I can't tape a frickin' thing on my VCR anymore. I've done every damn troubleshooting thing in the manual several times over. I call customer service and all they can do is walk me through the same shit I've already walked over countless times. They say they don't guarantee VCR's will work with their dish. Who knew! Not me because it is mired in some fine print on page 77. Of course they do offer a PVR receiver that acts like a fancy VCR for a one time nominal fee during hook-up, which I WOULD have gotten had I known my VCR would be utterly useless. Of course I can't get the fancy VCRPVR whatever because I am stuck in a contract with the plain old standard receiver. And now I can't tape fucking Dr. Phil and Oprah. Fuck You Dish Network.

Cable television 2

What is with all the commercials on cable/satellite television? The whole idea of "pay t.v." is that you pay a monthly fee so that you are not interrupted by sponsors. In the early days of cable, I remember NO commercials or advertisements of any kind. MTV was all videos, all the time. Isn't it redundant and a waste of money to pay for television that the networks are being paid for air time for commercials? Not only that, but if you want local channels on satellite television, you have to pay for them. Oy! THEN if I want a relatively recent movie from Pay-per-view, I have to pay for THAT, too! Basically, I'm getting a not-so-newly-released movie for almost the price of a movie ticket by the time you add the $3.95 for Pay-per-view with the >/<$2 per day it costs for cable television.

OKAY, OKAY, OKAY....AND....what about the frickin' STOOPID commercials at the beginning of movies now?!?! What's with that? I pay $7 for a frickin' MATINEE ticket and have to sit through an Audi commercial. I suppose they figure that if I can afford a $7 matinee I can afford an Audi. they have a point? Did I just argue myself out of this rant?

Cox Communications 3

I live in Fairfax County, VA and subscribe to cable TV through Cox. I'm angry because my cable has been out for eight days now, even though I've called every day to ask that it be fixed.

First of all, the technicians can only come out during normal business hours. That means I either have to use up my scanty vacation time to stay home and wait for the cable guy, or get someone to do it for me.

Second of all, they won't make an appointment for a fixed time, such as 11:00 a.m. They give you a range, like 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. That way, the technician can show up at 12:59, and still be "on time."

So, somebody came over last Thursday, and my aunt, who was nice enough to wait at my place, said that the guy tried several things and nothing worked. Well, he didn't bother leaving a note to explain what the deal was - just a printed work ticket. So I came home, turned on the TV, and discovered the problem hadn't been fixed. I had to call Cox to find out what happened.

Turned out that they need to do some outside work. The genius I talked to on Thursday night said that someone would be there on Friday to do it. I got home Friday night, and the cable was still out. I called Cox. The genius I got on the line this time said it would be working by 9:00 p.m. Needless to say, it wasn't.

I called last night and complained again. The genius this time told me that they contract out the work to another company, and they'd have to call them first thing in the morning to get them to do the work. I asked for the name of that company and their phone number, so I could call them myself. The guy told me that he didn't have a number for them, it was just an internal extension. We went back and forth a few times, and I told him I wasn't going to pay the bill unless the cable was fixed.

I want to let the world know that Cox Communications sucks donkey dicks! I'd advise people to dump them, but unfortunately, they've got a monopoly where I live.

Cox Communications pays their employees so little that they won't do more than the minimum amount of work. But if I mentioned this to anyone in management they'd just tell me, "If we paid our staff better, we'd have to raise the customers' rates." Of course, it never occurs to them to cut their own big fat salaries and bonuses. Be angry at Cox Communications - Satan's very own cable company!


Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why this particular ISP keeps raising their price - and believe me ... it's not due to "upgrades". I remember when you used to have to call them to request a copy of their software .. on FLOPPY! Then after a while, they began to distribute their disks in plain, simple cardboard sleeves - without having to make a phone call. A few years back, we began seeing our snail mail boxes bombarded with these hideous, bulky metal tins - 2 and 3 times a week. And now? Vinyl lined wooden boxes? What in the hell are they thinking? I'll bet at least 70% of those things end up as landfill. What they SHOULD focus on before all else, is taking care of the customers they already have instead of pissing money away on cd's & postage and jacking up prices - stop ripping your customers off! For Gods sake, go back to people having to request your crapware - if they want it, they'll get it. As for the ones I get, they will continue going directly into the trash can.

*Note from Anger Central
This was placed in this section because AoL is owned by Time/Warner, and they are in the process of reducing AoL to a subsidiary as opposed to a partnership.

Cox Communications 5

You know, cable television was really a great thing when it first emerged. Of course though, as does everything else with the passage of time, it has become absolute rubbish. Which is why I am no longer a subscriber.

My area has access to 75 channels with "expanded" cable. Sounds like a pretty good choice, doesn't it? WRONG! One is entirely devoted to reruns of local news, three are other news channels, four are for sports, four "supposed" music channels, 12 crap channels (government access) and one channel in a language many people cannot even speak or comprehend.

To make matters worse, have you ever taken a close look at your local programming at three in the morning? With ours, out of 75 channels, only seven channels with movies on, - 17 with paid programming (the dreaded hour long infomercials.) Please tell me, if there is so much paid programming going on during the wee morning hours, why in the blazes does the cable bill keep going up??

At any rate, I've had enough. I'd much rather curl up with a good book than be subjected to the garbage that is being passed off as "entertainment" these days.


AOL's newest AIM upgrade installs Wild Tangent {spyware) supposedly by option and Viewpoint Media Player (WITHOUT option). If you remove Viewpoint, *it will be reinstalled the next time you load AOL* Do NOT UPGRADE to this shit!

Bellsouth tech support 7

Oh boy. Where to begin? Well, simply put - I just created a new web site. SOooo, I was having a wee bit of trouble with a script & cgi. I call the number for personal web space support and ask if cgi bins are do-able on their servers. Tech support person: Huh? Oh, well - we allow ftp uploads. I don't know what you mean by cgi.

Me: *gone into explanation what cgi bins are*
Tech support person: Um, I'm still not sure what you're talking about, let me go ask my  associate.

To make a long story short, she returned and said no, that their servers are barely able to support java script. O_o (uh huh .. guess that's why I'm having no trouble with the java on my pages.)

Um ... so, if that particular person doesn't even know what the hell a cgi bin is .. what in  the HELL is she doing in the web page assistance department answering calls?! Pffffff.

*Note from Anger Central
This is actually understandable. If the tech is only experienced with windows based systems, he/she isn't going to know what a cgi bin directory is going to be. Don't forget that most people on a hopeless desk are going to be entry level at best. Still, they should spend a little time researching the systems they support...the morons!

direct tv 8

i ordered direct tv because comcast is a high-priced, monopolizing, piece of paid-programming drivel where i live. first of all the subcontractor who came to install the dish tried to sell me a $60 pole because he couldnt find a stud on the CORNER of my house. needless to say i did not buy his pole and he magically found a stud. next i find that there are about 20 channels missing that i was paying for. i call and someone who barely speaks english tells me that the package i chose no longer exists and that she can give me those channels for an additional $5. this "package" expired in february yet they still sent the listing to me by e-mail in april when they were trying to get me to buy it. then i get my bill one day before it's due because its been sent all over bum-fucked egypt with the wrong name and address on it. the bill is for $20 a month more than i agreed upon and the monthly rebate i was promised by the salesman was apparently bullshit too because, like my missing channels, it doesnt exist either. then i find that i am in a 24 month contract rather than the 12 months i agreed to. so now comcast isnt looking so bad. at least they promise you nothing but the rotten service you've always gotten. makes me a bit nostalgic for the shit of old. i feel like my next bill, should it actually get here, might accompany a free bottle of snake oil.

*Note from Anger Central
Odd, we have been using DirecTv for years, including a move. Never had an issue. If you run into their Pilipino support people, you should ask to be put through to their manager. (Damn Outsourcing!)

Cable Companies 9

As if we don't have enough fucking problems these days! It's bad enough that gas costs $4.30/gallon, now the cable companies want to financially rape us even more! These assholes want us to shell out more bucks to purchase a fucking converter box so we can see basic cable! Basic fucking cable! Are you shitting me? They already blocked half the basic channels already. Jesus Christ! What's next? Congress is going to tax on the very air we breathe. If you ask me this is a clear case of capitalism running amok!

Cogeco's Lousy Internet and Cable Service!! 10

I've been very content with moving from the annoying rat race of Toronto to a quiet, peaceful town in Canada. But some things here are really starting to get on my damn nerves.

One of those things that greatly piss me off about my new residence is the godawful Internet service you get around here! For the last 2 weeks I've been dealing with incredibly annoying service outages lasting from 15 minutes up to 4 hours. But it's not only me that's affected, my whole damn street is pissed! And I know you may think "Suck it up, you don't need Internet to live!" That is very true. However, if it's raining and thundering all damn week and the sattelite's not working (same company, go fucking figure), your Xbox is Red-Ringed (Basically, reduced to garbage)and you're done school, what else have I got to do?! It's always a poorly-timed service outage like when I'm trying to download a movie for my family and myself to watch, more often than not, I have to start it all over from 0% and it takes like 3 hours to download!

That's not even the whole story, Cogeco will cut you off at the drop of a fucking hat! My family uses the Internet responsibly, and we're not always on it, so why the Hell do we constantly get our Internet connection pulled?! It's nothing short of infuriating!

Lastly, the cable service is a complete joke! You see so many possible channels you could have and can hardly watch any! My dad was and is an avid hunter and fisher ever since he was growing up in rural Yugoslavia and loves to see what gear is new, where good hunting places are, and just general outdoorsman-fare. But when you try to watch the outdoors channel, it just shows a message saying that you need to order a certain cable package; same thing for me, whenever I try to watch something on G4, it shows the same thing. It isn't so much that I only have a few channels but the fact that I hardly have any but they show me literally 900-something channels, just to freaking tease you! And don't even get me started on how damn expensive this utter shit is!!

Do NOT subscribe to Cogeco, ANY other provider will do, just not this farce of a company!

Armstrong Cable 11

Why do I half to pay for Internet data that these assholes never told me I had to pay for, for going over my a 320 gb data usage are you fucking kidding me? I normally expect this kind of thing from Phone Companies like Verizon and AT&T but for a cable company to do this to my fucking computer, that is complete bullshit. I watch videos on YouTube, I stream on my Playstation 4 are you saying that I half to pay because of fucking data overages that I did not know a goddamn thing about before I became a customer, this is bullshit, that is just as sneaky and shady as anything Comcast would do. Fuck you Armstrong I hope your CEO gets what's coming to him sooner or later.

Armstrong Cable 11

This company is one of the worst Cable/Internet Providers in the Country and their operations need to be shut down. One they completely fucked up the on screen tv menu to where I can't even fucking tell what the channels are. How the fuck do you expect me to find what channel is Food Network or AMC to catch The Walking Dead when all I see is nothing but gray spaces and numbers with barely readable names, not to mention they removed the search making it impossible for me to search for anything that I like and to see when it might be on tv for me to watch.

Also why the fuck would you cap my internet data usage that is fucking bullshit.Now I can see why Phone companies limit data on phones but offer unlimited data, but no fucking cable provider should ever cap data on internet service because that if fucking bullshit and shows what a lousy, greedy, moraless, cash grabbing thieving company like Armstrong Cable really is. Hell these assholes won't even offer unlimited data I mean are you people really that blind by your own greed that the customers who pay for your shitty services that is constantly going in and out all the time to see what a shitty company you are and that you are purposely stealing from the people in this area. I really wish we had other cable providers around here and chase your asses out of this town, because we are all fed up with you greedy fucks.

I hope the Federal Trade Commission drops the hammer hard on Armstrong Cable and their bullshit practices.

Armstrong Cable 12

I am so fucking pissed off at Armstrong Cable and their abysmal cable services. Ever since I got home my tv is constantly freezing and losing connection but my internet is fine after all I can type and send this rant. I call them up and they say they can't come for a few days I mean what bullshit do these idiots half to do that they can't come and see why my tv is constantly freezing? This is of course the same company that puts data caps on internet usage which is also downright bullshit and that should be illegal.

Armstrong Cable you are absolutely the worst Cable Company in the entire world, you guys can't do a GODDAMN THING RIGHT. Your Cable services are pure garbage, you try to charge people for using their internet, congrats you dumbasses and your incompetency just made Comcast look better at least they offer for internet usage which is something your company won't allow and it's easy to see why so many people hate Armstrong because of your monopolistic and shady business practices, hiring idiots with no experience in working with the cable industry, data capping, and having abysmal tv services. I hope Armstrong goes out of business.

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