Marjorie Taylor Greene 1

This bitch should not be representing the country for her actions the only place this inbred womanchild belongs is either in Prison or in a casket buried below the Earth's surface.

Kicking someone on camera at an event should get this bitch an automatic expulsion but all of the idiot cuntservatives keep preventing that from happening.

If I was there I would tackle MTG to the ground and beat the fuck out of her and I don't care how much trouble I get into when you play with fire expect to get burned and as far as i'm concerned Marjorie Taylor Greene needs to be punched right in the face. Hell i'd kick her in the fucking head then grab her hair and pull her fucking hair out while kicking her in the head and knocking her bitch ass unconscious.

Of Course the Racist dumbass Webmaster of this site encourages that shit because he's a conservative hypocrite. Hey jackass no one comes to this site anymore because of your right wing, racist policies so go ahead and put this site in Archive Mode since you're too much of a miserable old pussy who only posts rants from people who ride your tiny dick and find any dumbass reason to not post anything else because you're a stupid idiot.

You really feel like a big man on this site coming from a grown ass man with a tiny ass dick and a fragile ego. You hurl insults at ranters but when someone does it to you, you can't take it. You're a miserable pathetic man and I hope you and Three Toe Marge gets put out of your misery.

*Note from Anger Central
Well, we see that the moron who swatted MTG has decided to post.
While we don't track anything coming in via the add page, I'm sure law enforcement will be interested in your threats.
Have a nice day!

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