Ted Cruz 1

What fucking Senator leaves their state to freeze to death in one of the worst winter storms in history and flies to Cancun? It must be fucking nice if you're some greedy GOPiece of Shit like Ted Cruz to not only fucking ignore COVID-19 and to be responsible for the inbred dumbfucks that insurrected the Capital and now as many in Texas are without power and food Ted Cruz decides a fucking Cancun trip is more important than the lives of the people of his state.

Fuck you Teddy at least Big Joe is helping the People of Texas who are struggling where Little Donnie would have just ignored them and people would have died.

To the People of Mexico when Teddy arrives I say toss his ass in the Gulf of Mexico and let him drown since he has no problem with letting the people in his state die in the cold.

*Note from Anger Central
Well, we see that our resident Progressive has showed up.
First, we're a bit surprised we didn't have a section on Ted Cruz already. Rectified.
Second, besides spewing your usual Progressive hate, what was Senator Cruz supposed to do? Go our and deice the windmills?
If he was needed, he had his phone and I suspect a laptop with him. He was also about 2 hours away if he was needed back in Texas. He was actually closer then if he were in Washington.
Third, this is what happens when you build windmills and solarpanels instead of Gas and Coal fired plants as well as Nuclear power, None of those plants had any real issues.

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