Scalpers 1

I went to go get my kids a Happy Meal from McDonalds only to find out that the Pokemon Cards my Son wanted were out of stock. How could McDonalds not have any Happy Meal stuff in stock after all their are kids all over who beg their parents to get them Happy Meals but to not have any in stock is ridiculous.

I was able to by my Son some Pokemon Cards after we left McDonalds and then I went online and found out why I couldn't get my son a Happy Meal, some fucking losers have been scalping the Happy Meal Cards.

I really don't understand what makes people want to scalp I mean don't any of you have any real jobs at all? I wonder how these losers even get the money to be able to purchase shit in bulk just to resell them at double the amount; my guess these losers are probably hacking and stealing money from people's bank accounts which explains why I had less money in the bank this week because some loser with no real job wants to steal money in order to buy up Pokemon Cards from a Kid's Happy Meal Toys for a shit ton of money all because these losers don't want to work real jobs.

You idiot scalpers must feel really proud of yourselves buying up bulks of Happy Meal Toys meant for kids just to try to resell them for triple the amount on ebay; it's bad enough you got losers using bots to buy Playstation 5's and Xbox Series X's to scalp I mean at what point is enough, enough? What are you losers trying to prove anyways; that you are a bunch of unemployed losers who refuse to work real jobs but know how to hack into people's bank accounts to steal money from them in order to scalp shit online?

I really hope the Government does something about scalpers by tracking heir sales and confiscating their bots, and force them to give back everything they bought in bulk and then make these scalpers do community service and know how it feels to work a real job. May Karma finally hit you losers on the ass so I can get my son a Happy Meal while you losers are cleaning the streets early in the morning.

Pokemon Card Scalpers 2

It makes me so angry how Scalpers have been buying up Pokemon Cards in Bulk just to sell them online for ridiculous prices.

Every time I go to Walmart the Pokemon Cards have all been wiped clean by these unemployed 30 year old losers who have no real jobs and steal money just to scalp Pokemon Cards meant for kids.

It's ridiculous how so many of these idiots come to Walmart and spend a shit ton of Money on cards meant for Kids all because these losers don't want to work real jobs and I bet they hack bank accounts to steal money which is where they get there money from and I think it's bullshit I work for a living while some loser who lives in his or her parent's basement steals money just to buy up Kids Pokemon Cards because they don't want to work real jobs.

Now I heard a 35 Year Old Dad was attacked for buying Pokemon Cards for his kids and that is just disgusting, how do these losers sleep at night?

I blame all of this shit on that dumbass Logan Paul who will do anything for views by doing so much dumbass shit along with his uneducated fanbase. What I wouldn't do to punch Logan Paul right in his ugly stupid looking face and knock his fucking teeth out since every fight he and his dumbass brother Jake were in were rigged.

This Scalping bullshit needs to stop and anyone who scalps should be investigated, arrested, and have everything they stole confiscated.

*Note from Anger Central
First, is Pokemon still a thing? Now one here ever "Got it" or bought any cards.
Second, you seem to have a predeliction towards violence. May we suggest not making yourself a target for the Federal Bunch of Incompetents?
Third, Scalpers don't always win. They are successful because they are reselling something that people will want to buy. If no one is interested, or they jack the prices to high, they lose.
You're seeing this with the current ammunition shortages. People going into stores, buying as much of the stock as they can then reselling it. The problem is, it reachs a point where people say "To expensive, won't buy."
This happened last year durring the Great Panicdemic when peopel went out and bought all the hand sanitzers they could and got stuck with it when production ramped up.

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