Well, my dear ex-employers, you are the hemorrhoids in the hairy asshole of life in Ohio, and I am that wondrous over-the-counter ointment that will shrink you to size.

*Note from Anger Central
If a company pulls that stunt, contact a lawyer and file a class action suit.

Companies in General 15

After 5 years at the company, you get a TV set. But, it'll be 2-4 years OLD. It's been repaired, reworked and reset so many times, they usually end up dying in a few weeks.

Oh, you think "You get free repairs!" Yes, we do. Let me take your only tv for 3 months and THEN tell you "It'll be another 2 months as the parts aren't in yet" How's that for "Employee Appreciation?" After 10 years, you get a clock of some sort (Probably to tell you how much of your life you've wasted there) and from what I have heard, it croaks after 6 months! After 15 or so, you might as well admit it that you'll find nothing better, so suicide is about the only option. They (I'm serious) are probably hoping that and so they don't have to pay out your sick or vacation time. Cheap bastards!

Companies in general 16

So, this is an "Overseas" company. No probs right? But they're operating out of Japan! Still, no probs? WRONG! They want us to act like they do?

Sorry, we don't think the company is "An Honor" to work for (Especially at the low wages we're paid) and we REALLY aren't all that eager to run every freaking minute one of the upper levels cries about production.

In addition, yelling at one of the workers is a damn good way to get your block knocked off! Just a week ago, had a supervisor tell one employee they'd do better if they lost a bit of weight. Right in front of 10 people.

They had to call the ambulance for that sorry bastard as that "Fat" employee kicked the crap out of the supervisor in less then 10 seconds. (Former navy seal har! har! har!) And they EXPECT us to tolerate this crap! The economy is improving and the exodus has begun already. 14 people walked in the past month.. More are looking for new and better paying jobs. I don't hate foreign owners, but don't even TRY to make us your little robots, you'd REALLY hate to see where we'll stick that rod!

I must Suck 17

Ok, i guess I just suck as a person. I just got out of the Air Force, I'm 24 and I think I'm smart! If all this was true...why can't I find a damn job? I guess that it's like a sign on my back that reads "Keep my application and resume on file..don't hire me"! The St. Louis job market sucks and so do all you Human Resource monkeys that don't want to hire a dependable guy. Eat shit!

*Note from Anger Central
First, Thank you for serving your country and protecting me. :)
If you are mobile enough, consider moving to other regions of the country. The webmaster would like to expand his search for a new job, but due to personal matters is unable to move from his region for a while.

W & A, L.C. 18

I am so fucking angry at this dumb ass-backwards company which just let me go two fucking days after I gave my notice! They were actually pissed at me for giving my two week notice! No one in the damn place would speak to me after I gave my notice - is that immature or what? I got a wayyyyyy better offer from another company, better than the slave wages this place pays, and so I did the right thing and gave my notice and what do they do? Pick my brain and escort me to the door! NICE! The boss, Dave, is such a friggin paranoia case, I guess he was worried that I might do or say something "bad" against them - how queer! And the crusty stinky old office manager, Susan, is the most horrendous old bat I have ever seen. Worse yet is the heir apparent, David, who is Dave's nephew and such an ugly little dork (read Poindexter) who follows Dave around like a little puppy dog. What a bunch of jerks! Fucking cry babies, no wonder they can't keep any help, they refuse to move into the 21st century and use automation - they still type checks on a 1974 typewriter - no lie! Retards. Well, Dave, I hope you and your little empire of what, four people, goes right down the toilet where it belongs - YOU SUCK!

Companies in general 19

OK, so you now restrict my punch? Fine, fine. I'll just punch in at the right time but I AIN'T GOING TO START WORK TILL THE FUCKING BELL RINGS YOU ASSHOLES! And thanks alot for CHEATING ME OUT OF THE 2 HOURS OF OVERTIME! Guess that should help the fucking budget and let the company survive another 5 seconds! NO MORE FREE TIME YOU PRICKS. I'LL BE PAID FOR EVERY MINUTE AND IF NOT, YOU'LL BE SPEAKING TO THE LABOR BUREAU!!!

Companies In General 20

I am so sick and tired of applying, applying, and applying and never getting a darn phone call. As for those applications, they don't have any frickin' space to write the information they need on! I attach my resume to make things simpler, yet that isn't considered a "legal document". What BS! It ticks me off that after driving out there and then interviewing and answering asinine questions, I'm also expected to make the effort by calling and thanking them or sending a letter. How stupid is that. And if I'm not going to get the job, a phone call would be nice. Furthermore, why is it that for the simplest entry level job a person needs a few years experience? I'm a smart, motivated twenty-two year old with no criminal record, drug free, I don't drink and stay out late partying. I just prefer to work and live a quiet life. What confuses me is that a receptionist is the first thing that a person sees when entering a building. So why is it they hire these hideously obese women who have striped hair and these black square glasses beacuse it is 'trendy'. *sigh* It isn't just that, most receptionists dress ridiculously unprofessional. I'm sick and tired of constantly watching one brain dead idiot get a job while I'm willing to be professional and on time and work hard. Is it too much to ask?

corporate bullshit 21

I've worked for a company over the last several years. We have had many "BOSSES" over this time period. But, when it comes to taking the fall for a choice gone bad...they drop it in your lap! Everyone is ready to out step their authority but when it comes to 'fessing one bites. So the big guy goes to the next in charge they in return go down to the next confused dim witted ass and so on and so forth. Until, at the end of the day when your damn tired from doing all the mental work and physical shit from your job, you get called in the office and wrote up for being a minute late for the third time in a season. Yeah, right I shouldn't have been late but believe me all of them have been much much later, if they make it that day at all? And, to all the ass kissers out there..."bite me!" I hate people who can stand around with their fingers up their asses doing nothing at all and make you waste your valuable time waiting for their approval for something. I have good work ethics, I have also been a boss. But, the kind that would listen to everyone's complaints and work right along side them, even cleaned toilets, when only a command could have changed it. There have been times I wished I had some sort of to give someone an electrical jolt every time it was warranted...THINK ABOUT IT...I BET YOU DO TOO!

Unfair Employers 22

Buttface Employers that won't hire me.

In spite of the fact that my handicap limits me just a little bit, making me just a bit different than "everyone else"' it seems like 99% of all employers have their heads rammed firmly up their stoolholes when it comes to hiring me.

I believe in an honest day's work, although I can only work part time, I WILL do good honest work.

I fix broken electronics, I can wire electrical house wiring. (US single phase 110/220)

I can edit video (Final Cut Pro for OS X)

I can DJ for a heavy metal radio station.

I can do voice impersonations and other voice talents, and I am even a decent artist.

What do they do?

Rejection Letter.

"That position has been filled!"

Them on phone: " uhhh duhhhhhh"

Me: (Click)

*Note from Anger Central
We hear you. The Webmaster is unable to even get an interview. :(

Vendors 23

We (a small nonprofit) were spending a lot of $$ outsourcing our color printing and copying, so we decided to lease a color copier. We've had it less than two months and have already had to make *four* service calls. Plus they promised when it was delivered to make arrangements for training. Our "training" was the sales rep showing us all the bells and whistles that we could figure out ourselves, not giving us helpful information that we could actually use.

Ownership 24

Frankly, you'd think I'd be happy about a local company (Major TV maker starts with P which shut their doors FINALLY this year (HOORAY!!!)

what I'm so angry about, is they didn't lose more money, they actually made a bit with write-offs. Frankly, they should have gotten the old pole (You know where) for leaveing this country. I won't buy their crap anyway, I know how it was jury-rigged to pass FCC compliance rules..If there is a God (And there is) They'll get their just desserts when it's fitting...Till then I await this...

shortage of salt 25

I'm angry that no one will tell the truth about the salt companies. There is plenty of salt mined here in the USA. The problem is that they are selling it to other countries for one hell of a profit and leaving us without. What the hell is wrong with you people. You are nothing but a bunch of greedy bastards. The greed needs to stop in this country. Enough is enough! We all came in naked and we all will leave naked. Stop the hurt with your greed. This is to all the companies worldwide. Greed Kills! Salt is just one example of the greed in this world.

Property Management 26

I'm fucking pissed that there are property Management companies all over Canada and the U.S. whom prefer to hire and train immigrants rather than people born and raised in their country of origin. It places people like me at risk! (I've lost everything!!!) And some shmuck who will do a lousy job for pay under the table or less than minimum wage gets the job and brings down the industry standard at the same time! I'm looking for training in property management as a residential rental agent! I have a diverse background of experience in customer service and office industry and need a well paying job for a job well done!

I'm in Toronto Canada! HIRE ME, ASSHOLE!

trying to find out information 27

When I make a general phone call to a business or office, you can never tell how that person is going to respond. Today I wanted to make an appointment and was yelled at unnecessarily by the office person. She screamed at me because she said that if I don't get the authorization and call her back with it, then I can go to another office. She insulted me from the get go, because I am extremely responsible and she treated me like I was trash and this came out of the blue. The people who answer phones for doctors offices, etc. are not very polite in any sense of the word and they tend to bully you from the start for no apparent reason. There is no way to determine who is going to be like this and it is quite unnerving. How do you handle bullies who start arguments out of nowhere? Quite baffling.

Companies and paychecks 28

I hate that companies don't take care of paychecks very well. I work at a movie theater, and I can only receive my paycheck every two weeks. Why can't I get paid after every shift?

I always get it Saturday night. Of course, the bank is closed Saturday night and all Sunday. Great. We have lazy people running the economy.

Too bad I can't cash my check tonight for gas thanks to the bank, I'm going to be nearly empty on the way back home from my other job.

That's right, I recently got another job at a warehouse. It pays nice. I get a three hundred and fifty dollar check every week. Of course, the recruiter to my new warehouse job said that my first check will be intentionally late, just because it's the first check.

This really gets to me. We all need to be at work on time, and only leave when we are supposed to, but they have permission to goof around with the schedule to pay their employees.

Companies in general 29

It angers me when companies ignore people who desperately need a job to survive, and give work to some elderly dork who is bored with retirement. GET A HOBBY!

*Note from Anger Central
Most of the time, those elderly dorks don't have a choice but to go back to work. You may have noticed that there's a depression on.

Employers 30

Seriously. Employers if you want to employ people you need to at least have a grasp of how to employ someone.

I have been hunting for work for the good part of a year now, plenty of applications made, but very few interviews.

So I attend a few courses on how to improve my CV (which I was told on several occasions is a gleaming example), nothing wrong there.

I finally get a few interviews.

1st: My interview was cancelled, they instantly hired someone. (I knew who they were too... definitely not insta-hire worthy)

2nd: Interview went through. Phoned a week late to ask why I was not successful. Got told "Better offers".. well help me out! and let me know what is "better"

3rd: As above.

4th: interview went through; turns out I was defaulted on thanks to employers being scared of Equal Opportunities. They hired two minorities, both black people... I ironically was the minority in the interview pool being the only white british born... so in trying to keep to Equal Opportunities.. they broke it.

5th: Interview went through. Job offered. Job accepted. 2 hours later, was told the offer was rescinded thanks to a late application. WTF!

And that's just a small portion...

What pisses me off most about Employers interview processes is that the person interviewing you knows jack shit.

I had one interview for an IT Help Desk assistant for an Online Poker site. The interviewer had the nerve to tell me I failed because I got the "example solution" wrong... No. I saw your proposed solution a mile away and then provided you with one which was faster, more secure and more accurate... Mind you I suppose my <Company> in Software Development counts for shit these days when morons like him are in those positions.

Oh and the worst offender of all?

When you take an interview, fail, are given no explanation and 2 months later see the same job back on the market because the person they hired was incompetent.

Bunch of morons in control of recruitment purely because they want to ensure the idiots stay at the top...

Reminds me of one of my old jobs. I actually got fired because my Target Quota's were being exceeded in double that of the managers and the Regional was considering putting me on a Managerial fast track. Annoyingly its not illegal. Why? because employers can just come out with any old bullshit these days to get someone fired without evidence.

The other day I considered self-employment. Start up a Internet Cafe (Can you believe there's not a single one in my town>?!), turns out I can't. A month long self report, price up and analysis indicated I'd need 10k to start up not including licenses and the banks these days are so "scared of the recession" they would only consider loaning me 1,500. 1,500! They completely ignored all the predicted financial figures I gave them and the fact its a prime market here and went purely on my age (25). Retards.

Some fucking comic book store in San Jose 31

Because I went for a fucking interview there and unless you know everything there fucking is to know about comic books, trading cards and other fucking nerdy shit that I've never cared about and never will, you don't get the fucking job. I had to answer a damned five page fucking quiz about comic books and what prices they're suppposed to be.


I mean you don't have to be a fucking expert on toys to work in Toys R Us.

Fucking christ.

Wont Let Me Pay My Bill 32

Damn! Y the hell did I go to pay off my car the other day and the clerk suggested that I may not have enough money to do so????

I walked up and said 'hi I'm gonna pay the balance on my car loan note'. She said 'ooh you sure?' I said yea, what's the balance.


I didnt even look at the screen, my eyes never left her and I said "Yea what's the payoff balance?' Damn! she was still looking cooky-eyed and slowly repositioned the screen back to her and stated the balance.

I pulled out cash mother fucking money and laid it on the counter and said 'now how long will it be before I get my title?'

The other day I called the Car Ins company to pay the next bill. This bitch said 'well its not due for another 2 weeks' I repeated 'i'm paying the next ins installment today but with a different card other than the one you have on file.' She cleared her throat and must have pretended to be doing something at her computer while staying silent, cause there wasnt a damn thing for her to do but say 'ok and the card you're using today?'

Shit! I get tired of this shit and it has happened quite frequently! DO NOT TRY TO TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT PAY FOR ASSHOLES!

Got a return call from an MRI place so they could tell me my copay. She said its $591.00 for the MRI. I said okay I will pay it when I come in for the MRI. She said, 'how will you be paying?" I said if it matters, by debit card.

She said 'ok and did you want to get a monthly payment plan?' I said no, I will pay for the MRI when I come in. She said 'OOOHHHHH okay well we will see you then.' BITCH! Sit your ass down somewhere and QUIT trying to give me YET ANOTHER monthly bill. I DO NOT want to go to mailbox and see a damn thing from you!

I went to the bank ther other day to pay off a different loan. THIS BITCH looked at me and said 'You're gonna pay it OOOOFFFF?????'

I said yea. (this one nor the one for the MRI lose any interest or anything by me paying it off)

She then licked her lips, honed in on the screen that showed my balance, went to some small room to the side of the counter, came back, and said "oh ok you just want to pay this off huh?"
I said YES i'm tired of you all dipping in my account every month for a payment. I want to get it overwith.

DAMMMNNNNN when someone is making a payment you have NO QUESTIONS other than HOW MUCH!


*Note from Anger Central
You are aware that it isn't in the company's interest to have you pay off loans? They make most of their money from the interest charges. Anger Central Employees are encouraged to not carry a balance on their credit cards if they can avoid it. Credit Card companies call people who don't carry a balance, "Deadbeats." Believe it or not, it also affects your credit rating if you don't carry debt.

Employers and HR depts. 33

Because when you need a job you have to act like someone you aren't to convince them to hire you and half the time they say we will call you which is bullshit why don't they just tell you that you aren't fucking hired instead!

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster has had this problem happen to him several times. Once, on the day he was going in for an interview, he was called and told the job was being given to someone internal. The Webmaster had taken the day off for that interview. The most recent occurrence was a second phone screen. When the scheduled time came and went with no call, he contacted the HR person he had been dealing with. "Oh I'm sorry, they are talking with an internal candidate and I forgot to tell you.
In the first instance, the new hire lasted a month before he quit in disgust. In the second instance the Webmaster saw the same job reposted a week later.

Company parties, Halloween specifically 34

These are the dumbest inventions known to humanity. I spend half of my waking life with these slap dicks, why would I want to hang out with them on my own time? And dressing up? Am I fucking five years old? I'm a grown (angry) damn man. I'm not going to dress up like fucking tinkerbelle and flit around the office pretending I'm not unbelievably retarded.

The Company is You! 35

I am angry because I got blamed for making my company look bad in public. A couple of times I made a mistake by critisizing our customers/colleagues on my private Facebook profile. I realise maybe I shouldn't have, but then again I made it perfectly clear that these were my personal opinions, not in any way meant to reflect my company's policy. Yet my boss shamed me in public for this. I won't make the same mistake again, but I'm still angry. Why does being an employee makes me responsible for my company's public image everywhere? I represent me and me only.

Pizza Hut and UPS Chinese Workers 36

Dear American Companies please stop hiring Chinese Fucktards to answer phone calls because nobody can understand a goddamn word they are saying. I mean it's bad enough when UPS sends calls to China and some fucktard who can't speak English costs customers money and their parcels because UPS are idiots and couldn't hire somebody who does speak English but now Pizza Hut is doing the same bullshit. What is it with these companies hiring these morons who have very poor to no English speaking skills what so ever and have no business answering a phone and are the reason companies lose both money and customers.

This Chinese Fucktard was speaking way to fast and I could not understand a goddamn word coming from him when trying to order my Pizza. I tried to tell him a Large with Peparoni, Sausage, Mushrooms and a side of Breadsticks and he acts like he can't understand a word that i'm saying and then he informs me the Pizza i'm trying to order is Carry Out Only and I get so pissed that I yell at him to go back to fucking Magic Wok you fucktard and hung the phone up and ordered from another Pizza Place.

Number 1 Employees should be required to speak English when working for American Companies like UPS and Pizza Hut. Number 2 if I wanted to talk to some Chinese Person i'd call one of their restaurants and even then trying to order from them is like pulling teeth. Hey Chinese People SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH before working in this country or you can get the fuck out of here because your taking our money and cause places like Pizza Hut and UPS customers to leave because of your rage inducing speaking skills. So let this be a lesson to these companies hire people who speak ENGLISH not fucking Chinese FUCKTARDS so that way you can earn both Money and Customers.

The Sportster 37

This has to be one of the dumbest sites on the whole internet when it comes to Sports as most of their articles are lies, clickbait, inaccurate, and they "claim" to speak for everyone when it comes to their best and worst rankings when in really they only speak for themselves and their listings are a joke because they list anything that was good as the worst.

This website is pure trash, their articles are inaccurate, clickbait, and the site shares the same name with the worst motorcycle ever made and anything named "Sportster" should be considered garbage.

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