Sexual Frustration

Sex! It's all I think about, I need it! But it's different for most girls. I can't just go out and get it with no emotional connection to the guy. I would love to get some booze in my system and my legs in the air, but I can't. It has to be real for me and I hate that! I hate it! I don't want to be the 22 year old knocked up slut with no support. I want my life in order first. I want a career going. But I can barely concentrate cause I'm thinking sex! Every guy who smiles at me I'm thinking... I would suck him dry, ride him like a horse. But I have to maintain and be the lady that I know I am. Arghhh

Sewing my wild oats 2

I am so fucking frustrated! Been married 18 years and I am so bored. I am dying to find out what it would be like to be with another man. I am so ready to jump any guy that comes along. I am so pissed off that my husband can't even see that I am unhappy. As long as he gets laid 3 times a week, he's happy. Just makes me mad that I have to be wife and mother and put my life on hold. No pleasure for me!UGH!

bad sex 3

I hate bad sex!! this shithole named daryle decided one day to come over to my trailer after I just met him at the gas station, my work place. I gave him my number and he calls and gets my address. I thought it would be okay since he looked like a decent guy except for his stanky mullet. So he comes over and thinks he can just whip it out and fuck my brains out? Fuck no! But I let him anyway. And it was the worst shit ever. First he bent me over to do it doggy style and told me to bark. I didn't want to bark because that's fucking retarded so he slapped me in the back of the head. I was all like "no fuck you bitch get outta me!" So I got up and ran to the kitchen to get the phone and report this asshole to the cops but he cornered my ass and tried to blow his dick-snot all over my puss. Now he's trying to get me pregnant with that small nub he calls a dick. Fuck that asshole. Even when I was bent over I couldn't feel shit. Fuck that asshole.